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A sudden loud, sharp noise.
  1. 'Whether the display is at 2pm or 2am is immaterial to animals, most of whom are terrorised by the sudden and loud bangs.'
  2. 'The station was flooded with complaints reporting of loud bangs from Sunset Beach to Tarcoola Beach.'
  3. 'The driver reported hearing a loud bang near the front of the vehicle and stopped to investigate, said Ernst.'
  4. 'All of a sudden, a loud bang erupted from behind him followed by a shriek of pain.'
  5. 'Not so long ago, such loud, booming bangs would have sent shivers down the spines of many.'
  6. 'Should we be entertaining ourselves with loud bangs and explosions?'
  7. 'People should also be aware that the elderly can be very frightened by loud bangs and also animals.'
  8. 'A loud bang occurred when he slammed onto the hard, solid ground on his back.'
  9. 'Police were called to the scene after a neighbour reported hearing a loud bang.'
  10. 'Locals reported hearing two loud bangs before the main explosion.'
  11. '‘My computer's broken,’ James said, rapping his knuckles on the machine and issuing a dull bang.'
  12. 'Then his team romped around Cambridge in a pair of Humvees to tune the system so that it wasn't fooled by normal urban bangs and jolts.'
  13. 'Suddenly a bang on the door was heard; Emilee and Lilly shot their glances onto the door, but it was only a bat.'
  14. 'The house did not suffer any structural damage but when the lightning hit the house there was an enormous bang, the fuses blew and the power went.'
  15. 'Many of the wrecks around our coasts are either mine or torpedo victims, and either way there is a colossal bang, the ship gets a big chunk blown out of it and the rest lands in a heap nearby.'
  16. 'More instructive was watching how quickly the experienced NCOs jumped and ran at any bangs from the drive bells.'
  17. 'A large bang upon the large double doors nearly took Alex out of his train of thought.'
  18. 'When it came within a metre of the canoe, Henri gave it a hard bang on the snout with his paddle.'
  19. 'There was no vehicle parked outside, there was no bang on the door and no card through the letter box.'
  20. 'She said Mr Cawthraw had been perfectly healthy until he had a bang on his head at work last November and passed out.'
  21. 'Defender Matt Hocking is also not expected to travel to Keele after taking a bang on the head just minutes into last night's second half.'
  22. 'Rugby is the all-time leader in biffs and bangs and broken bones, but you don't often die.'
  23. 'He took a bang on his head as he landed and someone must have told him he was Lev Yashin as the keeper got better.'
  24. 'Young Andrew Wilson, until a bang on the head necessitated his withdrawal, again played very well.'
  25. 'Whether it was because of the blow or the resulting bang against the column, Suzanne didn't know.'
  26. 'His partner Agustin Pichot also took a bang on the head but it will hardly be revealed that he has concussion.'
  27. 'But I never realised he was, well, you know, I just thought he'd had a bang on the head.'
A fringe of hair cut straight across the forehead.
  1. 'This face had chocolate brown hair with bangs almost in his dark blue eyes, which were framed with large round glasses.'
  2. 'I came up again to float on my back, short hair fanning around me, bangs plastered to my forehead.'
  3. 'Her usual curly hair was pulled up in a French roll with bangs falling over the forehead.'
  4. 'A cold sweat moistened his red hair and his bangs were plastered to his forehead.'
  5. 'His jet-black hair was slightly longer than most guys kept their hair; his bangs fell forward in spikes at his forehead.'
  6. 'In the month and a half since they stopped speaking, the vice president had cut his hair, shaggy with bangs and he looked more like a boy.'
  7. 'The mage hid his face with the bangs of his midnight hair.'
  8. 'She had blond hair with bangs falling into her baby blue eyes.'
  9. 'She had drawn a girl with long bangs and her hair pulled back in a ponytail.'
  10. 'Her black hair had crooked bangs as if she'd cut it herself.'
An act of sexual intercourse.
    The character ‘!’.


