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Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.
  1. 'the laying down of arms is basic to the agreement'
  2. 'Principles generally accepted as basic to democracy are those of political equality and popular control of government.'
  3. 'Access to information is basic to the democratic way of life.'
  4. 'A more flexible labour market is basic to our recent economic success.'
  5. 'Throughout the day they constantly freshened their makeup and adjusted their hair ornaments, and a mirror was of course basic to these tasks.'
  6. 'Writing about the environment and about how science affects people is as basic to the trade as writing about money or politics.'
  7. 'This mix of a legume and grass is basic to pasture in New Zealand.'
  8. 'Worship, silence and manual labour were basic to the regime of communities which later provided educational and medical services.'
  9. 'Reciprocity was basic to all forms of social interaction in ancient Mediterranean society.'
  10. 'Readers' support is no doubt very basic to the survival of any periodical.'
  11. 'Abundance and the variety and quality of raw ingredients have been basic to American cookery from the beginning.'
  12. 'We are not talking about luxury extras, but basic programmed repairs.'
  13. 'You'll find the most basic offerings are the healthiest ones as well.'
  14. 'The question seems almost too basic: What constitutes successful treatment?'
  15. 'Accommodation on safari varies from basic camping to luxury lodges and tented camps.'
  16. 'Forest dwelling hunter-gatherer communities are never very large, but they need a basic minimum area for subsistence.'
  17. 'This should lead to a form that requires families to list their basic contact information.'
  18. 'The business jet also comes with a choice of interior decoration ranging from the basic to sumptuous.'
  19. 'It has some really fun recipes, ranging from very basic to quite advanced.'
  20. 'His product has the advantage of being faster than most rivals' basic broadband offerings.'
  21. 'What are the basic minimum requirements for one to set up a restaurant and do these so called restaurants meet the standards?'
  22. 'basic human rights'
  23. 'The business is still profitable as everyone needs basic commodities regardless of price or financial standing.'
  24. 'The meeting would help to raise awareness that everyone should enjoy the basic human right of freedom of choice in marriage, she said.'
  25. 'It has to do with the basic human repertoire of emotions, cognitive capabilities and even longevity of life.'
  26. 'How many of those elements are set forth in or necessarily implied by the basic human rights instruments?'
  27. 'Leaving a small child alone at home defies basic, fundamental common sense.'
  28. 'As we hear today what the year may bring forth, I think it is wise to remind ourselves of these three basic human requirements.'
  29. 'Revenge is a basic human emotion, but revenge only becomes justice if carried out by the State.'
  30. 'We treat food as a marketable commodity, instead of as a basic human necessity.'
  31. 'Literacy is both an essential skill and a basic human right.'
  32. 'Best of all, his choreography speaks unabashedly from and to basic human emotions.'
Having the properties of a base, or containing a base; having a pH above 7.
  1. 'Blue litmus paper turns red in acidic solution, and red litmus paper turns blue in basic solution.'
  2. 'In the presence of a basic solution, litmus will lose hydronium ions and turn blue.'
  3. 'Values between 7 and 14 are found in basic or alkaline solutions such as caustic or washing soda.'
  4. 'Quarzitic gneiss, low-grade metamorphic basic rocks, phyllites and dark chert can be abundant in some layers.'
  5. 'It appears that basic magmas across the Gardar Province were derived from a heterogeneous, enriched lithospheric mantle reservoir.'
  6. 'All the Gardar basic rocks are inferred to have been derived from the mantle, with relatively little crustal contamination.'
  7. 'Refractory bricks for steel production include Basic refractory bricks and High-Alumina refractory bricks.'
  8. 'The refractories for casting a basic substance are used for ladles, tundishes, vacuum degasing furnaces, mixers, and the like.'


The essential facts or principles of a subject or skill.
  1. 'teachers are going back to basics to encourage pupils to learn English'
  2. 'It's quite alright to start within your comfort zone to help you build confidence and get the basics down pat.'
  3. 'Players do the equivalent of tying a piece of string around their finger to remember the basics.'
  4. 'Until you understand the basics of functions and algebra, the thought that a number can be predicted is a surprising one.'
  5. 'But once the bubble has burst they turn back to basics and begin studying exactly what companies and their profits are up to.'
  6. 'Once you're comfortable with the tai chi basics, you can do it by yourself.'
  7. 'Hence, the need of the hour is a school for our youth and talented players to congregate and learn the basics and the skills of the sport.'
  8. 'And surely they're old enough to learn the basics of critical thinking skills and skeptical analysis.'
  9. 'More importantly though, it reminded me to get back to basics as far as parenting skills go, and dig out some of the books out of the boxes.'
  10. 'Most of the suffering due to sickness could be avoided if we knew the basics of health, exercise and nutrition.'
  11. 'Most Mothering readers know the basics of a healthy parent-child relationship.'
  12. 'Rule one is stick to basics: Order baked or broiled meat dishes, without breading or sauces.'
  13. 'After surviving such an event, people need basics - food, shelter, medical care, and consolation.'
  14. 'Here are a few ways to make the most of your party basics without skimping on style or comfort'
  15. 'Restrict yourself to the basics, like a barley soup and some canned vegetables.'
  16. 'Customers could still buy basics like salt, vinegar, tobacco, soap and candles.'
  17. 'Grain farming became less popular - this, again, kept towns and cities short of such basics as bread.'
  18. 'It is not an addiction, it is simply that good cheese is as high on my list of basics for a decent life as good bread, strong coffee and leafy green salad.'
  19. 'These people are not even afforded the very basics of health care, like vaccines or antibiotics.'
  20. 'Even the animals' access to basics such as water, food and veterinary care is often severely limited.'
  21. 'Many people appear to be saving their spare cash after paying out more for basics such as food, transport and health.'


A simple high-level computer programming language that uses familiar English words, designed for beginners and formerly used widely.


    1. of, relating to, or forming a base; fundamental: a basic principle; the basic ingredient.

    2. Chemistry. pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a base. not having all of the hydroxyls of the base replaced by the acid group, or having the metal or its equivalent united partly to the acid group and partly to oxygen. alkaline.

    3. Metallurgy. noting, pertaining to, or made by a steelmaking process (basic process) in which the furnace or converter is lined with a basic or

    More examples(as adjective)

    "yen can be basic as yen."

    "works can be basic by lacks."

    "systems can be basic in operations."

    "substances can be basic to processes."

    "speeches can be basic to independences."

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    1960s: acronym from Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.