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The lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported.
  1. 'Lie sideways on the ball with your feet supported against the base of a wall.'
  2. 'The bottom edges of the front and rear panels form a support base for the bowl.'
  3. 'Resting at the thick base of the old tree sat a beautifully etched envelope.'
  4. 'All tied up I carried it to the car taking extra care to support the base which was weak from resting in the sodden duck-muck of the pen.'
  5. 'If this has happened, gently firm around the base of the plant with the foot being careful not to damage any stems or leaves.'
  6. 'Their water tanks were usually steel on stone bases, or sometimes supported on a trestle base made of rail.'
  7. 'The easiest way to swirl is to rest the base of the glass on a table, hold the stem between thumb and forefinger, and gently rotate the wrist.'
  8. 'At its base rested a small, weathered plaque with a few words elegantly etched into the fine stone.'
  9. 'Her other arm held a shield by her side, the base rested on the floor but she was not leaning on it.'
  10. 'The edges of this framework supported the base of the walls.'
  11. 'Column bases, doorsteps, baseboards, and beams - even the interior roof tiles and gutters - all are decorated.'
  12. 'Axial loading from earthquakes is minimized by seismic dampers under the column bases.'
  13. 'Now, how can there be foundation structures such as pillar bases in the ground unless they had been put there to support a building?'
  14. 'The petiole or stipe is the stalk at the base of the frond, before the first pinna ‘branches’ from the rachis.'
  15. 'River otters have paired scent glands at the base of their tail which give off a heavy, musky smell.'
  16. 'The storage organ in onion consists of scales derived from swollen leaf bases, whereas in garlic it originates from swollen lateral buds.'
  17. 'Draw 3 times smaller unilateral triangles, with their bases in the middle of each line of the first triangle.'
  18. 'The length of the base of the rhombus is the length of one of its sides, here shown with 'b'.'
  19. 'If the height of a rectangle is 7 1/6 mm and the perimeter is 27 2/15 mm, what is the length of the base of the rectangle?'
  20. 'The base triangulation should have boundary faces; a completion is simply a new triangulation formed from the base triangulation by gluing all of the boundary faces to each other in some fashion'
  21. 'Attached on either side of the base of the shield is a doubled, stacked scroll with the upper portion the same angle as the shield.'
  22. 'On the purple segment at the base of the shield is a silver stag, trotting with one fore hoof raised, within a silver ring.'
A conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends.
  1. 'We want to explore and expand the conceptual bases for industrial design.'
  2. 'The possibilities open to any society are constrained by the economic base.'
  3. 'The theoretical bases of these concepts are found in Structural Family Therapy.'
  4. 'Personally I think you should find your own truth, but if you are looking for some solid structure as a base then go for it.'
  5. 'As the brownstone industry expanded, it provided a broad economic base for the town of Portland.'
  6. 'One of the fundamental bases of the structural transformation and modernization of European life and society was the development of burgerliche domesticity.'
  7. 'Academic freedom rests on a solid base of peer review and as such is the responsibility of the entire profession.'
  8. 'People are motivated to have children by the need for an economic base.'
  9. 'We believe that it is important for economists to have a sense of the burden management faces over the next year and to help provide solid conceptual bases for the decisions that must be made.'
  10. 'Whatever be its conceptual base, what does the duty of reasonable care and skill of a bank encompass?'
  11. 'she uses existing data as the base for the study'
  12. 'And whilst all the talk may have been of forwards, the base for victory was built further down the Newbridge turf.'
  13. 'Hong Kong University law professor Albert Chen said the decision was a good base for political reform discussions.'
  14. 'It started with the Native Americans who set the base for all the development.'
  15. 'It also provides a new base for vital research and study of the disease carried out by the University of Sheffield.'
  16. 'I think that's a fine base for a resolution for the new year.'
  17. 'It will guarantee a solid base for those students continuing to advanced studies.'
  18. 'a customer base'
  19. 'Both parties rest on ever more narrow bases of popular support, and function openly as instruments of the financial aristocracy.'
  20. 'Ten years ago the company had a customer base of only 45000 clients, with 2450 employees.'
  21. 'Both parties rest on narrow social bases and none of their candidates have substantial popular support.'
  22. 'Ortega has won his loyal client base by offering a constantly updated range across his entire empire.'
  23. 'That approach will be helpful to maintain sales balance, customer base and market share and performance.'
  24. 'There is considerable overlap between the supporter base of both teams; picking out the away fans was an impossible task.'
  25. 'Political instability has resulted from the inability of leaders to gain support outside their regional bases.'
