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A quantity or consignment of goods produced at one time.
  1. 'the company undertakes thirty-six separate quality control checks on every batch'
  2. 'Visitors to an archaeology open day at Rievaulx on Saturday will be invited to pump the bellows to produce a batch of bloom, which can be removed from the furnace with tongs and worked on an anvil.'
  3. 'That's why it takes me two or three years to write a batch of songs good enough to put out.'
  4. 'In contrast, a batch of discs can take two to four weeks to replicate.'
  5. 'I produced a batch of my personal pancake recipe, then moved on to making a fruit sauce that could be used instead of an unhealthy, unnatural maple syrup.'
  6. 'The magistrates said that the distributors had not tested any of a batch of 46,000 Dracula capes imported from the Far East and had relied on certificates from their overseas suppliers.'
  7. 'The batch now on the production line will be light blue pencils.'
  8. 'Need a perfect way to present a batch of homemade goodies?'
  9. 'He tells me that Burrells were the makers of famous steam engines and back in the '20s they built a batch of scenic Showmans, some eight and some ten horsepower.'
  10. 'The newly graduated 46-year-old created a batch of trolley-based furniture for his degree course and is now hoping to make it into a business.'
  11. 'What sets Professor Meally apart from all others in his field, is that as well as having it in theory he also gave a practical demonstration on mixing a batch of culm and making hand-made buns.'
  12. 'a batch of loyalists and sceptics'
  13. 'So Australia collected a batch of free settlers before the gold rush.'
  14. 'Solid sound and smooth production are no surprises coming from a batch of accomplished musicians who leave nothing to chance.'
  15. 'I can only assume that somewhere, an e-mail server crashed and the poor techies only recently found a batch of messages on a hard disk, like a lost postcard from 1943 behind a radiator.'
  16. 'Finally, it was close to the mid-'80s that a batch of vibrant Indians studying in Chicago were watching the film and reacting with adequate intensity.'
  17. 'Deluged with product support calls, Lotus hired a batch of college interns that summer to assist in taking calls from frantic users.'
  18. 'It's always unpleasant when individuals who've worked on a second or third-rate film collect a batch of awards.'
  19. 'In yet another example of their coolness, in outlining plans to offload a batch of new shares, they've come up with the following gem.'
  20. 'A batch of novices has to learn the fundamentals.'
  21. 'At some stage in the next few weeks I'd better buy a batch of cards and start working my way through the address book and getting them into the post, with the overseas people first in the queue.'
  22. 'Every year at the annual Comic-Con International, they let me host a batch of wonderful events, most of them about the history of the comic book medium.'
  23. 'Most backup environments perform their backups as a batch process sometime during the night.'
  24. 'The older database used a three-stage batch system in which records were duplicated across three tables.'
  25. 'Think of a screen as a formula or recipe of ingredients used to guide computer software to select a batch of good stock picks.'


Arrange (things) in sets or groups.
  1. 'From there, the mixture is sent to four 6,000-gallon batching tanks.'
  2. 'It can be dispensed during batching operations or added to mixed concrete onsite.'
  3. 'Mr Choma also said that batching the products also helped ZABS experts to trace the contamination stage and find a remedy.'
  4. 'Since each step takes about a day and since samples are batched, the procedure ordinarily takes one to two weeks to complete.'
  5. 'All mix components were stored at 60 [degrees] F before batching.'
  6. 'The system allows recipe batching for recurring jobs.'
  7. 'After I was done I picked up the cup and took a good hard look at the mixture of herbs I had batched up.'
  8. 'The separated raw components then move to the batching area, where they're blended with dry ingredients and batched.'
  9. 'This is where paper, cans and plastic bottles are sorted and batched for re-processing.'
  10. 'Heifers were randomly assigned into one of 28 pens (six heifers per pen and four pens per treatment) and fed for 42 d. Feed for each treatment was individually batched and delivered at approximately 0900 h each morning.'

More definitions

1. a quantity or number coming at one time or taken together: a batch of prisoners.

2. the quantity of material prepared or required for one operation: mixing a batch of concrete.

3. the quantity of bread, cookies, dough, or the like, made at one baking.

4. Computers. a group of jobs, data, or programs treated as a unit for computer processing. batch processing.

5. Glassmaking. a quantity of raw materials mixed in proper proportions and prepared for fusion into glass. the mater

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"operations can be batched."


(batch)Late 15th century (in the senses ‘process of baking’, ‘quantity produced at one baking’): based on an Old English word related to bacan (see bake). Current senses date from the early 18th century.