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Administer baptism to (someone); christen.
  1. 'If they are Christian, they baptize their children.'
  2. 'In 1925 father was baptized upon the confession of his faith in Jesus Christ and accepted as a member in the Neuendorf Mennonite Church.'
  3. 'Like many people who were baptized and raised by Christian parents, I have no recollection of the precise moment I became a Christian, nor do I recall a time when I was an unbeliever.'
  4. 'Both children were recently baptized in the parish.'
  5. 'As a youngster, I was baptized but had no Christian upbringing.'
  6. 'I accepted Jesus as a child, was baptized, attended a Christian school, and participated in Bible quizzing.'
  7. 'When it was reported that a Christian midwife secretly baptized a Jewish infant who died a few days later, the body was exhumed from the Jewish cemetery and buried beside the local church.'
  8. 'Deliziosi, Don Pino's biographer, notes the paradox of a parish priest who died at the hands of Christians who were baptized in the same parish.'
  9. 'Ironically, John promises that Jesus will baptize us with the same elements that the author of Isaiah mentions as dangers.'
  10. 'On the other, immense courage is needed to confess Christ, be baptised, and live and witness as a Christian.'
  11. 'Mark had been baptized a Catholic'
  12. 'When swimmers climb out I congratulate them on being baptized into the Universal Life Church and hand them their commemorative certificates.'
  13. 'It also has social consequences, for example when Victoria describes her knee-jerk reaction not to let her son be baptized into the Catholic church.'
  14. 'As a young man he was baptized into the Evangelical Mennonite Church, at that time known as the Kleine-gemeinde.'
  15. 'I suffered here 18 years because I am a Christian, because I was baptised into Christianity.'
  16. 'He himself was brought up a Muslim but had been baptized into the African Church, an indigenous separatist movement, at the urging of his uncle Amos Elegbede.'
  17. 'She was baptized into the Schoenfelder Gemeinde in Pigeon Lake in 1934 by Altester Johann Klassen.'
  18. 'I promised God at that time: if my wife could get a job in the United States, I would be baptized into the church.'
  19. 'She was baptized into the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, which faith she embraced to the end.'
  20. 'And that started when his mother baptized him as a Christian in the Orthodox church.'
  21. 'Mother gave her heart to the Lord and was baptized into the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, Steinbach on July 29, 1929 by Minister F.C. Fricke.'
  22. 'Pilots baptised their planes in her name and entire regiments were dedicated to her.'
  23. 'The idea of this third solution is very old indeed, and the French have long since baptized it with a pertinent name.'
  24. 'Now it is time for you to be baptized in the name of the Parent, as her servant and warrior in this realm.'
  25. 'We grow accustomed to what suits us, until it somehow becomes baptized with the name: that's how things are done around here.'
  26. 'It was as if he had been baptised in the name of the blues.'
  27. 'Even place names have politics and the baptizing and rebaptizing of place is interwoven with a group's claim to it.'

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1. to immerse in water or sprinkle or pour water on in the Christian rite of baptism: They baptized the new baby.

2. to cleanse spiritually; initiate or dedicate by purifying.

3. to give a name to at baptism; christen. verb (used without object), baptized, baptizing.

4. to administer baptism.

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"people can be baptising."


(baptize)Middle English: via Old French from ecclesiastical Latin baptizare, from Greek baptizein ‘immerse, baptize’.