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An elaborate and formal evening meal for many people.
  1. 'That evening, a banquet was given for the newly elected Senator and three women members of the House of Representatives.'
  2. 'On Saturday evening preceding the banquet will be the silent auction.'
  3. 'In a fortnight, the Thomson family will host a grand banquet and evening ball.'
  4. 'Later, on Saturday evening, a banquet was held in the same area as the conference.'
  5. 'The ritual of a formal Chinese banquet was very elaborate.'
  6. 'Finally, later that evening, the Dillard Family headed over to the downtown Sheraton for the formal banquet, which was also a great deal of fun.'
  7. 'No expense had been spared in the ballroom itself, where the tables had been laid for a lavish banquet.'
  8. 'The afternoon finished with another couple of hours of micromount activity before the evening banquet.'
  9. 'There was an evening banquet, a torchlight parade through Paris, and special theater performances.'
  10. 'The annual meeting concluded with a banquet on Saturday evening.'
  11. 'a lavish five-course banquet'
  12. 'Having settled into your pile of soft furnishings, be prepared to be served a veritable banquet of the finest Moroccan cuisine.'
  13. 'Yes, there had always been the banquets and feasts, plenty of food and all, but it had only been for those with high ranks in the society, the members of nobility.'
  14. 'More than 750 guests enjoyed the black-tie awards dinner, packing both floors of the theatre complex for a four-course banquet.'
  15. 'He would arrange 100-course banquets for lunch and then do it all again for dinner.'
  16. 'I wanted them to feast at the banquet of life's recreations, to have the Renaissance childhood not provided to me.'
  17. 'There will be a banquet and other events on Sunday night, November 28.'
  18. 'It is hoped that these buildings will host banquets or unique events.'
  19. 'Listening to this music is like attending a banquet where the seven courses are contrasted yet complementary.'
  20. 'They take pleasure in tall ceilings, which conjure images of banquets and feasting, and waiters with aprons wrapped around their bellies.'
  21. 'Tickets cost £27.50 and include a four course banquet and entertainment.'


Entertain with a banquet.
  1. 'On Friday, in the giant banqueting hall of the Beijing Hotel, Beckham sat wide right on a raised podium at what should have been termed an anti-press conference.'
  2. 'It was then a long climb through bedchambers and banqueting hall, chapel and corridors until we came out on to the roof and saw the amazing view.'
  3. 'A prop from Hogwarts banqueting hall, it has been brought here by the film's distributor as an atmospheric piece of set dressing for the interview.'
  4. 'Next it was to The Hall of Preserving Harmony which was used as the main banqueting hall and it was also the place where the elite scholars of China did their important examinations.'
  5. 'Under fire regulations, only 850 people are permitted in the hotel's banqueting suite and it was already packed, with hundreds of people queuing outside.'
  6. 'Yesterday 80 watched a debate from the gallery at Hull's Guildhall, with more than 100 watching on a screen in the Guildhall's banqueting room.'
  7. 'The council chamber, banqueting hall and Lord Mayor's room would be largely untouched.'
  8. 'After the church ceremony, the wedding party will make the nine-mile journey to the newly restored banqueting area of Slane Castle for a deluxe four-course meal.'
  9. 'When she's all dressed up, with jewels in her golden hair, the king leads her to the great banqueting hall.'
  10. 'The stadium will include 62 corporate hospitality boxes, conference and banqueting facilities and a 200-bedroom hotel.'

More definitions

1. a lavish meal; feast.

2. a ceremonious public dinner, especially one honoring a person, benefiting a charity, etc. verb (used with object), banqueted, banqueting.

3. to entertain or regale with a banquet: They banqueted the visiting prime minister in grand style. verb (used without object), banqueted, banqueting.

4. to have or attend a banquet; feast: They banqueted on pheasant, wild boar, and three kinds of fish.

More examples(as adjective)

"facilities can be banqueting."


(banquet)Late 15th century: from French, diminutive of banc ‘bench’ (see bank).