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A bowl for washing, typically attached to a wall and having taps connected to a water supply; a washbasin.
  1. 'She made her way to her dresser, using the basin of water left there to wash her face and hands, drying them with a towel.'
  2. 'I took Jenny's mallet and watched as she and Nicole went up to where one of the maids was had set a washing basin.'
  3. 'There was a jug of water and a basin on the table next to the bed, and I quickly washed my face and hands.'
  4. 'Cindy stood up from her seat and went over to the basin and continued her washing up.'
  5. 'There was a night table with a basin of water, and that was all of the accommodations.'
  6. 'He noticed that she had been sitting with the Caucasian man who was now standing up and washing his hands in a basin located on the wall of the restaurant.'
  7. 'I lay the clothes out on a chair then poured some fresh water into the basin on the side table and wet a cloth.'
  8. 'After finishing breakfast she washed the plates in the water basin, along with the bowl that Checkers had licked clean, and returned them to their proper places.'
  9. 'As Ashley washed her face, Katrina placed her yellow medicine bag on the chair next to the basin.'
  10. 'Of course, there are other drawbacks to being tall, like having to stoop to wash the dishes, rinse her hands in the bathroom basin or write at a desk.'
A wide open container used for preparing food or for holding liquid.
  1. 'Some of his flagons, tankards, plates, saucers, salts, basins, and chamber pots, although unspecified as to material, were undoubtedly also made of pewter.'
  2. 'Cook slowly in a basin over hot water until thickened.'
  3. 'As a small boy of five or six years, I often watched as she carefully cleared her stone of eggs from the big basin, and placed them carefully in this basket.'
  4. 'The list is substantial, totalling more than 15,500 ounces and including many decorated ewers and basins, livery pots, cups and salts, as well as large quantities of plain utilitarian plate.'
  5. 'People saw them turn over her basins of food and all the tofu products, eggs and all, splashed on the ground.'
  6. 'Then one evening a neighbour came in to the place where they were churning and he looked at all the milk in the baths, pails and basins and asked them what they were doing.'
  7. 'These were the old florally decorated type to match their basin and jug sets.'
  8. 'In the middle is an enormous table with a big basin, like a wine cooler.'
  9. 'If you don't have a suitable mixing container, such as a plastic basin or a wheelbarrow, prepare the mix on a piece of scrap plywood.'
  10. 'She walked over to her cooking area and got a basin of sanitized water out, and a cloth, and began cleaning his wounds.'
A circular or oval valley or natural depression on the earth's surface, especially one containing water.
  1. 'The Montrose basin, with its wide expanse of sandflats, offers a perfect environment for the sea trout and, as luck would have it, is too shallow for fish farming.'
  2. 'Frothy geysers and hissing fumaroles vent into icy air, huge herds of elk and bison gather in low basins for food and warmth, the forest glitters with ice, and a blanket of snow brings a rare silence.'
  3. 'Although it is no longer used for drinking, the basin did supply the town's potable water until the 1960s.'
  4. 'The lower basin needed that water to ship a few barges of grain and other commodities along the channelized river.'
  5. 'Nablus, in the north of the West Bank, is surrounded by steep hillsides forming a basin, containing the main town area.'
  6. 'At the beginning of the nineteenth century the population stood at a mere 5000, contained entirely within the Sydney basin.'
  7. 'Ahead of you the landscape drops away, a basin walled on three sides by hills, and open ahead into valleys, trees, fields, the world.'
  8. 'The central mountains consist of wide plateaus and basins.'
  9. 'Valley-like basins, plains, and plateaus stretch between the mountains.'
  10. 'The lock is a popular angling pitch, as it provides a natural basin and is usually rich in salmon and trout.'
  11. 'the Amazon basin'
  12. 'Over the years, human settlement along the river basin has increased as the population has expanded.'
  13. 'Well, the lagoons are shallow basins of water planted up with aquatic plant species that naturally occur in low-lying wetland areas.'
  14. 'In addition, there's likely to be heavy snowfall accumulations in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming that feed that Platte River drainage basins.'
  15. 'A total of 145 countries have territory in shared river basins, and in the past 50 years 200 treaties have been signed about international water courses.'
  16. 'The Environment Agency said that two flood basins had been opened this morning to try to avert flooding problems.'
  17. 'He proposed connecting the water supply across different river basins, built new canals with many sluices to control the water level, and achieved great success with the improvements which he was able to make.'
  18. 'The area to be irrigated in the basin of the Khabur River, a major tributary of the Euphrates in the Syrian territory, is 137,000 ha.'
  19. 'In the Amazon basin it is one of the most popular articles of food, a position fully justified by its nutritional qualities.'
  20. 'Both species are distributed widely across eastern North America, including the Great Lakes and Ohio River drainage basins.'
  21. 'But that's what those marshlands are designed to do, to act as natural water basins, to trap some of this water and protect these areas.'
  22. 'We love Camachee Cove Marina here, with its enclosed basin, two lounges, Internet access, two loaner cars and yacht yard.'
  23. 'Stroll the paved waterfront walk along Marine Drive and explore the east and west mooring basins.'
  24. 'The marine development proposed by Smith & Son Investments will consist of an ocean marina with a yacht basin.'
  25. 'He returned to his boat at the yacht basin and fell into the water after feeling ill as he boarded the boat.'
  26. 'Best fish of the week, a superb rainbow weighing 7lb 8oz, was taken by Phil Hall from Maidenhead while boat fishing the main basin.'
  27. 'The scale and topography of the district, with its alternation of finger-like islands and wide dock basins, influenced many aspects of the project.'
  28. 'The art of sailing is defined, except on the open basins, by the skipper's ability to estimate from the water's surface patterns what the surrounding hills are doing to the wind.'
  29. 'During this interval, the sea was restricted to a narrow passage of not more than 100 km wide adjacent to the eastern margin of the basin.'
  30. 'In addition, the company will market six residential lots, each with a private boat slip, fronting on the Intracoastal and the marina basin.'
  31. 'As for those six waterfront home sites, three would front the Intracoastal and the other three would be on the marina basin, all with private docks.'
  32. 'These basins were interpreted to contain thick Old Red Sandstone sediments and to have resulted from the extensional collapse of thickened Caledonian crust.'
  33. 'In other parts of the Selendi and Usak-Gure basins, the group contains only tilted sedimentary units due to the extensional tectonics in the region.'
  34. 'These polygonal basins contain up to 6 km of sediment overlying a salt layer several kilometres thick.'

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1. a circular container with a greater width than depth, becoming smaller toward the bottom, used chiefly to hold water or other liquid, especially for washing.

2. any container of similar shape, as the pan of a balance.

3. the quantity held by such a container: We need another basin of water to dilute the mixture.

4. a natural or artificial hollow place containing water.

5. a partially enclosed, sheltered area along a shore, often partly man-made or dredged to a greater depth, wher

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(basin)Middle English: from Old French bacin, from medieval Latin bacinus, from bacca ‘water container’, perhaps of Gaulish origin.