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The land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake.
  1. 'Russian villages were typically situated near the bank of a lake, river, or stream.'
  2. 'When we finally arrived at the rather pretty camp-site on the banks of a blue lake, we had been travelling for more than 24 hours.'
  3. 'These figures for the most part do not include freshwater wetlands along the shores of lakes, banks of rivers, in estuaries and along the marine coasts.'
  4. 'They were standing on the banks of the lake in the forest, watching the sunlight glisten off its silver surface.'
  5. 'Santo said the flooding was triggered by torrential rains over the last three days, which caused several rivers to overflow their banks.'
  6. 'Beyond that, a narrower but more fertile inner plain slopes down to the bank of the Delaware River.'
  7. 'Each year, hundreds of thousands of spectators line the banks of the River Thames to support the two crews.'
  8. 'Winter Wrens breed in moist coniferous forests and nest in dense brush especially along stream banks.'
  9. 'Lighting effects have been put up in trees and rafts lie alongside the banks of the lake suggesting that fireworks could be launched from the water's surface.'
  10. 'We chugged along the river, its banks lined with shabby wooden huts.'
A long, high mass or mound of a particular substance.
  1. 'a bank of snow'
  2. 'If you hang them below the bumper, they can easily get knocked out of adjustment or even broken by curbs or snow banks.'
  3. 'Hedgerows with grassy banks can shelter primroses, orchids and other wildflowers.'
  4. 'The main runway will be put back to arable land and a bank of trees will be planted on the outside.'
  5. 'We learned that boulders hurt even when covered by snow banks.'
  6. 'Heavy banks of clouds covered the sky, only a pale glow seeping through.'
  7. 'At the top I encountered my first daffodils on the grassy bank in front of a house.'
  8. 'The snow banks are enormous because they keep stacking it and stacking it all winter.'
  9. 'The grassy banks, constructed about 150 years ago, have never been treated with pesticides or fertilisers.'
  10. 'Turn left and cross two bridges before taking a path to the right, along the top of a grassy bank.'
  11. 'Dead ahead, blue sky is visible, a bank of clouds farther on.'
  12. 'The route goes up and down, deepest point 18m and as shallow as 6m over some sand and gravel banks.'
  13. 'It is a great sight, with ant-like streams pouring across long pontoons over the river's shallow sandy banks to innumerable craft moored midstream.'
  14. 'This is definitely so for small juvenile fish, but the bigger adults prefer a mix of clean and broken ground, often seeking out gravel banks and sandbanks adjacent to much rougher ground.'
  15. 'It is an altogether different kind of wreck, with the broken remains well scattered and partly buried by a 2m-high bank of sand.'
  16. 'Flat banks of white sand covered with tall grasses stretched into the distance.'
  17. 'Sometimes, as we rode the bank of a curve, the wheels became slightly airborne, momentarily escaping the pull of gravity.'
  18. 'I learned firsthand how these Olympic competitors use the steep banks to reach top speed.'
  19. 'It would be of value to calculate the exact stall speeds for the actual wing loading at various appropriate bank angles.'
  20. 'Your handling has started to degenerate and you are having trouble holding bank angles.'
  21. 'If there is too much bank for the crosswind, excess lift is deflected to the right, and the airplane actually moves sideways into the wind.'
  22. 'Unless there's a specific pitch or bank error you actively want to correct, don't touch the controls.'
  23. 'Sensing the danger, Dan eased off his angle of bank and pulled up slightly, barrel rolling away from the direction of turn.'
  24. 'He indicated that the angle of bank decreased periodically, but that the aircraft was always in a right wing-low attitude.'
  25. 'This action made the situation even worse, because the left cyclic only put us into a sharp angle of bank before impact.'
  26. 'All aerobatics, spins and banks in excess of 60 degrees are prohibited.'
  27. 'Guessing he knew best, I once again pulled power and rolled the aircraft to a 45-degree angle of bank.'
  28. 'Back-stick pressure must also be released as bank decreases or the aircraft will climb.'
A set of similar things, especially electrical or electronic devices, grouped together in rows.
  1. 'He goes to work at his bank of electronics, and yes - twiddles some knobs.'
  2. 'There was smoke in the hall near the bank of elevators.'
  3. 'Whenever I saw him standing at the bank of elevators, I'd quickly turn and scurry away.'
  4. 'Once again I was thwarted in my attempt to understand how to tune in to the audio on the bank of TVs mounted above the treadmills.'
  5. 'Two banks of four electric smoke grenade dischargers are fitted either side of the front turret.'
  6. 'It is powered by a conventional electric motor with a bank of batteries to run it.'
  7. 'By the time both beds were wheeled to the end of the hallway near a bank of elevators, Jared was able to see both kidnappers more closely.'
  8. 'Across the room, mounted above a bank of exercise machines, are five television monitors, each set to a different station.'
  9. 'That engine featured three banks of four cylinders each.'
  10. 'It consisted of a bank of electronic tone generators and an associated array of processing devices that regulated the nature of the sounds.'
  11. 'the early ships had only twenty-five oars in each bank'
  12. 'The standard galley or galere ordinaire, had twenty-six banks of oars per side, with five men at each oar.'
The cushion of a pool table.
  1. 'His surprise victory was completed with a well-taken length of the table bank shot on the 8 ball.'
  2. 'I have been known to go to my bank shots when I am not seeing the cut shots.'
  3. 'Got any pointers on the diamond system or some good way of practicing bank shots?'


