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The presence or formation of stripes of contrasting colour.
  1. 'My guess is that this is a case of the brightness overcoming the banding with outright intensity, rather than the screen really performing better.'
  2. 'I was pleased with the way the monitor reproduced color gradients - without undesired banding at any contrast/brightness settings.'
  3. 'Trace elements are common in chert-forming minerals and these give chert some spectacularly colourful banding, creating the complex patterns found in chert nodule geodes and jewellery stones.'
  4. 'These are represented by horizontal bands of agate that usually form after concentric banding.'
  5. 'Safdie found the rich red brick and chocolaty sandstone for the banding in England and Scotland, respectively.'
  6. 'Gonnardite typically has a silky, almost opalescent luster, and it may exhibit a faint concentric banding.'
  7. 'The color reproduction isn't exactly perfect: color gradients are displayed with visible banding at the default settings as well as at a reduced contrast.'
  8. 'On LCDs however, there is some banding present - noticeable steps in the gradient from black to white.'
  9. 'The belemnites sampled in this study were mostly translucent and retained the primary concentric banding that characterizes belemnite rostra.'
  10. 'Colours were well saturated, and image banding wasn't present.'
  11. 'The sub-chapter on chromosome banding is much better.'
  12. 'When their computer identified a chromosome with an unusual banding pattern, the researchers chalked up an intrachromosomal aberration.'
  13. 'These banding patterns are distinct and consistent for each chromosome.'

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1. decorative inlay, as for bordering or paneling a piece, composed of strips of wood contrasting in grain or color with the principal wood of the surface.

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"frequencies can be banding."