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Shameless and undisguised.
  1. 'But that doesn't explain Howard's continued refusal to do so or his barefaced and misleading claim that the convention doesn't require it.'
  2. 'When it comes to barefaced cheek, this thief certainly crossed the thin blue line yesterday.'
  3. 'This is an unashamed, barefaced tax grab on the motorists of New Zealand.'
  4. 'We make things too easy for ourselves if we regard such a statement as a barefaced lie.'
  5. 'Their demand for pensions deserves, said the national paper, ‘this week's, perhaps this year's, award for barefaced cheek’.'
  6. 'Instead, the reconstruction racket has been characterised by infrastructure repair that never happens, overpricing for construction and barefaced fraud.'
  7. 'This is so obvious and so barefaced and it is the chief irritation of the book.'
  8. 'This is one of the most barefaced and dishonest pieces of government trickery in living memory,’ he said.'
  9. 'After all, Damian had been beating around the bush for a good while - the barefaced statement of his affection, however, was just surprising.'
  10. 'This company has demanded that taxpayers pay for its barefaced attack on its own employees.'
Having an uncovered face.
  1. 'While it took a certain amount of courage to not wear eyeliner and mascara, I cannot recommend going barefaced highly enough'
  2. 'I've seen some recent pictures as well on a fire department website that show two guys in a bucket, venting a roof and completely barefaced.'
  3. 'Another positive sign: everywhere today we saw Iraqi police and soldiers walking barefaced among the people.'
  4. 'I think I still look pretty good completely barefaced.'
  5. 'Unfortunately, going barefaced isn't always an option; after all, you need to look polished for work and special occasions such as weddings.'
  6. 'I'm going barefaced all day trying to give my skin a break.'
  7. 'Now her morning makeup often consists only of tinted sunscreen, but the results have even caught the eye of a local liquor-store sales clerk who recently asked the barefaced beauty for identification.'


1. with the face uncovered.

2. shameless; impudent; audacious: a barefaced lie.

3. without concealment or disguise; boldly open: a barefaced approach.

More examples(as adjective)

"lies can be barefaced."

"sins can be barefaced."

"cheeks can be barefaced."