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A long rigid piece of wood, metal, or similar material, typically used as an obstruction, fastening, or weapon.
  1. 'bars on the windows'
  2. 'On each side of me from floor to ceiling were wrought iron metal bars.'
  3. 'Through the iron bars of a big window we can see well-dressed Cubans dancing on the sidewalk.'
  4. 'Initially, these were very large weapons made of iron bars held together by iron rings.'
  5. 'The council is now renewing its security measures and thinking of placing metal bars across all windows, replacing the alarm system and upgrading its CCTV.'
  6. 'A woman had a lucky escape on Thursday morning after metal reinforcement bars crashed through her car windscreen.'
  7. 'Most seniors I know live with iron grilles and bars, locked windows and doors.'
  8. 'Countryside Alliance spokeswoman Liz Mort said four hunt supporters were attacked with weapons including wooden bars and three were taken to hospital.'
  9. 'She was hustled into a police vehicle with bars on the windows.'
  10. 'The one small window had iron bars surrounding it.'
  11. 'The outside walls of the building now gleam white and the decorative wrought iron bars on the windows are a clean, pale blue.'
  12. 'gold bars'
  13. 'We reached the first summit for lunch of a bar of chocolate and a sesame bar or dried fruit.'
  14. 'Dessert is frozen juice and ice cream bars with chocolate chip cookies.'
  15. 'I was told to go and get something to eat even if only a bar of chocolate or crisps.'
  16. 'The only items his wife has been allowed to give him on her visits have been a bar of soap, toothpaste, petroleum jelly and six apples.'
  17. 'Included in the package are a bar of soap, a toner and a moisturizer.'
  18. 'One young man had his life dramatically changed by the tour as he entered the vegan lifestyle, departing from a life of meat, chocolate bars, and fast food.'
  19. 'At home I made strong coffee and had it with a half a bar of white chocolate but neither revived me.'
  20. 'He buys Beth a present every day, even if it is just a bar of chocolate.'
  21. 'He bought an orange and a bar of chocolate, and glanced over a newspaper.'
  22. 'You remove it from its confines and caress and touch it as if it's a bar of gold.'
  23. 'After a green bar of light read his print, he pressed a sequence of buttons to the left.'
  24. 'His monumental canvases, with their interlocking bars of earthy colour, reflect his early life as well as later influences.'
  25. 'He pulled on the headlights, and the beams cut into the darkness, solid bars of light in the smoke-filled air.'
  26. 'It was a small room, but even so the single bar of the electric fire, glowing bright orange beside its pale neighbour, fought hard to take the chill away.'
  27. 'Clark's shot hit the bar'
  28. 'The former Celtic striker picked himself up, dusted himself down, took a deep breath and blazed his spot-kick over the bar.'
  29. 'The attempt went over the bar and Bergkamp hit the deck but he was able to continue after treatment.'
  30. 'The first was a scorching right-foot volley that Given did well to tip over the bar.'
  31. 'The conditions were very difficult, with a swirling wind, and Joe Deane hit the bar when a goal would have settled us down.'
  32. 'They controlled most of the play and hit the bar, but a goal escaped them.'
  33. 'But, for the briefest moment he hesitated, and Ashley Cole was able to turn his shot on to the bar.'
  34. 'His perfect header beat the keeper, bounced up, hit the bar and dribbled away to safety.'
  35. 'Mayers then saw a shot hit the bar only for Foster to squander another chance from the rebound.'
  36. 'Mick Midwood hit the bar with a chipped shot and Sheffield keeper Nicky Allen was in outstanding form.'
  37. 'We hit the bar twice and were close a couple of times and in the end we deserved to win.'
  38. 'A bar to his military medal was awarded in July of the following year after he had been promoted to sergeant.'
  39. 'Further awards of the same decoration were shown by a bar on the ribbon of the cross or medal.'
  40. 'He attained the rank of lieutenant colonel and was awarded the TD and bar.'
  41. 'The host plant is an early successional, evergreen, nitrogen-fixing subshrub that grows on glacial moraine and river bars.'
  42. 'If a tench wants to move from one side of a bar to the other it has two options.'
  43. 'Many of the rivers had bars at their mouths and navigation was hazardous: over the years a number of ships were lost as a result.'
  44. 'It may be noted that a bar is never shown alone; there are always two or more.'
A counter in a pub, restaurant, or cafe across which drinks or refreshments are served.
  1. 'He reached below the bar and pulled out a blackboard on which were listed, as promised, the different types of stew.'