Heap (a substance) into a mass or mound.
  1. 'snow was banked in humps at the roadside'
  2. 'In Europe, particularly France, Germany, and Belgium, they cultivate a white asparagus by gradually banking the soil over the shoots as they grow.'
  3. 'purple clouds banked up over the hills'
  4. 'That rubble now lay banked up around the ship, covering perhaps two meters of the lower hull; more towards the stern.'
  5. 'When the traffic banked up and a driver braked, car wheels could get hooked up in the ruts.'
  6. 'she banked up the fire'
  7. 'Back in my room, I banked up the fire until I had a roaring blaze going.'
  8. 'She took his hand, leading him around the room as she turned off lights, banked the fire.'
  9. 'steps banked with pots of chrysanthemums'
  10. '‘Let's have a seat shall we,’ the two walked over to some chairs that were banked along the wall and sat down.'
  11. 'In summer, umbrella-topped tables line a terrace banked with flowers, creating a romantic spot for dinner under the stars.'
(with reference to an aircraft or vehicle) tilt or cause to tilt sideways in making a turn.
  1. with object 'I banked the aircraft steeply and turned'
  2. 'The engine thunder came to them as the plane banked away over the sea.'
  3. 'As the plane was banking around the city, he could clearly see the downtown section and the building his lab was in.'
  4. 'The plane had to turn and come right, banking around the tower.'
  5. 'Then the plane started to bank to the side and go into a rather sharp turn.'
  6. 'He gently banked his aircraft forty-five degrees west to make a wide circle around the burning vehicles.'
  7. 'The plane felt fine, no observable damage, so I banked around and went in for another quick pass.'
  8. 'Afraid the soldiers had seen the package, Ian ducked down instinctively, but the aircraft banked steeply and slid down into the valley.'
  9. 'He said the plane banked steeply on its approach.'
  10. 'The aircraft banked sharply over Mangrove Cay before leveling out as the pilot made his final approach to the runway.'
  11. 'He performed a tactical approach to the airfield, banking the plane 45 degrees in a tight downward spiral to the left.'
  12. 'a banked racetrack'
  13. 'This event features four racers at a time taking a downhill course full of jumps, turns and banked corners in a race to the finish.'
  14. 'And imagine that situation not on a flat highway, but on a narrow, one-groove racetrack with banked corners.'
  15. 'In Japan, where top riders earn fortunes, the tracks are less steeply banked and they race on all-weather asphalt, rather than wooden surfaces.'
  16. 'It really all depends on what you're wanting to do and how banked the track is.'
  17. 'Since the tracks are banked, the advantage usually goes to the driver on the inside - the outside car is more vulnerable.'
  18. 'Cyclists contest a variety of events on an inside oval track banked at 42 degrees.'
  19. 'It doesn't have as much clearance underneath it for this kind of a banked race track.'
  20. 'The teammate then moves to the top of the circular banked track and coasts while he recovers for his next stint.'
  21. 'The tight, banked bends on indoor tracks mean a tall athlete with a long stride length will struggle in the 200m and 400m.'
  22. 'Cycling on banked tracks is one of the oldest forms of the sport, dating back to the track-racing boom of the 1890s in Europe.'
(of a locomotive) provide additional power for (a train) in ascending an incline.
  1. 'A banking locomotive was often used to assist trains up particularly steep or long banks, or gradients.'
(of an angler) succeed in landing (a fish)
  1. 'Yes, this is pike heaven all right and it won't be long before one day somebody banks that magical sixty-pound fish.'
  2. 'Even whilst these fish were being weighed and photographed, Joe and Chris banked further fish of 37 lb 8oz and 34 lb 6oz.'
  3. 'This is about as close to the weir as you can bank fish.'
(in pool) play (a ball) so that it rebounds off a surface such as a cushion.
  1. 'I've reverse banked many an eight ball to give my opponent a ‘hopeless’ feeling.'
  2. 'He banks the seven just to show off.'