  26. 'They'd be loosely aligned, run joint advertising campaigns, and pool their supporter base.'
  27. 'A deal would allow them to merge the private client customer bases of two of the second tier stockbrokers in the Irish market.'
  28. 'While this robs National of issues, it is making the party increasingly unpalatable to parts of its support base.'
A place used as a centre of operations by the armed forces or others; a headquarters.
  1. 'After pulling up to the smooth blue band that marked the perimeter of the base, the rest of the unit limped into view.'
  2. 'We galloped to the base where the rest of the people were unloading the cargo.'
  3. 'We were eager to get out of there, and to the new base near the front lines.'
  4. 'He had an office that connected to the rest of the base through a short tube.'
  5. 'The firm has outgrown its base on Stricklandgate and needs extra space in order to expand and create more jobs.'
  6. 'Well, his firm had a base on the Old Kent Road under the name London Easylink, and its prime contract was route 185 from Lewisham.'
  7. 'When they were far enough away from the base, they all rested and sat down.'
  8. 'He said the company had always had two move workers between the two bases depending on where the work was, but now circumstances dictated closure of the Scalloway workshop for the time being.'
  9. 'He stressed the successes not just of the aircrew but of the hundreds of Combat Support Group personnel supporting combatant forces at bases within and outside Australia.'
  10. 'Neither it is limited to armies and combatants facing each other but targets the enemy formations and supporting bases with long distance aircraft and missiles.'
  11. 'she makes the studio her base'
  12. 'From 1608, when he returned there from Italy as his mother lay dying, Rubens made Antwerp his base.'
  13. 'Taking the Sighting scene as his base, Gericault went on to expand his composition unit by unit.'
  14. 'Installing ourselves in Gunn's Village, which was to be our base for the next three weeks, we made some less welcome acquaintances.'
A main or important element or ingredient to which other things are added.
  1. 'For the coconut soup base: In a pot, combine ingredients and bring to a simmer.'
  2. 'Brooks explains the smoothies are composed of yogurt base and a water/pectin solution.'
  3. 'With its distinctive dry taste, Tequila is the base for marvellous drinks, not the least of which is the Margarita.'
  4. 'The cast iron pan and drippings make for the base of a tremendous sauce.'
  5. 'It has the Dr Pepper flavors as a base with berries thrown into the mix.'
  6. 'The sweetness in milk or an ice cream base allows coffee flavors to come through.'
  7. 'Then you add another whole chicken to the soup and use the soup base as your water.'
  8. 'Syrups are made with a base of sugar syrup, honey or perhaps maple syrup.'
  9. 'Whether you choose water or solvent base, your next choice is going to be liquid or semi-paste.'
  10. 'her make-up artist works with base, eye make-up, and lipstick'
  11. 'You can reshape your brows this way: Cover the brows with an opaque makeup base.'
  12. 'To make eye colours ‘pop,’ use a light or neutral concealer as your eye makeup base.'
  13. 'Their legacy is cemented in a strange concoction of Karo syrup, red dye, and makeup base.'
A substance capable of reacting with an acid to form a salt and water, or (more broadly) of accepting or neutralizing hydrogen ions.
  1. 'Neutralization is a chemical reaction in which a base reacts with an acid to create water and a salt.'
  2. 'Nitric acid reacted with a base will give the nitrate of the salt and water.'
  3. 'Radical-induced cleavage of DNA and oxidation of nucleotide bases can proceed.'
  4. 'There are four DNA bases: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine (A, C, G, and T).'
  5. 'The nucleosides are better models for the bases in DNA and RNA because the sugar moiety eliminates tautomers that cannot occur in the polymers.'
The middle part of a bipolar transistor, separating the emitter from the collector.
  1. 'The presence of this P + layer results in pinch-off between itself and the bipolar base.'
The root or stem of a word or a derivative.
  1. 'According to Crystal, a prefixation is “an affix is placed before the base of the word” (1997, p. 90).'
  2. 'The verb base is what you look up in the dictionary when you want to know how to say something.'
  3. 'Determine the ending of the verb that goes with that pronoun and add it to the base of the verb you want to use in the sentence.'
A number used as the basis of a numeration scale.
  1. 'Some historians believe that the Babylonian base 60 place-value system was transmitted to the Indians via the Greeks.'
  2. 'If base 10 is used with an additive system without intermediate symbols then many characters are required to express certain numbers.'
  3. 'In that year Briggs gave a numerical approximation to the base 10 logarithm of e but did not mention e itself in his work.'
  4. 'Taking logarithms to the base, we are looking for a solution.'
Each of the four stations that must be reached in turn to score a run.
  1. '‘I made sure I touched every one of those sweet white bases,’ Fisk told Maury Allen of the New York Post.'
  2. 'He first arranged four of these in a diamond-shaped pattern to represent the bases and home plate.'


