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Without foundation in fact.
  1. 'The article is full of baseless facts with no specified source.'
  2. 'I understand this is a lecture, and one aimed at lowly game developers, but the amount of almost baseless belief offered as fact is more than a little annoying.'
  3. 'Wilson's baseless speculation did not accurately reflect the movement's activities in Uzbekistan or our program for reform.'
  4. 'Now that Salon has backed away from the e-mail story, Krugman's allegations seem completely baseless.'
  5. 'Gian refused to meet the police summons for questioning, saying that the allegations against him were baseless.'
  6. 'Tony Abbott certainly believes if you repeat it often enough a baseless assertion becomes fact.'
  7. 'Police has contested news report about the recovery of a stolen vehicle from police station Safakadal, terming it baseless and fabricated.'
  8. 'You know, when you take a country to war on particular grounds, and those grounds prove baseless, the ethical thing to do is to resign.'
  9. 'I hereby clarify that this allegation is baseless and unsubstantiated.'
  10. 'Well, first of all, I must reject that baseless allegation.'
(of a column) not having a base between the shaft and pedestal.
  1. 'The simplicity of the original Doric baseless column even became the focal point in any discussion on the excellence of Greek art.'


1. having no base; without foundation; groundless: a baseless claim.

More examples(as adjective)

"allegations can be baseless."

"reports can be baseless."

"charges can be baseless."

"claims can be baseless."

"accusations can be baseless."

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