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Relating to or denoting a boat or ship hired without a crew.
  1. 'This will definitely affect the Hotel industry and the bareboat charters in our region.'
  2. 'One possibility initially envisaged was a bareboat charter to its existing Estonian subsidiary, which would then become the employer of the crew.'
  3. 'Of the islands on our cruise itinerary, five struck me as ones I'd like to revisit in a bareboat.'
  4. 'Whether you choose to go bareboat, take a captain, or even an entire crew there is bound to be a destination to suit you.'
  5. 'A smaller 40-foot bareboat might go for about $600 per person per week, not including groceries, dock fees, and gas.'
  6. 'Bruce Baker, of Richmond, VA, is a veteran bareboat sailboat charterer.'
  7. 'Most bareboat companies have staff captains you can hire for $100 to $200 a day.'
  8. 'Brasoil would in turn make the upgraded vessel available for use by Petrobras under a bareboat sub-charter for the same period.'
  9. 'If you find yourself yachtless, fear not: A number of companies rent yachts either bareboat or with a skipper.'
  10. 'This was our first bareboat sailing holiday; the previous three had been in the safety of a flotilla.'


1. providing a boat only, exclusive of crew, stores, fuel, and the like: a bareboat charter.

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