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(of a person or part of the body) not clothed or covered.
  1. 'she padded in bare feet towards the door'
  2. 'I looked down at my feet and sure enough, they were bare.'
  3. 'It is all right and there is a bare lady in it, so it is well worth a look - though surprisingly the theatre was pretty empty.'
  4. 'She lifted the side of the towel and saw she was bare under it and her eyes widened, pulling the towel tightly back around her.'
  5. 'From now on, in the name of safety, it's a Lycra body stocking and bare feet for me.'
  6. 'He folded his arms across his chest, drawing my attention to them and making me notice that they were fully bare from the shoulder downwards.'
  7. 'They shared a white sheet covering their bare body from the waist down.'
  8. 'The sheets were gathered around his waist and his upper body was bare.'
  9. 'He certainly doesn't look uncomfortable, relaxing back in a reclining chair, one of his bare feet covered by a towel while Sally works on the other.'
  10. 'It'd sound really drastic if I told you they were all bare, but I never realized how much hair I had on my body until I started doing this.'
  11. 'The only bummer is when I look at my bare body in the mirror.'
  12. 'bare floorboards'
  13. 'Usually, performances that are considered brave rely on physical nudity to let the audience know that the actor is emotionally bare.'
  14. 'Goya shows them sitting on rocks under a bare tree, cutting plugs of contraband tobacco, with a coil of rope on the ground, handy for tying up victims.'
  15. 'The servant padded off down the bare wooden floorboards.'
  16. 'The deciduous trees were just barely in bud; the aspens were as bare as whisk brooms.'
  17. 'Beds are set on platforms or suspended from ceilings, bathtubs are hewn from blocks of black granite or pale limestone, and the bare wood floorboards are wide, limed and lacquered.'
  18. 'At the riverside, hawthorns, oaks, beeches and other trees stand stark and bare.'
  19. 'Covering bare soil with a generous mulch of stable manure or compost is usually only practical for small areas.'
  20. 'The trees are bare, the land is bleak, closed, unproductive and numb, its furrows seemingly incapable of the new life we hope for in the spring.'
  21. 'One time someone ordered this adorable little seaweed that looked like tiny bare tree branches from a winter forest and I missed the name.'
  22. 'I love to watch plants grow, covering fences and bare earth.'
  23. 'After Mass the Blessed Eucharist was brought to the Altar of Repose and the Tabernacle was left open, bare and empty.'
  24. 'Children told me of having their rooms stripped bare and the contents thrown into the corridor.'
  25. 'As Meg brought Scott down to the car after the moving men had carried off all the stuff, Julia walked around in the empty and bare apartment.'
  26. 'Griffith looked inside the first window and saw that it was an empty bare room with a single white bed inside, with a heavy metal door inside that resembled a safe door.'
  27. 'With a quick glance at the bare cupboards and empty refrigerator, came the realization that John was not used to eating at home.'
  28. 'James lives in a bare cell of a bedroom - only allowed out to do the housework - until he's rescued from his miserable existence by a magical giant peach and ends up famous in New York.'
  29. 'She opened the light green fridge, an odd colour but it was just regular by Val's standards, and rummaged through the bare contents.'
  30. 'For better or for worse, the room was Spartan, almost bare.'
  31. 'He was in a plain, bare cell with bars and the whole bit.'
  32. 'Their prison cell was stripped bare because it was assumed that, as protesters, they would destroy everything they could.'
  33. 'the interior was bare of plaster'
  34. 'Stripped bare of his most elemental weaponry, and left to fend for him - or her - self, the strategic choices appear to be panic, blame gaming, and fatalistic resolve.'
  35. 'The house looked just the same as it had when I'd left, except the basketball hoop in the front yard was gone and was replaced by a small oak tree that was bare of leaves.'
  36. 'A second problem is that heavily used Army training areas are becoming bare of vegetation because of constant traffic from heavy equipment and foot soldiers.'
  37. 'Two, we'd be propping up a regime that has so many of its 22 million subjects go hungry that the capital city is bare of vegetation, including grass.'
  38. 'December 9, 1976, was a cold, windy day in Washington County, Ill., though the ground was still bare of snow.'
  39. 'At a rapid pace, Shun's hand began to curl up and his fingers disappeared, leaving his fist bare of appendages, and the flesh on it suddenly hardened into a sort of bone.'
  40. 'It seemed as if everyone was there, within it - there was no need to leave, and so the roads were bare of the cars and life that was apparent less than a mile away.'
  41. 'Mountainsides were stripped bare of every tree and sapling.'
  42. 'His chest was bare of hair and his shoulders were wide.'
  43. 'After three days of waiting, in winds that blew that bottom coastal end of Iceland bare of snow, and anything that wasn't anchored, maintenance was still unable to find a replacement vent.'
Without addition; basic and simple.
  1. 'Although a mostly bare production, in that it relied almost entirely on acting rather than stagecraft, this Twelfth Night had elements of the spectacular about it.'
  2. 'McCauley's black and white photographs of sinks and other built-in fixtures show the bare essentials of a home.'
  3. 'So appealing to rights communicates more than does the bare appeal to basic capabilities, without any further ethical argument of the sort I have supplied.'
  4. 'It was pretty basic with all the bare necessities and most importantly it had running water and proper loos.'
  5. 'In general he eschewed complicated effects of pulsating or flashing lights, preferring a bare and simple presentation that brought him within the orbit of Minimal art.'
  6. 'This is fine for the wilderness backpacker, but those who want to carry a little more than just the bare essentials are nowadays more or less confined to official camp sites.'
  7. 'Their kids would probably be plain, bare and simple-minded.'
  8. 'Jonathan Miller's bare, contemporary production of Cosi Fan Tutte set tongues wagging at its first outing in 1995, for its Armani costumes.'
  9. 'The wooden table was bare and simple here, with only a single fork as a utensil.'
  10. 'It is not bare production according to the direction, is it?'
  11. 'In the law, God commands the bare minimum of what is required of us; in liturgy he seeks to pour out the riches of what he wishes to give us: himself.'
  12. 'The walls were all white and what furniture there was in the room was kept to a bare minimum, with only two chairs on one side of the bed.'
  13. 'Granted, some still get by with the bare minimum, but the great majority produce work of much higher quality than 20 years ago.'
  14. 'For its part, the health board claims that the applications currently submitted constitute a bare minimum of the health services needed in the community.'
  15. 'A new survey had found that ‘a bare majority’ did see improvements, but just under half thought Edexcel's services were getting worse.'
  16. 'And yet, for taking the bare minimum steps necessary to save the lives of its citizens in recent years Israel has been mercilessly berated by virtually the entire world.'
  17. 'Journalists spend an extraordinary amount of time paring the information in their copy down to the bare minimum, especially in the all-important lead paragraph.'
  18. 'According to recent opinion polls, a bare majority of the American public believes that the situation in Iraq will not improve in the near future.'
  19. 'The kindness I encountered last year is absent; a western face brings a sullen welcome, calibrated to the bare minimum.'
  20. 'Yesterday I did less than the bare minimum of work.'
  21. 'all you need to get started with this program is a bare 10K bytes of memory'
  22. 'I put the bare amount of makeup on with trembling hands… wondering if now would be a good time to take up alcoholism with a vengeance.'
  23. 'Nine's reluctance to issue ratings reports during the Olympics lasted a day, with the channel releasing bare figures this morning.'


