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adjective & adverb

Wearing nothing on the feet.
  1. 'Their feet were barefoot; Jude let his hang over the edge while Josie sat cross-legged.'
  2. 'A strange barefooted slide across the floor is required and my feet keep sticking.'
  3. 'It's also amply clear that most hospital staff would rather do without this invasion of ill-clad, barefooted, malnourished, baby-clutching mothers.'
  4. 'To show their enthusiasm for the corporate team, the employees were asked to engage in the ritual of fire-walking - literally to walk barefooted across a bed of white-hot coals.'
  5. 'Some of his hair was also burnt and his feet were swollen, the after effects of his barefooted trot out of the forest.'
  6. 'In the second bowl is water for the guest to wash his or her feet; a reminder that in India people walked barefoot.'
  7. 'Care needs to be taken to avoid walking barefoot because of the serious risk of burns to the foot.'
  8. 'We were both barefoot, my feet buried in the sand as a slight breeze came up from the water.'
  9. 'The blast at the Sunubar Hotel sent frightened guests of the three-storey hotel running into the street, some barefooted, others with bloodstains on their clothes.'
  10. 'I'm in my running shorts and my T-shirt, and I'm barefooted.'

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1. Also, barefooted. with the feet bare: a barefoot boy; to walk barefoot.

2. Carpentry. (of a post or stud) secured to a sill or the like without mortising.

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"people can be barefoot in things."

"people can be barefoot in/at/on times."

"people can be barefoot into rooms."

"people can be barefoot into places."

"people can be barefoot in horses."

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