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A two-wheeled handcart used especially by street vendors.
  1. 'A friend of mine had a barrow in Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork but he had nothing to sell.'
  2. 'Fleet Street was choked with red-headed folk, and Pope's Court looked like a coster's orange barrow.'
  3. 'This man is selling bottles of soft drink from a barrow.'
  4. 'Pete had a lovely barrow, everything at chest height.'
  5. 'Indeed, I could have loaded them all onto a borrowed costermonger's barrow and shifted them myself if I'd needed to.'
  6. 'Many market stall operators are second, third or fourth generation families born and bred with the tradition, and have occupied the same pitch with barrows being handed down as part of the legacy.'
  7. 'He started a fruit barrow down the bottom of Queen Street.'
  8. 'Usually an alley was an access path wide enough to permit passage of a large barrow or cart from a lot in the interior of a block to a street.'
  9. 'The type of market stalls allowable will include, any wheeled or movable stall or box, barrow or cart.'
  10. 'York's seven Visitor Information Patrols are rolling out their barrows and are ready to welcome tourists to the city.'
  11. 'She gathered two stacks of hay into a wheelbarrow and pushed the barrow to the stall that was vacant.'
  12. 'Wheeling barrow loads of cement certainly tickles the old palate as I discovered in one previous existence.'
  13. 'When you get to the last trench, fill it with the soil from the barrow.'
  14. 'We diligently found fallen trees and branches, cut them into logs and wheeled them up the hill in the barrow to the hostel.'
  15. 'I suspect it's for harvesting turnips - slice underneath, stab with the hook and throw in the barrow - but whatever, it's an vintage piece of kit.'
  16. 'The children built their own BMX course anyway, on waste ground where it harmed nobody, erecting jumps with barrows and spades.'
  17. 'Ireland's popular gardener Gerry Daly dispensed barrows and pots full of helpful information for all types of gardens in a varied and interesting talk in Abbeyleix, Manor Hotel on Thursday last March 23.'
  18. 'Little Brother came down the path, wheeling his barrow.'


A male pig castrated before maturity.
  1. 'Mackenzie Langemeier won the honor of grand champion Duroc barrow with her 259-pound pig named Rocky. The barrow was purchased from Kent Brattain.'

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1. a flat, rectangular frame used for carrying a load, especially such a frame with projecting shafts at each end for handles; handbarrow.

2. a wheelbarrow.

3. British. a pushcart used by street vendors, especially by costermongers.

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"steadies can be barrows."

"people/places/organizations can be barrows."


(barrow)Old English barg, bearg, of Germanic origin.