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The area of open ground around a barn; a farmyard.
  1. 'So I went down toward the creek, and as I turned the corner by the barnyard I saw him down below, moving along a fencerow.'
  2. 'A mile or so in, you'll come to Slide Ranch, where you can watch goats and chickens roam the barnyard.'
  3. 'In the winter, we sledded from the top, over two terraces, and down to the barnyard next to the road.'
  4. 'It's the story of a little pig and his friends in the barnyard, including a spider named Charlotte.'
  5. 'After it seemed that I couldn't last one more second on a saddle, we broke through to a familiar barnyard.'
  6. 'Farmers emptied their barnyards and built factory-size sheds in the rolling hills.'
  7. 'Crossing the coastal plain on the heels of the main herd was a bit like walking through a barnyard.'
  8. 'He led me out of the main barnyard, down the aisle to the fields.'
  9. 'The barnyard was situated behind the house with a good clear view of the winding highway that led out of Massillon and to places beyond.'
  10. 'Wounds sustained in barnyards or stables are considered contaminated.'

More definitions

1. Also called barnlot. a yard next to or surrounding a barn. adjective

2. of, relating to, or typical of a barnyard: barnyard noises; simple paintings of barnyard life.

3. indecent; smutty; vulgar: His barnyard humor made us all blush.

More examples(as adjective)

"animals can be barnyard."

"matters can be barnyard."

"scenes can be barnyard."

"opportunities can be barnyard."