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A cylindrical container bulging out in the middle, traditionally made of wooden staves with metal hoops round them.
  1. 'Back then the barrels were wooden and extremely heavy it was hard work.'
  2. 'The final scene in the wine cellar became much more realistic and professional with the introduction of dark lighting, wine barrels and metal gate.'
  3. 'They develop in almost any container that collects rainwater, such as barrels, tanks, old tires, cups, cans, and bottles.'
  4. 'Transfer to a wooden barrel or similar container and leave to cool down to a temperature of around 16 degrees Celsius.'
  5. 'There were cobwebs and old wooden crates and barrels scattered carelessly about; evidently, this place had once been used for storage.'
  6. 'Reports by the Heilongjiang Daily and Xinhua News Agency said five metal barrels were uncovered at a construction site in the city on August 4.'
  7. 'The butter made at the summer dairies was easily stored in wooden boxes and small barrels and during the winter was an important complement to most foods.'
  8. 'Its a patriotic American living thing and it arrives in a traditional hoop bound oak stave barrel half all ready to be planted in Washington DC.'
  9. 'The masseur took a wooden barrel containing liquid medicine that compounds 28 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine.'
  10. 'This port is put into wooden port barrels or pipes, but instead of just two years in oak as in the case of a declared vintage port, it spends four to six years in barrel.'
  11. 'a barrel of beer'
  12. 'One Lewis seaman at Trafalgar lost his leg below the knee and to stop the bleeding put his leg into a barrel of tar.'
  13. 'In the cart house across the street, swept clean in advance, a barrel of Guinness was set on a trestle and the black stuff was dispensed to all comers.'
  14. 'Maybe it's an ode to l' grand Bacchus… Maybe if we eat them we'll morph into a barrel of wine… Are we on a date?'
  15. 'An American television network reported that initial tests on a barrel of chemicals found by US forces in northern Iraq had detected nerve and blistering agents.'
  16. 'Robert Johnson sold his soul to play guitar and Keith Richards sold his for a barrel of booze, but The Boggs' murky flint comes from smoking the ashes of both those devilish contracts.'
  17. 'But I remember messengers coming to my father's house with tales of catastrophes that happened in where there was a barrel of wash ready to be distilled.'
  18. 'The protest came as the price of a barrel of light crude oil rose to $55.82, edging back towards the all-time record of $58.28 seen at the start of April.'
  19. 'In the North Sea it costs between $10 and $12 to extract a barrel of crude compared to just $5 in Saudi Arabia.'
  20. 'As the easy stuff is used up, we arrive at the point where we must finally expend a whole barrel of oil to produce a barrel of oil.'
  21. 'A barrel of wood preservative caught fire and exploded leaving nine-year-old Stephen with extensive burns from which he died.'
  22. 'Look, generally speaking $1 a barrel is roughly a cent a litre, maybe slightly less.'
  23. 'Richard and Jude produce 15 barrels of beer a week at present and soon hope to take on their first full time employee.'
  24. 'A brewer's barrel holds 36 gallons, they produce 120 a week.'
  25. 'The tanker Jessica - carrying some 7700 barrels of fuel - ran aground on Tuesday.'
  26. 'A new refinery will be constructed in central Iraq, with a production capacity of 30,000 barrels per day.'
  27. 'By 1911 the Moturoa oilfield had three wells producing around 110 barrels of oil a week.'
  28. 'The cask in which Ronald Huckvale will be placed on his 21st birthday will be a ponto - the equivalent in gallonage to four barrels.'
  29. 'The pipeline has the capacity to carry 250,000 barrels of oil a day.'
  30. 'Ten years ago we had about 5 million barrels of spare capacity.'
  31. 'Asia uses roughly 20 million barrels daily for 3.6 billion people (including India).'
A tube forming part of an object such as a gun or a pen.
  1. 'All he saw was the barrel of a gun pointed in his face.'
  2. 'For more than a decade, we knew only one thing, to settle arguments through the barrels of our guns.'
  3. 'That is, with both shotgun barrels, a sub-machine gun, and a howitzer.'
  4. 'She felt the barrel of a gun pointed at the back of her head.'
  5. 'On each side of his head, above each ear, were black metal guns with their narrow barrels pointed forwards connected by a black band around the back of his head.'
  6. 'Beside it, another tense wooden spar holds an inscribed scarf and an enigmatic black tube resembling a rifle barrel.'
  7. 'They are the Mom and Dad and kids walking to work or school while looking for a gun barrel pointed at them from a white van.'
  8. 'As Mr Smith got into Hickson's van, Hickson fired off both barrels of the gun, one blast hitting him in the neck, the other hitting the driver's seat.'
  9. 'The original bunker busters used in the first gulf war were made from the barrels of large navel guns filled with 250 lbs of explosives and fitted with guiding fins.'
  10. 'Eries raised his gun and pointed its barrel at two lone guards on the far side of the light.'
The belly and loins of a four-legged animal such as a horse.
  1. 'He fell with a bubbling gurgle, and Bahzell put his armored shoulder into the barrel of his companion's rearing horse.'
  2. 'Some of us took that moment to stuff Pop-Tarts left from breakfast into the barrel of the wooden horse's belly.'


Drive or move in a way that is so fast as to almost be out of control.
  1. 'Lian is barreling down the corridor blasting anything in sight.'
  2. 'Walker says the police barreled toward the vigil too fast for safety.'
  3. 'Jerry yelled as he barreled down the rubberized stairs to the band room.'
  4. 'The idea would have been appealing, had we not been traveling at 65 mph on the highway, with tractor-trailers barreling along beside us.'
  5. 'This week, another runaway dump truck from a local construction site barrelled out of control down one of West Vancouver's steep streets.'
  6. 'So, as you might imagine, a planet wide radar would obviously detect a ship barreling down at full speed with all weapons blazing.'
  7. 'The driver lost control and barrelled off the road narrowly missing one of the other jeeps as he did.'
  8. 'Two four-wheeled drives barrelled over the crossing, somehow missing him.'
  9. 'Corks's eyes shot open as a heavily damaged Dominion Interceptor barreled toward them out of control.'
  10. 'The Shadow Warrior was barreling down fast, he was just about to run over the top of Harry when… BAAAAM!'
Put into a barrel or barrels.
  1. 'The natural pressure will build up during the secondary fermentation, caused by the addition of priming sugar and barreling the beer before the yeast has died.'
  2. 'Barreling your beer is much less messy and time-consuming than using bottles.'

More definitions

1. a cylindrical wooden container with slightly bulging sides made of staves hooped together, and with flat, parallel ends.

2. the quantity that such a vessel of some standard size can hold: for most liquids, 31½ U.S. gallons (119 L); for petroleum, 42 U.S. gallons (159 L); for dry materials, 105 U.S. dry quarts (115 L).Abbreviation:bbl.

3. any large quantity: a barrel of fun.

4. any container, case, or part similar to a wooden barrel in form.

5. Ordnance. the tube of a gun.

More examples(as adjective)

"spots can be barreled."


(barrel)Middle English: from Old French baril, from medieval Latin barriclus ‘small cask’.


a barrel of laughs
on the barrel
over a barrel
with both barrels