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The business conducted or services offered by a bank.
  1. 'IIB Bank provides a wide range of banking services, including corporate and business banking, private banking and treasury and capital markets services.'
  2. 'National Irish Bank's student account offers free banking and an interest-free overdraft where the limit can be agreed with the bank.'
  3. 'All the banks provide free daily banking for their teenage and student accounts.'
  4. 'The Bank of Scotland, whose merger with Halifax should be approved by shareholders in July, became the first bank to offer free banking for life to UK small businesses last year.'
  5. 'The government has yet to propose its final details, but the accounts should offer all basic banking services without giving access to credit.'
  6. 'Government and education will emerge on the technology horizon and banking and financial services will continue their strong run.'
  7. 'This year's package for all other students continues to offer free banking over the phone, online or in their student branch.'
  8. 'In this area, scale can be the route to failure - because commercial and business banking is about relationships and good service.'
  9. 'In America, mortgage lending is against the asset, not the person, and the bargain is more like asset financing than personal banking.'
  10. 'Typical perks include preferential mortgages and personal loans, free banking, a pension fund, overtime, bonuses and share options.'


An embankment or artificial bank.
  1. 'Using radio tracking we discovered that signal crayfish were crossing woodland and climbing quite steep bankings which makes eradication extremely difficult.'
  2. '‘In Spain I was in sixth gear on a very fast bit of road when the rear of the car just slid wide and touched the banking,’ says McRae.'
  3. 'Modifications to five of the hazards were necessary due the conditions as rain drenched the muddy bankings.'
  4. 'That's where the weeping (water seepage) was, but the banking there is different than any other track.'
  5. '‘We bought the house here about two years ago and have spent about £10,000 landscaping the banking,’ she said.'
  6. '‘It seems she was playing near to a stream when she tumbled about 20 feet down the banking,’ said PC Andy Bradley.'
  7. 'Zinnia pointed out something moving on the banking.'
  8. 'Pedestrians took their lives in their hands running the tree-lined gauntlet, forced to scramble up steep bankings if two vehicles met on the narrow stretch.'
  9. 'The track flattens out in a hurry - the banking leaves you totally - and this makes the car almost want to move and change lanes on its own.'
  10. 'If you turn the wheels hard left and lock the brakes down - particularly at Daytona and Talladega, where the banking is so steep - the car will end up in the infield.'

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1. the business carried on by a bank or a banker.

2. banking as a profession.

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"sectors can be banking."

"centres can be banking."

"groups can be banking."

"banks can be banking."

"systems can be banking."

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