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An agreement between two or more people or groups as to what each will do for the other.
  1. 'But, of course, it would have been possible to modify the arrangements envisaged in the legal ruling by means of a bargain between the parties.'
  2. 'So you hold up your end of the bargain per the agreement.'
  3. 'There are several bargains between several parties.'
  4. 'But the strategic goal should be not to arrange bargains but to define the big problems in ways that are of mutual interest.'
  5. 'This is clearly a political bargain or contract.'
  6. 'The community's part of the bargain is to keep funding the dialysis project, which Sarah Brown says is already producing results.'
  7. 'My side of the bargain is that I promise to answer ALL questions submitted.'
  8. 'Competent leaders have always understood the crucial difference between public proclamations and private bargains.'
  9. 'It is far from sure that one can define bargaining power, or compare the bargaining power of two parties independently of the bargains they in effect reach.'
  10. 'The bargain is made between private parties as citizens.'
A thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected.
  1. as modifier 'a bargain price of 99p'
  2. 'The food was good and correctly cooked - and at the price, a real bargain!'
  3. 'And, sure enough, with a slight adjustment in our colour choices, we were able to pick up all the paint we'll need to finish the job at a real bargain price.'
  4. 'For the most of us, we can't resist a bargain, let it be from saving a fiver to a £100-it's great to know we've got the bargain buy of the sales.'
  5. 'For those with Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets who want to snap up bargains in the sales, York Trading Standards offers some advice before heading off to the stores.'
  6. 'The sale offers bargains and discounts of up to 70 per cent on everything from fashion to food and electronics to jewellery.'
  7. 'Back to Rome again for the bargain sales, Vienna the same, and a few days in Budapest before returning home to Tokyo.'
  8. 'Jan Maher, librarian, would like you to know that she is having a gigantic bargain book sale, to make way for her very large stock of new books.'
  9. 'There is keen demand and it is regarded as a bargain offer for a modest 18.'
  10. 'Many garden centres are having their end-of-season sales and offering some great bargains.'
  11. 'Mighty Wal-Mart decided not to offer real bargains in the early days of the Christmas shopping season, and found that customers were snubbing its stores - well, sort of.'


Negotiate the terms and conditions of a transaction.
  1. 'Afterwards we picnicked under the shade of an acacia tree and bargained with a group of smiths who patiently wait for a little passing business.'
  2. 'Springlike weather prevailed as vendors and buyers bartered and bargained.'
  3. 'So Rawls thought we should imagine ourselves to have bargained from behind a ‘veil of ignorance’, which prevented us knowing our actual social position, gender, talents and so on.'
  4. 'The administration seems to have bargained pretty effectively so far, and it doesn't appear that the resolution will significantly compromise the effort to bring stability to Iraq.'
  5. 'Louisa returned to the Easy Gold late in the evening, having bargained out a deal with Captain Hill.'
  6. 'In doing so, they knew that hard bargaining and unpleasant compromise might be necessary.'
  7. 'Martyn stood there astonished, confessing that he was seeing a side of me he'd not seen before as I cajoled, bartered and bargained with people over prices.'
  8. 'He bargained; a child bartering his bedtime up just a little bit longer.'
  9. 'This is a victory for the entire pro-Union community, who refused to be bombed, blackmailed or bargained out of their beliefs.'
  10. 'So I bargained at a shop that offered the best deal.'
  11. 'his determination not to bargain away any of the province's economic powers'
  12. 'Principals might not be surprised to hear that often they are the fall guys for school boards who bargain away management power.'
  13. 'Washington should be careful about bargaining them away.'
  14. 'A union cannot bargain away vested rights of active workers, of former employees who no longer have recall rights, or of retirees.'
  15. 'Did you have the sense that they would be willing to bargain them away?'
  16. 'We are not going to sit idly by and allow the Government to destroy our healthy and beautiful environment, as they bargain our lives away to a foreign entity, all for the sake of money.'
  17. 'He told the Sun Herald that weekend rates, overtime and penalty rates could be bargained away, rendering the 38-hour week entirely meaningless.'
  18. 'While the Government can bargain away its discretion, it did not do so in this case.'
Be prepared for; expect.
  1. 'he didn't bargain on this storm'
  2. 'I think it took people back that the Council was there too and gave them more than they were bargaining for.'
  3. 'A couple got a little more than they bargained for when they found they were expecting triplets'
  4. 'Perhaps, too, he is bargaining on the fact that this whole argument isn't really about tax cuts at all.'
  5. 'They do not only help you plan your next trip, find you the best bargains for flights, rooms, rental cars etc., but also offer useful advice on the dos and don'ts when you visit a particular place.'
  6. 'Few contemporaries had bargained for the uniform, national framework that was imposed upon them after 1790.'
  7. 'Prescott will begin to reconstruct his relationship with both Gilchrist and the employers in the next few days, prepared to bargain on the amount of cash the government will contribute to the deal.'
  8. 'ITV is bargaining on US import Survivor becoming a hit.'

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1. an advantageous purchase, especially one acquired at less than the usual cost: The sale offered bargains galore.

2. an agreement between parties settling what each shall give and take or perform and receive in a transaction.

3. such an agreement as affecting one of the parties: a losing bargain.

4. something acquired by bargaining.

5. Informal. an agreeable person, especially one who causes no trouble or difficulty (usually used in negative constructions): His boss is no barga

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"policies can be bargained."

"forwhens can be bargained."

"corporatisms can be bargained."

"contracts can be bargained."

"compromises can be bargained."

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(bargain)Middle English: from Old French bargaine (noun), bargaignier (verb); probably of Germanic origin and related to German borgen ‘borrow’.


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