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A person who plays a double bass or bass guitar.
  1. 'Riffs are what happens when you leave the rhythm guitarist and the bassist alone in the studio for a couple of hours.'
  2. 'Their songs were good, but I thought that the guitarist did a better job at singing than the bassist did.'
  3. 'But the Music Department had a rule that bassists (meaning string and electric) had to play tuba as well.'
  4. 'They'd be well advised to acquire at least a bassist and drummer before they show their faces round here again.'
  5. 'He's backed by an unintrusive bassist and percussion trio, doing his thing, and it's magic.'
  6. 'While bassist and drummer are resigned to lucrative obscurity, the lead guitarist is almost famous.'
  7. 'They went through five drummers, six bassists, four keyboard players, four lead vocalists, but only one lead guitarist, quite an achievement.'
  8. 'Bands of that era also featured great pianists, bassists, trumpeters, flautists, violinists, and occasional saxophonists.'
  9. 'Both the bassist and drummer come from musical backgrounds of hardcore and punk.'
  10. 'The band have been though a few changes over the last year or so, first losing their bassist & then their drummer.'

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1. a singer with a bass voice.

2. a player of a bass instrument, especially of the bass viol.

More examples(as adjective)

"victors can be bassist."

"mills can be bassist."