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Relating to Bangladesh.
  1. 'the Bangladeshi garment industry'
  2. 'Karim is supposed to embody the dissonance and non-conformity of second-generation Bangladeshi youths.'
  3. 'Although I'm of Bangladeshi origin, I live and work in the West, so I'm perceived as an "outsider".'
  4. 'This film introduces Jaya Ahsan, a Bangladeshi film star, in the female lead.'


A native or inhabitant of Bangladesh, or a person of Bangladeshi descent.
  1. '"Bangladeshis are the best cooks in the world, 95% of people would agree," he insists.'
  2. 'Floating farms - and produce that can flourish in flood conditions - are a way to help Bangladeshis live with rising waters.'
  3. 'That project had played a role in helping more than 92 million Bangladeshis get cellphone access.'
  4. 'He was a Bangladeshi who had recently immigrated to the U.S.'

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1. a native or inhabitant of Bangladesh. adjective

2. of, relating to, or characteristic of Bangladesh or its people.

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"workers can be bangladeshi."

"people can be bangladeshi."

"officials can be bangladeshi."

"prices can be bangladeshi."

"refugees can be bangladeshi."

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