      Strike or put down (something) forcefully and noisily.
      1. 'Sarah banged the phone down'
      2. 'The other two burst out laughing, banging the table top with their paws.'
      3. 'At this point I began banging my head on the table, so I turned the TV off.'
      4. 'Chris walked lightly to my closet doorway and began banging his head on the frame lightly.'
      5. 'She began banging things around as she cooked the fish, and in the process of being spiteful and noisy, splashed herself with hot grease.'
      6. 'The neighbors downstairs banged on the ceiling and so then I began banging my head against the wall.'
      7. 'He promptly stood in front of it and began banging his head upon the curved surface.'
      8. 'Simon started cracking up again, banging his hand dramatically on the table as he held his stomach.'
      9. 'I put my head on the table and began to rhythmically bang it.'
      10. 'From the very first scene, when those little orphan girls begin banging their buckets on the ground in unison singing It's a Hard Knock Life, they had me.'
      11. 'The fork shivered angrily and then slid across the table, banging Sven's glass.'
      12. 'I banged my head on the low beams'
      13. 'And people just don't stop: everywhere you go they are banging into you.'
      14. 'I assumed […] that the noise we heard was my car banging into one of the pillars of the house.'
      15. 'They were banging into elbows and not apologizing or anything.'
      16. 'You know that red mist thing where you find yourself punching some inoffensive article of furniture for no better reason than that you have just banged into it?'
      17. 'Things in the room were starting to crash and bang into each other, making a mighty ruckus.'
      18. 'He seemed to return her bitterness as he sharply walked past, banging into my shoulder on his way.'
      19. 'Her head came up so quickly that she banged it on the shelf above her.'
      20. 'On a regular basis, she would slam him into a wall or table, often banging his head into the wall.'
      21. 'I go to Hreod Parkway normally but I was worried that people might bang into my back.'
      22. 'He holds a mic to his lips to emit a noise that is a cross between a mosquito dazedly banging into a porch light and a junior high video class sound effect of a crashing UFO.'
      23. 'he banged home four penalties in the opening twenty minutes'
      24. 'Bagwell banged a career-high 47 homers that season, knocked in 132 runs and hit .310.'
      25. 'And, in his first major league at-bat, he banged a single off veteran right-hander Hank Borowy.'
      26. 'When you started your career as a first class cricketer in India, you were a lively fast medium bowler who loved banging the ball in short.'
      27. 'They can try like crazy to bang the ball inside and have the guards try to drive through traffic, but it's of little use.'
      28. 'I was going on twenty-one years of age and just banging the balls around trying to cut in hard shots.'
      29. 'Pock were unable to take advantage of their numerical superiority until Mitchell banged over a 40 yard penalty.'
      30. 'McBride singled in a run in the second, banging a ball off the glove of diving third baseman Ken Boyer to score Leon Wagner.'
      31. 'Addingham were trying to spread play out wide but each time they lost possession, the ball was banged straight back down route one style.'
      32. 'If his team has banged in five, he's the most ecstatic fan on the park and doesn't mind who knows it.'
      33. 'One after another they banged the ball out of the infield, line-drives and whizzing grounders and almost all of them got on base.'
      34. 'Two loud, sharp knocks banged at the black doors guarding the entrance to the Calestia Dela.'
      35. 'Noise banged through the high-ceilinged, uncarpeted room, matching the din inside her skull.'
      36. 'Her boots banged louder and harder and with each step she screamed to herself the words she had been thinking for four days but never uttered.'
      37. 'People were throwing up on the lawn as loud music banged through the walls.'
      38. 'But those who make a living from the sea know that tides don't merely ebb and flow, they crash and bang.'
      39. 'It rang like a huge gong banging relentlessly into the silence.'
      40. with object and complement 'he banged the kitchen door shut behind him'
      41. 'She then went straight to Lily's house and banged open the door.'
      42. 'She banged open the door to find them all huddled together in a large group, lounging on the floor, obviously discussing something.'
      43. 'They also don't stay up all night playing rather loud music, and banging all the house doors.'
      44. 'She banged open the door of her locker, and put on her armour with a speed born of practice.'
      45. 'We suffered a similar situation for six years during which time we had to put up with loud music, doors banging at all hours and verbal abuse.'
      46. 'He was in such a rush to get in and out of the sight of passers by that he banged open the door with a resounding crash.'
      47. 'Then the back door had banged open and Sonny had followed the college boy out to his car, quick long strides crunching over gravel.'
      48. 'The front door banged open and soon, Joel was at my side.'
      49. 'Beneath him, heavy footsteps raced from room to room, and doors banged open.'
      50. 'Suddenly the doors banged open and I looked up to see three dark men.'
      51. 'But told the jury the noise problems had been real with loud music being played at night, doors being slammed and people banging around.'
      52. 'The three women banged and clattered down the stairs and out the door.'
      53. 'Ian heard Linda banging around in the bedroom, and walked to the doorway.'
      54. 'He started banging around in the kitchen, then he picked up his keys and went storming out.'
      55. 'I could hear Mom banging around downstairs, probably making something else.'
      Cut (hair) in a fringe.
        (typically used of a man) have sexual intercourse with.


