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A person who manages or owns a bank or group of banks.
  1. 'Horan, a former central banker and currently managing director of BoI Finance, is on the final shortlist for the position of deputy to Ruane.'
  2. 'The frank talk focuses on profit, healthy food, markets, marketing, progressive management, and bankers.'
  3. 'He supplied Glasgow coffee houses where the stockbrokers and bankers met to talk business and read the journals of the day.'
  4. 'While this is happening, property owners/speculators, bankers and financial services have never had it as good.'
  5. 'We have been acting as bankers and managers to public issues.'
  6. 'Also on Monday, 25 Jackson accountants, lawyers, bankers and managers will meet to discuss the star's business affairs.'
  7. 'This led in 1881 to the incorporation of a privately owned company financed by industrialists and bankers with headquarters in Montreal.'
  8. 'If you have a black American Express card and a Ferrari in the garage, you also have a private banker managing your wealth.'
  9. 'Licensed stock brokers, bankers, and gambling-casino employees can all be checked by their employers as well.'
  10. 'City professionals include Lloyd's of London insurance men, financial PRs, lawyers and accountants as well as bankers and fund managers.'
  11. 'Once all bets are down, the banker rolls three six-sided dice marked with the same symbols as on the table.'
  12. 'Casino bankers are Samurai blades in the drawer, right?'
  13. 'The players other than the banker take turns to ask for cards and place bets.'
  14. 'In Pai Gow Poker, do you ever recommend being the banker?'
  15. 'The banker puts a small puck or other marker on the table in front of him.'
A supposedly certain bet.
  1. 'Wanderers go to Molineux on Monday to take on a team that is a banker bet to make an instant return to the Nationwide League but has shown a willingness to fight to the death.'
  2. 'There won t be any Limestone Lad in the Stayers Hurdle but in Bannow Bay we have a horse that is definitely one of the Irish banker bets.'
  3. 'At this stage, Foster and Marshall look banker bets to be heading Down Under, though neither is taking anything for granted.'
  4. 'Favourite backers got off to a flying start when Irish banker Like-A-Butterfly won the Cheltenham Festival opener.'
  5. 'At the same venue John Dunlop's Ridge Runner looks to be a banker's bet in the 3.25 race.'
  6. 'The opening race of the meeting, which began to the sound of the famous Cheltenham cheer, was won by Brave Inca, one of the Irish bankers of the meeting.'
  7. 'The banker has to be Baracouda (Stayers' Hurdle, Thur 1435).'
  8. 'Moscow Flyer also proved to be the pick of Geraghty's winners last year, taking the Queen Mother Champion Chase and the 10-year-old as his banker once again this year.'
  9. 'But the unpronounceable, unspellable Azertyuiop has everything it takes to be a Cheltenham Festival banker.'
  10. 'Oldham's banker bet for the tour is that unusual beast: the British nu-metal act, in this case, the Lostprophets.'
  11. 'However, this season has surpassed even that of last term, with East Stirling very much the punter's friend if looking for a banker for the fixed odds coupon.'
  12. 'You look at some games and they look like a guaranteed banker.'


A boat employed in cod fishing off Newfoundland.
    A river flooded to the top of its banks.
      An additional locomotive used to assist a train in ascending an incline.
        A bench at which a stonemason works.

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          1. a person employed by a bank, especially as an executive or other official.

          2. Games. the keeper or holder of the bank.

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          run (or come down) a banker