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A game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed at each end of the court.
  1. 'New court markings will allow sporty students to play basketball, netball and football indoors.'
  2. 'Nobody else was around but a rowdy game of basketball was being played in the court beside the grassy area.'
  3. 'The sport combines basketball and football, and is played with a volleyball in mixed sex teams of four.'
  4. 'I was pretty much a lone wolf - even if I liked playing basketball, golf and tennis.'
  5. 'We can now use the facilities for sports like basketball and netball.'
  6. 'Whether it be volleyball, tennis, track or basketball, she is always up for a game.'
  7. 'I know how much they love basketball and love this team and want us to do well.'
  8. 'The tactics and playing of the game are not unlike basketball or water polo.'
  9. 'I get fed up with the number of points they score in basketball but I quite like a few goals in football.'
  10. 'So if you learn a simple tactic it can help with bigger games like netball and basketball and stuff.'
  11. 'Children ran through the narrow dirt road with basketballs and jump ropes; fathers fired up their grills for a hamburger-and-hot dog dinner.'
  12. 'I can see what they are saying about some of the balls, as the kids bring in rugby balls and basketballs and it can possibly get a bit out of hand.'
  13. 'Injury from elbows or unseen basketballs can be prevented.'
  14. 'Do not bounce basketballs while awaiting your tun to play.'
  15. 'For instance, if you're running the tried and true star drill, do it with 2 or even 3 basketballs at once.'
  16. 'Then he had them do the lay ups without the basketballs.'
  17. 'I can only say that I wish basketballs were smaller.'
  18. 'Donations of sports equipment such as basketballs, footballs, and table tennis gear were also made to encourage the youth to play more sports for their physical health.'
  19. 'Return the basketballs to their storage area after game or practice'
  20. 'They were all in their street clothes, so I'd figured they'd vacated the locker room with the intention of going home… until they'd noticed the basketballs.'

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1. a game played by two teams of usually five players each on a rectangular court having a raised basket or goal at each end, points being scored by tossing the ball through the opponent's basket.

2. the round, inflated ball, approximately 30 inches (76 cm) in circumference, used in this game.

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"teams can be basketball."