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(especially in the entertainment industry) certain to bring profit and success.
  1. 'As one of the most bankable entertainers and commentators in tabloid newspapers or television, he symbolises either dumbing down of national life, or a celebration of the average Scot.'
  2. 'This was a time when Toronto was proudly cast as Toronto and Oliver Reed was a bankable name.'
  3. 'The movie - featuring bankable stars Cameron Diaz, Calista Flockhart, Holly Hunter and Glenn Close - will now get its premiere on pay-per - view cable channel Showtime next year.'
  4. 'It's an indication, though, of the pressure to produce on such bankable authors as Smith, who dare not let their name fade from the limelight for too long.'
  5. 'Carl Cox has a very bankable name in dance, and for good reason.'
  6. 'Magazine writers are mining the territory of their day jobs to write bankable novels that bring readers inside the worlds of music and fashion glitterati.'
  7. 'The poll prompted a concerted defense by Cruise's supporters, who insisted the actor's popularity and standing as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars was undiminished.'
  8. 'This resulted in Carrey having to slash his asking price when starring in a more serious picture since his name wasn't as bankable headlining a drama.'
  9. 'It was called Longitude and it became an international bestseller, making Dava Sobel the most bankable name in popular science writing.'
  10. 'Even before its sniper-related delay, the movie had been sitting on the shelf for a while, because the producers wanted to wait to release it until Farrell was a more bankable name.'
  11. 'a bankable assurance'
  12. 'Nabard, on this occasion, released a cd containing 30 model bankable schemes covering various sectors such as minor irrigation, plantation and horticulture, fisheries and animal husbandry.'
  13. 'But before the industry can blossom, good, bankable business models are needed.'

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1. acceptable for processing by a bank: bankable checks and money orders.

2. considered powerful, prestigious, or stable enough to ensure profitability: Without bankable stars the film script aroused no interest.

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"studies can be bankable."

"people can be bankable."

"deals can be bankable."

"feasibilities can be bankable."

"reserves can be bankable."

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