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A stringed instrument of the guitar family, with a round open-backed soundbox of parchment stretched over a metal hoop.
  1. 'In addition to playing the harmonica, he bends strings on acoustic slide guitar, banjo and an Indian instrument called the mohan veena.'
  2. 'And all these sepia-toned images are lent strength by the gentle poetry of the lyrics, and the light, front-porch swing of the acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins and strings.'
  3. 'The record is stuffed with two-part harmonies and country-lane textures - banjos, acoustic guitars and wood block percussion mix with piano, mellotron, and organ.'
  4. 'Most people, when they hear about the banjo and guitar, suspect it'll be pretty light.'
  5. 'Baxter is probably best known as the ace pedal steel, banjo, dobro, guitar, all-'round musical utility guy for Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and Ryan Adams.'
  6. 'Over two albums, the Books have plucked sampled voices from their original context and arranged them inside simple compositions for sliced-and-diced guitar, banjo, and cello.'
  7. 'But all bets are off for the bluegrass scorchers as the band breaks out the banjo and guitar.'
  8. 'Their huge array of instruments includes guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass, piano, organ, tabla and djembe, making this gig a must for all lovers of acoustic driven music.'
  9. 'As the story of some rural drama unfurls, the track builds with more and more instruments fading in: low, swelling guitar chords, laconic banjos, mournful harmonies.'
  10. 'Musically, the album isn't afraid of drawing on different instruments, from mouth organs to banjos, to acoustic guitars and piano.'
  11. 'The rotating banjo hose attachment allows the hose to rotate up to 270 degrees for optimal hose routing.'
  12. 'The variant of the Willard patent banjo clock shown in Plates IX and IXa is inscribed ‘DANIEL / MUNROE’ on the lower glass.'

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1. a musical instrument of the guitar family, having a circular body covered in front with tightly stretched parchment and played with the fingers or a plectrum.

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"retails can be banjos."


(banjo)Mid 18th century: originally a black American alteration of bandore (see bandora).


swing the banjo