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Reduced to or comprising only the basic or essential elements of something.
  1. 'But we were going for a bare-bones feel closer to our live sound.'
  2. 'When you think benefits, think bare-bones basics like a retirement plan, as well as health, dental, disability, and life insurance.'
  3. 'Rawlings and Welch's bare-bones accompaniment proves a handsome fit, crafting an album that thoughtfully contemplates such time-tested subjects as love, war and the desire for escape.'
  4. 'An even more bare-bones portfolio would consist of one index fund per asset class.'
  5. 'The School Department's budget is not even close to bare-bones.'
  6. 'These bare-bones songs require just a whisper to transform themselves into full-blooded spirituals.'
  7. 'The previous edition of the film was a non-anamorphic bare-bones disc.'
  8. 'Most take a bare-bones approach and some of the sites actually suffer from a dearth of graphics.'
  9. 'A $299 bare-bones unit leaves out many peripherals, including the remote, a wireless controller, and a hard drive.'
  10. 'With this bare-bones band, the event was more of a chamber concert than a rock show.'


1. the irreducible minimum; the most essential components: Reduce this report to its bare bones. There is nothing left of the town but the bare bones—a couple of stores, a church, and a few houses.

More examples(as adjective)

"inventories can be barebones."

"levels can be barebones."

"compliances can be barebones."


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