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With nothing in or covering one's hands.
  1. 'By the way, she's now eating pizza and burgers barehanded (veggie burgers, that is).'
  2. 'He's made several sterling plays in the field, including some barehanded pickups which evoked memories of the departed Scott Brosius.'
  3. 'According to Anthony, Senior Sous Chef at the Oberoi hotel, the only way to enjoy this kind of food is to cast etiquette reservations to the wind and dig right in, preferably barehanded.'
  4. 'No one makes the play from the hole any better than the Indians' Omar Vizquel, and he often adds his own special touch: He makes the play barehanded.'
  5. 'The lefthander benefited from a spectacular, ‘do or die’ play on a bunt that Scott Rolen barehanded and threw to Albert Pujols for the first out of the inning.'
  6. 'I walked over to it, and began to dig barehanded.'
  7. 'That to me was a great moment, because you don't catch too many baseballs barehanded.'
  8. 'He makes tough, barehanded plays on a consistent basis and can make split-second reactions on balls hit toward the line.'
  9. 'In Daito-ryu, the first technique you learn is called ippondori, a difficult technique where you receive, barehanded, the frontal attack of your opponent.'
  10. 'One play that will give him trouble early is the bunt, as he must get used to playing more shallow and making a barehanded play.'
  11. 'Merlin almost effortlessly blocked her bolt barehanded, but stopping her second one took considerable effort.'
  12. 'They're asking whether it could have been terrorism and talking about the security holes in the system: and talking about the possibility of people taking on the crew barehanded.'
  13. 'Anyway, off in the distance we saw some angels and demons fighting barehanded.'
  14. 'Come on guys I think it goes without saying that in barehanded combat Haikon would have ripped either of you apart if you had been alone.'
  15. 'His father was stabbed in the chest, and his mother then endured the longest and bloodiest struggle as she bravely put up a barehanded fight against her attacker.'
  16. 'I'm not an expert in barehanded fighting, but I struggled with bullies in my time, and I still remember how to punch.'
  17. 'It was fine if he had a sword in his hand, but barehanded he was at a disadvantage, his instincts trying to call upon natural weapons he didn't have.'
  18. 'She was strong when it came to physical combat, but not even she was crazy enough to take on a Geno barehanded.'
  19. 'Chase discarded what remained of his claymore while Jun raised his hands to fight barehanded.'

More definitions

1. with hands uncovered: He caught the baseball barehanded.

2. without tools, weapons, or other means: foolishly coming barehanded to the besieged city.

More examples(as adjective)

"pickups can be barehanded."