Uncover (a part of the body or other thing) and expose it to view.
  1. 'On the other hand, they have him baring his chest, and wearing a vest in a song.'
  2. 'The Comte rushed to help her, and as she seemed to be stifling, cut her bodice open with his dagger, baring her shoulder.'
  3. 'Jennifer Lopez scotched rumours that she is pregnant by baring her stomach on live TV yesterday..'
  4. 'These women baring their upper bodies to the sun are a healthy expression of unselfconsciousness.'
  5. 'With Britney baring her belly every chance she gets, tummies are getting more attention than ever.'
  6. 'He also has gnomes baring their backsides, and a scattering of fake skulls, but he said all of these were just part of who he was.'
  7. 'It opens with a glistening Moore in skintight, mid-riff baring workout clothes doing yoga.'
  8. 'He grinned rather shyly at us, baring an impressive row of gold teeth, but clearly did not know what to do with the gadget.'
  9. 'Gaumont never did answer the question of whether she'd be baring it all in the show.'
  10. 'Eighteen months ago Finnigan suffered the embarrassment of baring her bra to the nation during a TV award show.'


A large amount or number of.
  1. 'I've got bare work to do'
  2. 'Why are bare peeps I don't know adding me on FB?'
  3. 'As you can see I write bare tweets when I'm bored.'
  4. 'I feel like this girl invites bare people to her baby shower just for the gifts.'
  5. 'I remember the days I thought £1000 was bare money.'
  6. 'Must take actors bare time to learn lines.'


Very; really (used as an intensifier)
  1. 'I'm in a bare good mood for once'
  2. 'Jessie J's Alive album is bare good.'
  3. 'I'm getting bare mad at this phone.'
  4. 'My Mum's bare happy today.'
  5. 'She looks bare pleased with herself!'
  6. 'He used to make bare good music.'


1. without covering or clothing; naked; nude: bare legs.

2. without the usual furnishings, contents, etc.: bare walls.

3. open to view; unconcealed; undisguised: his bare dislike of neckties.

4. unadorned; bald; plain: the bare facts.

5. (of cloth) napless or threadbare.

6. scarcely or just sufficient; mere: the bare necessities of life.

7. Obsolete. with the head uncovered; bareheaded. verb (used with object), bared, baring.

8. to open to vie

More examples(as adjective)

"teeth can be bared."

"heads can be bared."

"throats can be bared."

"feelings can be bared."

"chests can be bared."

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(bare)Old English bær (noun), barian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch baar.


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