A financial establishment that uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency.
  1. 'That begs the question as to whether our money would be safer under the mattress or in a bank deposit account than invested in shares, unit trusts or pension schemes.'
  2. 'Most people have a current account and most banks pay virtually no interest on this money.'
  3. '‘Because of the exchange risk, banks assume that local currency loans are best,’ Rumenov added.'
  4. 'My current bank deposit account interest rate has just been cut again.'
  5. 'Retained earnings are just as much money as a bank loan or new equity.'
  6. 'There is no denying that in Zambia many such establishments, especially the banks, operate money markets that are under serious pecuniary constraints.'
  7. 'To make the investments Helmersen borrowed large sums of money from Danish banks and financial institutions.'
  8. 'The company will finance half of the planned investment through a bank loan.'
  9. 'His unorthodox government has not helped to attract investors, and foreign banks lowered corporate credit ratings for new loans.'
  10. 'Should I be looking for a bank loan or alternative finance, perhaps through an outside investor?'
  11. 'a blood bank'
  12. 'Many were tested on the huge bank of prepared specimen slides Joyce had assembled in the deep freezes in Newcastle.'
  13. 'That is a good idea, and Work and Income is ensuring that its job bank is available across the country and provides a wider range of information.'
  14. 'The building settles into contours, spreading out horizontally over a vast buried chamber - the seed bank itself.'
  15. 'We are also concerned about the emergence of essay banks on the Internet.'
  16. 'There is a bank of volunteer drivers available although many groups prefer to use their own.'
  17. 'The value of the seed bank in the species pool at GCB was estimated to be greater than any other species establishment mode.'
  18. 'The number of eggs stored in the egg bank varied within and among species but was usually lower in the temporary pond species.'
  19. 'For an egg bank to maintain its value as a historical record, the sediments should have little or no disturbance.'
  20. 'These banks are maintained for all those in need, not to store blood for any particular potential recipient.'
  21. 'The eye bank is accessible round the clock through a dedicated hotline 1081.'
  22. 'The Salvation Army is hoping it will be able to re-use many of the items deposited in its recycling banks.'
  23. 'The public is also reminded not to leave bags or boxes at the recycling banks.'
  24. 'The council capitulated and had the paper bank moved to a ‘safer’ site - the car park near Acomb Park shops.'
  25. 'It is first time that aluminium foil has been collected at the council's recycling centres, though Eden Community Recycling already has banks at its own sites.'
  26. 'A paper recycle bank is placed at the amenity site.'
  27. 'A total of 20 shoe recycling banks have been introduced by South Lakeland District Council across the district to encourage more people to put their old shoes to a good use.'
  28. 'If you do not compost at home the shredded paper can be put in the paper bank at your nearest recycling facility.'
  29. 'People can dispose of it in a paper bank or household recycling centres.'
  30. 'To find out more, or for details of your nearest bottle or paper banks, contact the city council's special recycling helpline on 01904 636000.'
  31. 'But can, paper and textile banks will remain at the site near the Buck Inn unless a new home can be found for all the recycling bins.'
  32. 'The bank can also change hands after any hand if the existing banker wishes to sell the bank to another player at a mutually agreed price.'
  33. 'Here the bank would take half the money that had been staked on the paired cards.'
  34. 'Additionally, you can only be the banker for one hand, after which the bank reverts to the dealer for the next hand.'

More definitions

1. a long pile or heap; mass: a bank of earth; a bank of clouds.

2. a slope or acclivity.

3. Physical Geography. the slope immediately bordering a stream course along which the water normally runs.

4. a broad elevation of the sea floor around which the water is relatively shallow but not a hazard to surface navigation.

5. Coal Mining. the surface around the mouth of a shaft.

6. Also called cant, superelevation. the inclination of the bed of a banked road or railroad.

7. Aeronautic

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"tracks can be banked."

"moneys can be banked."

"turns can be banked."

"whitenesses can be banked."

"troughs can be banked."

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(bank)Middle English: from Old Norse bakki, of Germanic origin; related to bench. The senses ‘set of things in rows’ and ‘tier of oars’ are from French banc, of the same ultimate origin.