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The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.
  1. 'Constant exchanges of intelligent banter and a pretty unsettling appearance hold the atmosphere to a sharp edge.'
  2. 'With McEwan in full flow, Watson sticks his head round the door and instigates some friendly banter.'
  3. 'I missed my Dad a lot in the Philippines, especially our playful banter.'
  4. 'Pupils often emphasised that teasing was not seen as harmful, but as a part of everyday banter, often between friends.'
  5. 'At first, their banter is friendly, until Heston realizes Moore is not on his side.'
  6. 'He was a very cheerful character and liked nothing more than to have a bit of banter with his friends.'
  7. 'Their playful banter was interrupted when Louis walked into the room.'
  8. 'For a barrel of laughs, go and see this likeable duo as they entertain and exchange banter across a farm fence.'
  9. 'After spending time in friendly, confidence-winning banter, Dave made it clear he had more on his mind.'
  10. 'I watched him play Federer and it was a light-hearted affair with plenty of friendly banter.'


Exchange remarks in a good-humoured teasing way.
  1. 'a bantering tone'
  2. 'In New York, Fitzgerald has the reputation of a tough, no-nonsense prosecutor who doesn't relish bantering with reporters.'
  3. 'We joked, bantered, argued, gushed over some latest literary masterpieces.'
  4. 'The family wants to thank everyone for their visits and support, as well as the nurses with whom he joked and bantered.'
  5. 'Between songs, Patti bantered with the audience, joked around and made us laugh (it turns out that she has quite a gift for comic timing).'
  6. 'He jostles with them, has a little fun, banters.'
  7. 'He's been bantering with reporters about a variety of issues.'
  8. 'Kitty kept her tone deliberately light and bantering, but Brandon could tell that she was serious.'
  9. 'I could hear the President and Hillary bantering in the background.'
  10. 'Andrei teases and banters with just about every word, although his humor isn't odd and deadpan like Anikei's - it's lighter and brighter and more relaxed.'
  11. 'We bantered with the audience and cracked jokes.'

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1. an exchange of light, playful, teasing remarks; good-natured raillery. verb (used with object)

2. to address with banter; chaff. verb (used without object)

3. to use banter.

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"tones can be bantering."

"remarks can be bantering."

"ways can be bantering."

"teasings can be bantering."

"talks can be bantering."

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(banter)Late 17th century: of unknown origin.