  2. 'On a recent Wednesday night the crowd was rowdy and stylish and clearly enjoying themselves at the bar at the front of the room.'
  3. 'The next room was a lounge, with a piano, couches, dark lights, a small bar, and a stereo.'
  4. 'I stood at the bar and stared at the barman, willing him to come to me next.'
  5. 'After thanking the many sponsors and supporters of the Club Mr. Brennan declared the bars open.'
  6. 'And last night, he was at his regular pub, with his regular partner, standing in his regular place at the bar.'
  7. 'Sam reached under the bar, opened a bottle of Irish stout, and put it on the table.'
  8. 'The tiny room was packed, with people standing at the bar and clustered around the pub tables nearby.'
  9. 'There was a dance floor right in the middle, a bar to the left and tons of tables all around.'
  10. 'Admission is by ticket only, either from behind the bar in advance or on the door on the day.'
  11. 'the oak-panelled bar of the Lion'
  12. 'The Black & White Pub of the Year Awards seek to promote and recognise excellence within Ireland's premier pubs and hotel bars.'
  13. 'We arrived early, parked easily and were then invited to have a drink in the bar while our table was prepared.'
  14. 'As she spoke, one woman walked through the bar with her cigarette lit as she moved from one doorway to another where her friends were while trying to stay out of the rain.'
  15. 'The renovations will include an extra bar upstairs, mood lighting on the windows overlooking the river and pastel-themed decor.'
  16. 'It's the cinema where I got very very drunk in the bar, and was barred from.'
  17. 'Within hours of the blaze she was able to open the main bar but has had to keep the rest of the pub closed.'
  18. 'The gardens, fuelled by tropical drizzle, are immaculate, as is the cosy bar with fireplace, lit nightly at 6pm.'
  19. 'Routinely described as a gourmet pub, it is really more of a restaurant with a small bar for pre-dinner drinks.'
  20. 'Away from hotel bars, hotel rooms and suburban shopping centres, the England squad are a well-behaved bunch and as such have made no lasting enemies on the pitch.'
  21. 'It will also feature a lobby lounge and bar, a pool bar and a night club.'
  22. 'a small friendly bar open all day'
  23. 'Your new alcohol policy would allow bars to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.'
  24. 'A number of bars have opened in recent years in the city as part of an initiative to introduce ‘European-style’ drinking.'
  25. 'Smoking was outlawed in bars, hotels and restaurants from 6am this morning to protect employees from being exposed to smoke in the workplace.'
  26. 'Three years ago you could go to many bars and listen to metal, rock, punk and hardcore music.'
  27. 'At one time Wood Green had no bars of any sort and suddenly they got three - Yates, Chicago Rock Garden and Weatherspoons.'
  28. 'But although some of the bars stayed open until 3am, the majority of pubs closed their doors at 1am as revellers headed off to the clubs.'
  29. 'But Beth added: ‘The bars staying open later is a good thing, because it's cheaper to stay there than go on to clubs.’'
  30. 'Over the last ten years Belfast has undergone some major cosmetic surgery and new pubs and bars have opened while existing ones have expanded.'
  31. 'Many bars opened, revitalising the city's nightlife.'
  32. 'And there are fears that the problem of drunken, yobbish behaviour will only get worse as licensing hours are extended and new bars opened.'
  33. 'Our city needs thriving locals far more than it needs another video shop or burger bar.'
  34. 'By creating your own itinerary, you avoid areas crammed with burger bars and British pubs and head for somewhere more authentic.'
  35. 'Half of the first floor is occupied by an ice cream bar and a leisure area with orange furniture.'
  36. 'He also plans to re-open the Parlour tea room, which is part of the complex, as a coffee and sandwich bar.'
  37. 'Live music, an organic café and juice bar, a play area and face painting make this a great day out for all the family.'
  38. 'The owners of a pub and sandwich bar in the village both said they knew nothing about their refuse being deposited at the illegal dump.'
  39. 'The village has two new luxury hotels, an ice rink, shops, juice bar and an ice creamery.'
  40. 'In clothes stores, sandwich bars, gyms and coffee shops we face a constant barrage of background music - music we notice but rarely listen to.'
  41. 'About a year ago, Sambazon started importing this blend to the US and selling it to natural juice bars and health food stores.'
  42. 'Since setting up her business in 1999, the founder of Nails Inc has opened 30 walk-in nail bars across the country.'
A barrier or restriction to an action or advance.
  1. 'The trust's acquisition of the buildings would not be a bar to such moves, as the organisation frequently has tenants in its buildings.'
