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A concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area.
  1. 'Surprisingly, a few enemy soldiers and vehicles had survived the concentrated artillery barrage and helicopter attack.'
  2. 'The troop movements were preceded by a day of relentless air attacks and artillery and rocket barrages against Iraqi troops arrayed in defense of Baghdad.'
  3. 'In the huge battles of 1914-15 Russian infantrymen had to attack unprotected by artillery barrages and often lacking even rifles.'
  4. 'My forward observers plotted their defensive concentrations and barrages where we thought they should be.'
  5. 'To quell resistance, air strikes and artillery barrages were called in, largely demolishing the town.'
  6. 'Their priority is an end to air strikes, tank attacks, artillery barrages, sniping, car bombs and roadside explosive devices.'
  7. 'The massive bombing campaigns and artillery barrages of World War II caused a great deal of collateral damage, but very often failed to destroy the intended target.'
  8. 'On September 25 police launched tear-gas barrages and high-pressure water cannon against demonstrating social security workers in downtown Lima.'
  9. 'Smoke shell, in combination with high explosive, helped the infantry see where the artillery barrage had got to, and it also hid them from machine guns and rifle fire.'
  10. 'At Friday prayers in the two cities holy to Shiite Muslims, hope as well for an end to the daily barrage of artillery and gunfire.'
  11. 'a barrage of questions'
  12. 'But after facing a barrage of complaints and an auditor's savage report four years ago, Bradford Council was forced to admit it had failed its tenants.'
  13. 'But that decision has drawn a barrage of criticism.'
  14. 'Merkel went on television last night to try and limit the political fallout from her colleague's remarks, but she has encountered a barrage of criticism.'
  15. 'I floated this argument on the national security list-serv that I subscribe to, and was met with a barrage of criticism for it.'
  16. 'Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw yesterday side-stepped a barrage of questions over the death of Government scientist Dr David Kelly.'
  17. 'In an unprecedented statement to the construction industry journal, Building Magazine, Bovis defended itself against a barrage of criticism.'
  18. 'Rotherham council chiefs are expected to be given a rough ride this evening as they face a barrage of questions from angry parents protesting against a proposed school closure.'
  19. 'The Bush White House is facing a barrage of questions about the National Security Agency's spying activities in this country.'
  20. 'Under a barrage of criticism from furious shopkeepers, the council admitted there were still no proper signs at the approaches to the town directing people to the public car parks.'
  21. 'Aberdeen confirmed on Friday that the former chief executive of its asset management arm, Chris Fishwick, will attend the hearing and face a barrage of questions.'
An artificial barrier across a river or estuary to prevent flooding, aid irrigation or navigation, or to generate electricity by tidal power.
  1. 'Dams and irrigation barrages have also added to the woes of the dolphins.'
  2. 'We cannot construct barrage for irrigation purposes.'
  3. 'This a basically a large metal cage, mounted on a cable inside the actual barrage, or dam.'
  4. 'He stood on a dam in Liwonde, known locally as a barrage, which regulates the river for the Nkula plant.'
  5. 'The water has been depleted for the construction of a one-kilometre cross bund upstream the barrage.'
  6. 'India had started construction of the Rassiyal-Khurda-Lautan barrage and a supporting embankment in the Marchabar area on the Indian side of the border.'
  7. 'Before the construction of dams and barrages, floodwaters would spill out of the river's banks and, channeled by sluices and dikes, cover most of the agricultural land.'
  8. 'There is a 5mph speed limit on the whole of the river upstream of the barrage.'
  9. 'India in 1985 started the work on Wullar barrage on Jhelum river.'
  10. 'Having had your fill here, cross the river on the barrage, take the first left and drive along the east bank of the river southwards the toll bridge, stopping and starting as and when you need to.'


Bombard (someone) with questions, criticisms, complaints, etc.
  1. 'The media are constantly barraging young women who are still forming their opinions on the world.'
  2. 'When Kait went downstairs that morning after taking a long, soothing shower, Aunt Sally immediately barraged her with questions.'
  3. 'She could hear them yelling in low voices to each other, throwing back and forth insults and she cracked the door open, of course she was barraged by a rampage of insults and screaming.'
  4. 'We've won this reprieve because we kept barraging him with letters.'
  5. 'You heard naught of it yesterday, but your poor father was barraged with questions from so many people!'
  6. 'When he was done barraging me with his senior thesis, he left this erudite comment.'
  7. 'Our children are just barraged with this bad food everywhere they go.'
  8. 'Like many other people, Heidi Evans was constantly barraged with dubious emails purporting to offer millions in exchange for helping to transfer vast funds from Africa.'
  9. 'The Infinifilm menu is constantly barraging the viewer with tidbits, interviews, and best of all, the reinsertion of deleted material.'
  10. 'From takeoff to landing, we're barraged with an array of tasks.'

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1. Military. a heavy barrier of artillery fire to protect one's own advancing or retreating troops or to stop the advance of enemy troops.

2. an overwhelming quantity or explosion, as of words, blows, or criticisms: a barrage of questions.

3. Civil Engineering. an artificial obstruction in a watercourse to increase the depth of the water, facilitate irrigation, etc.

4. Mycology. an aversion response of sexually incompatible fungus cultures that are growing in proximity, revealed by a

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"places can be barrage for preservations."

"years can be barrage."

"sections can be barrage."

"places can be barrage."

"gunfires can be barrage."

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Mid 19th century (in barrage (sense 2 of the noun)): from French, from barrer ‘to bar’, of unknown origin.