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(of a person's legs) curved outwards so that the knees are wide apart.
  1. 'She frightened the hell out of the entire male staff with her rampaging sexual prowess and bandy legs.'
  2. 'He yanked his robe up to his waist and raced on naked bandy legs to the stone rostrum at the east of the forum.'
  3. 'Back then, the pale, scrawny 14-year-old with bandy legs and crooked teeth was as far removed from the healthy, sporty look epitomised by Cindy Crawford and Elle MacPherson as you could get.'
  4. 'His bandy legs are pulled up under the distended moon of his swollen stomach.'
  5. 'A few mums and grannies in leather skirts go up to the stage to try dancing around the pole - bending bandy legs, flicking ankles and pouting.'
  6. 'The Instructor was tanned, bored, had bandy legs, roamed around saying nothing and then wrote his name in big letters on the board.'
  7. 'The things didn't look dangerous with their soft, bandy legs and large fingers.'
  8. 'His hips and his bandy legs, which seem unusually long from knee to ankle, move with a stiffness which suggests that his joints are about to seize up.'
  9. 'She thinks her own legs are small, bandy, nearly misshapen.'
  10. 'he was short, bandy, and obese'
  11. 'With his cane, his downcast eyes, and bandy legged gait, he is the antithesis of Hollywood muscle-bound steroid cases.'


A game similar to field hockey or ice hockey, played with a ball and large curved sticks.

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    1. to pass from one to another or back and forth; give and take; trade; exchange: to bandy blows; to bandy words.

    2. to throw or strike to and fro or from side to side, as a ball in tennis.

    3. to circulate freely: to bandy gossip. adjective

    4. (of legs) having a bend or crook outward; bowed: a new method for correcting bandy legs. noun, plural bandies.

    5. an early form of tennis.

    6. Chiefly British. (formerly) hockey or shinny.

    7. Obsolet

    More examples(as adjective)

    "talks can be bandied."

    "explanations can be bandied."

    "backs can be bandied."


    (bandy)Late 17th century: perhaps from bandy.