Use (something specified) as the foundation or starting point for something.
  1. 'entitlement will be based on income'
  2. 'I've read poor reviews here, and elsewhere, about the conductor, so I base my conclusions on that…!'
  3. 'Dershwitz based his conclusion on witnesses who said Reid had slurred speech and difficulty holding up his head at the start of the interview.'
  4. 'Miramax has hired playwright Warren Leight to come up with a script, but Roddy Doyle - who wrote the novel the original film was based on - will not be getting involved.'
  5. 'Although he based his films on Kannada novels, the novelists complained that their stories had been altered.'
  6. 'Last year, for example, the government based its conclusions on the general level of pesticides in all fresh peas from only 27 samples.'
  7. 'You don't know how they relate until you examine them and it's better to examine the evidence than base conclusions on wishful thinking.'
  8. 'He bases his conclusion on the stories he's been told, as well as the occupancy load (number of students per classroom) and the variety of activities that take place in schools.'
  9. 'When it came to a philosophy of politics and ethics, again Archytas based his ideas on mathematical foundations.'
  10. 'Unfortunately, they base their conclusions on a survey from a print-on-demand publisher.'
  11. 'Rosenstiel bases his conclusion on reasoning very different than ours.'
Situate at a specified place as the centre of operations.
  1. 'a London-based band'
  2. 'I was in Boston, and then we ended up all moving here to New York and basing ourselves here.'
  3. 'I ask where they are based and nine times out of ten they are in a country many miles away.'
  4. 'Both are based in Harpurhey and the area has been the inspiration for much of their work.'
  5. 'I needed to be based in this area because of my work so we really had no other choice but to rent.'
  6. 'In his place you will get a locally based MP who will be available to listen and to act for you.'
  7. 'The consultants have also been approached by a cosmetic surgery company which is interested in basing itself at the hospital.'
  8. 'We were based up near the Kelvinside Park area and he used to go out and wander about.'
  9. 'I am however hedging my bets quite firmly on it being a London based blog that wins.'
  10. 'All operations are home based and will require just a couple of hours of your time.'

More definitions

1. the bottom support of anything; that on which a thing stands or rests: a metal base for the table.

2. a fundamental principle or groundwork; foundation; basis: the base of needed reforms.

3. the bottom layer or coating, as of makeup or paint.

4. Architecture. the distinctively treated portion of a column or pier below the shaft or shafts. the distinctively treated lowermost portion of any construction, as a monument, exterior wall, etc.

5. Botany, Zoology. the part of an orga

More examples(as adjective)

"awards can be based on costs."

"growths can be based on estimates."

"people can be based in places."

"indexes can be based on surveys."

"ratings can be based on positions."

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(base)Middle English: from Old French, from Latin basis ‘base, pedestal’, from Greek.


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