          1. 'The bus leaves bang on time, and we roll along the freeways as the sun rises and adds a flush to the Rockies on our right.'
          2. 'While the boys struggled, the girls from Rosary Convent were bang on the target.'
          3. 'Even so, I woke up after only 45 minutes of the alarm going off and made it to my desk bang on 10.'
          4. 'Slap bang in the middle of the box was a huge walnut.'
          5. 'Slap bang in the heart of Sligo Town, McGarrigles may not be here at the end of 2003, but they are still alive and kicking.'
          6. 'Slap bang in the centre of Vietnam is Hoi An, a charismatic old port bearing all the architectural hallmarks of its commercial heritage.'
          7. 'Slap bang in the middle of the week commencing September 17, it's the Top Gear charity karting evening.'
          8. 'We are also bang opposite the London Eye, and very close, but I forgot to take pictures of that.'
          9. 'One of the nuclear trains from our local power plant trundled past at quarter past eight, bang on time.'
          10. 'The aesthetic of the series is bang up-to-date, ultramodern stuff.'
          11. 'It also means the curriculum is bang up-to-date, with Merlin crews who took part in the conflict in Iraq feeding their observations and experiences back to the squadron.'
          12. 'The organisation was updated bang 21st century.'
          13. 'House of Fraser had a bang up-to-date Phillips TV at £799.99, half the usual price.'
          14. 'I have to make sure that my material is bang up-to-date, which means scouring the web to check for new developments.'
          15. 'Software is the bang up-to-date Office XP Small Business Edition and it's backed up by a one-year, collect-and-return warranty.'
          16. 'She's bang up to now without kowtowing to fashion, and catches the zeitgeist in a completely individual way.'


          Used to convey the sound of a sudden loud noise.
          1. 'It would be let loose from the top of the hill and we would all line up and let fire with our double barrels: bang!'
          2. 'A few seconds passed, a few more - then, just as I took them away, bang!'
          3. 'I was staring mesmerized at the erratic pfft coming from the brown-paper cylinder when - bang!'
          4. 'Of course we have to do it - so we did - and the predictable result was the gun went bang every time.'
          5. 'I put all my strength into hitting this wooden shield, and it was - bang!'
          Used to convey the suddenness of an action.
          1. 'I mean, he had me all built up there for awhile and then, bang!'
          2. 'Here we are, smoothly bringing the tail down with the fluke adjusted to just the right angle of attack, when - bang!'
          3. 'Then, as I inched closer, it locked on - bang, got it!'
          4. 'Willow and Tara reunite, have great sex and, bang, Tara's dead.'
          5. 'And one particular day when I was particularly tired, she was talking, and my eyes closed, and the next thing was, bang!'
          6. 'You just need to know a good joke, or have the comical sense to see absurdity in daily life and… bang!'
          7. 'It happens once, twice, three times and you get so fed up you argue and, bang, you are arrested and it's a criminal record.'
          8. 'The judge is on the marae, he does something that someone says is contrary to tikanga Maori, and, bang, the judge is up on a complaint.'
          9. 'Then, just as we are immersed in the realism we've conjured for ourselves, bang!'
          10. 'There was no consultation with New Zealand First, but through an agreement with United Future and the Greens - bang!'

          More definitions

          1. a loud, sudden, explosive noise, as the discharge of a gun.

          2. a resounding stroke or blow: a nasty bang on the head.

          3. Informal. a sudden movement or show of energy: He started with a bang.

          4. energy; vitality; spirit: The bang has gone out of my work.

          5. Informal. sudden or intense pleasure; thrill; excitement: a big bang out of seeing movies.

          6. Slang: Vulgar. sexual intercourse.

          7. Printing andComputer Slang. an exclamation point. verb (used with object)

          8. t

          More examples(as adjective)

          "people can be bang."

          "heads can be bang."

          "covers can be bang."

          "babies can be bang."