  2. 'He also insisted his privileged background would not act as a bar to winning over new Conservative supporters in Scotland.'
  3. 'I have a piece on how technology can be a bar to democracy on National Review Online.'
  4. 'Age is the measure of our days, but why should it become a bar to work or a handicap?'
  5. 'Age is no longer a bar to indulge in accessories, be it bags or jewellery.'
  6. 'The formal listing of these buildings should not necessarily be a bar to all future change, the Trust says.'
  7. 'All sides have acknowledged that the conflict is a bar to the humanitarian work needed to overcome the disaster.'
  8. 'The other concerns were not considered a bar to the plans which are recommended for approval.'
  9. 'In classical Athens, for an adult male to be passive was a bar to the exercise of citizenship.'
  10. 'There is also a danger that, if too rigidly enforced, the existence of copyright could become a tool for censorship or a bar to the free circulation of ideas.'
  11. 'That benefits the lessee: it removes a possible bar to registration.'
  12. 'The plaintiff was advised of the statutory bar to his claim by letter in October 2001, but proceeded anyway.'
  13. 'A judgment against one is not a bar to a subsequent action against the others.'
  14. 'The onus shifts to the Defendants to clearly establish that public policy should be a bar to recovery.'
  15. 'I do not say that is a bar to making the submission that Mr Bowen makes, but it is highly relevant.'
  16. 'This inhibition is to a large extent based on the Bill of Rights and the consequent bar to the impeachment of proceedings in Parliament.'
  17. 'As with misrepresentation, certain bars operate to prevent rescission.'
  18. 'Does the fraudulent misrepresentation bar Mr Halley's claim?'
  19. 'While this obviously is not a bar to proceeding again, it is certainly an additional impediment.'
  20. 'Immunity is not absolute or a total bar to proceedings.'
Any of the short sections or measures, typically of equal time value, into which a piece of music is divided, shown on a score by vertical lines across the stave.
  1. 'They may ask you to do a ‘freestyle’ at the end, which is where you showcase your best dance moves to a few bars of music.'
  2. 'I've seen bands spend a day on a couple of bars of a bass line, making a loop.'
  3. 'He magically evoked the Alpine mystery of the score's opening bars.'
  4. 'After a few bars, the music and her concentration were interrupted by the ringing telephone.'
  5. 'When the last bars of the music had died away, he shouted, ‘Sing that again!’'
  6. 'Sometimes, you know you are hearing a masterpiece after only a few bars of music waft through your headphones.'
  7. 'It is only eight bars of music, and I've lost count of the number of times it must have been played over the last 44 years.'
  8. 'The violinist plays the opening bars of a Mozart sonata, and the unaccustomed cadences and harmonies of classical western melody are like strange birdsong.'
  9. 'From the opening bars, I was hooked not only on the piece, but on the composer - to me, a major voice.'
  10. 'The first few bars of music rang out around the auditorium.'
A partition in a court room, now usually notional, beyond which most people may not pass and at which an accused person stands.
  1. 'His handling of the funds when they did arrive gave rise to vigorous debate at the bar.'
  2. 'In an unprecedented move Magistrate Nicholas got up from the bench and sat at the bar table with the witness and the accused.'
  3. 'And far be it from any court to acknowledge that the defendant standing at the bar has any constitutional rights.'
  4. 'An inscription on the wall towards the west end shows the position of the Bar of the old House, by which the Lobby was marked off from the Chamber itself.'
  5. 'At the other end of the chamber is the bar, at which the members of the Commons attend to hear the speech from the throne at the opening of Parliament.'
The profession of barrister.
  1. 'He didn't like the law and was never called to the Bar.'
  2. 'The plaintiff has recently been called to the bar in Ontario.'
  3. 'The same year he would be called to the bar and later established a small practice in Montreal.'
  4. 'The Bar Council provides representation and services for the Bar, and guidance on issues of professional practice.'

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1. a relatively long, evenly shaped piece of some solid substance, as metal or wood, used as a guard or obstruction or for some mechanical purpose: the bars of a cage.

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3. the amount of material in a bar.

4. an ingot, lump, or wedge of gold or silver.

5. a long ridge of sand, gravel, or other material near or slightly above the surface of the water at or near the mouth of a river or harbor entrance, often consti

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