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A roll of banknotes.
  1. 'After showing them his gun, he throws them a large bankroll of cash and invites them to come work for him.'
  2. 'Returning to the motel that they share with the twins, Max and Linda steal the strippers' bankroll and head back on the road.'
  3. 'All you need is a bankroll of two hundred dollars.'
  4. 'his bankroll allowed him to run campaigns all over the US'
  5. 'For Dean, the first question was financial: how to raise the funds to compete against a popular sitting president with a bankroll bigger than a Powerball jackpot.'
  6. 'In a tournament, bets like this deplete a limited bankroll.'
  7. 'You may be better off, financially, investing your bankroll and mortgaging the house.'
  8. 'So, they're also buying up a ton of patents with a $350 million bankroll.'
  9. 'Alcoa's stock rose by more than 7% during the same period, meaning that O'Neill's bankroll increased by $6 million.'
  10. 'Not only did I lose my entire bankroll, but I also beefed up my phone bill with international calls to the customer support team in India, pleading with them to reactivate my account.'
  11. 'My bankroll expired faster than expected, because I found some mint-condition 1893 World's Fair postcards.'
  12. 'They're not going to bet the same amount every time, and we look for people who have a large bankroll.'
  13. 'Even if you haven't met ‘the one,’ you'll judge your soul mate by the love letters, roses, and foot massages - not the size of their bankroll.'
  14. 'This thin house requires a bankroll that's fairly fat.'


Support (a person, organization, or project) financially.
  1. 'The Liberal Democrats are appealing to liberal Americans to help bankroll their general election campaign.'
  2. 'On the other hand, does corporate sponsorship bankroll some cool sport/cultural events that would not otherwise occur?'
  3. 'The party's national organisation, which bankrolled the campaign, could also face financial crisis.'
  4. 'That helps bankroll research in new niches, such as high-power microwave devices that can defuse explosives by frying their circuits.'
  5. 'He spent a significant portion of his fortune bankrolling his campaign to become a New Jersey senator four years ago.'
  6. 'Bars and restaurants along First Avenue can pretty much bankroll their entire operations on weekend nights.'
  7. 'He still unnerves conservatives by helping bankroll 17 drug-reform ballot initiatives - and winning every one.'
  8. 'The wealthy president of a Brazilian university is bankrolling an initiative to end Colorado's winner-take-all presidential electoral system.'
  9. 'The extent to which the US would help bankroll this option is unclear.'
  10. 'Staff travel is limited to official business and the Commons bankrolls some free travel between the constituency and London for family members.'

More definitions

1. money in one's possession; monetary resources. verb (used with object)

2. Informal. to finance; provide funds for: to bankroll a new play.

More examples(as adjective)

"campaigns can be bankrolled by groups."

"campaigns can be bankrolled by limits."

"people can be bankrolled at people."

"wales can be bankrolled in/at/on years."

"wales can be bankrolled by manufacturers."

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