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A debit card or cash card.
  1. 'After snatching American citizen Zenaida Parker's handbag in Burger King, he used her bank card to buy drinks, cinema tickets and other items.'
  2. 'As a small shopkeeper some customers look at me askance when I refuse the sale of a Mars bar ‘and £50 cash back’ on their bank card.'
  3. 'At the time of writing I still haven't received my new bank card.'
  4. 'The wallet only contained $61, a bank card and key - and with a plane to catch Mr Hepworth didn't bother reporting his loss.'
  5. 'DC Hardman said: ‘These people might flash a card at you and it could be a bank card or a driving licence.’'
  6. 'Mr Morgan took it to mean McDonagh wanted him to extract some money from a machine with his bank card.'
  7. 'Charlotte Moore, 26, of Rivertons, Vange has had a bank card, letters from the tax office and birthday cards stolen.'
  8. 'A woman thought she had hit the jackpot when she slipped her bank card into a cash machine and found her account was £21,000 in credit.'
  9. 'He is wanted in connection with the use of a stolen bank card.'
  10. 'When her transaction was completed, the machine released her bank card but a length of tape came out with it.'
  11. 'If there does have to be some way of ‘definitively’ proving that a passport, ID card, or bank card belongs to the person holding it, then fingerprints or iris scans are relatively simple and immutable.'
  12. 'Fraudsters have stolen thousands of pounds from innocent shoppers in a highly - sophisticated bank card machine scam in York.'
  13. 'An hour after her husband reportedly dropped her off, the missing woman's bank card was used to withdraw £100 from a cash machine in Dumfries.'
  14. 'I had up to fifty dollars, my bank card and important cards like my driving license and my health card.'
  15. 'A few weeks ago I accidentally snapped my bank card, so I went into a branch and ordered a new one, which I was told would be sent to me in four to five working days.'
  16. 'So I handed over my driver's license and my bank card.'
  17. 'If someone was being offered a bank card with fewer functions, the RNIB would consider that ‘inexcusable’.'
  18. 'He hit her repeatedly around the head and stole her bank card.'
  19. 'I once owned a sweet little thing with a screwdriver, tweezers, a magnifying glass, ruler and saw-edge, all squeezed into the space of a bank card.'
  20. 'These conversations apparently were about money withdrawals, theft of a bank card and a false card.'

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1. Also called bank credit card. a card issued by a bank for credit or identification purposes, as for use in cashing checks or at an automated teller machine.

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