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A large coloured handkerchief, typically with white spots, worn tied around the head or neck.
  1. 'For larger sachets, use cotton handkerchiefs or bandanas.'
  2. 'The bleeding had stopped once he'd shoved his bandanna under the shirt, against the wound.'
  3. 'It was the terrain displayed, the same ruined city, that first gave it away, but then he began to see players dressed in assorted street garments with red bandanas.'
  4. 'He was wearing old, worn out blue trousers, boots of the same make, a blue slashed white shirt, and a bandanna on his head.'
  5. '100% cotton bandanas are the way to go, mainly because cotton is comfortable; it absorbs sweat and breathes better than most other fabrics.'
  6. 'Your child may also feel more comfortable wearing hats, bandannas, baseball caps, scarves, or wigs until the hair grows back - which may happen within 3 months after treatment ends.'
  7. 'A youth with a white bandana across his face and wearing a baseball cap walked into the store and demanded staff fill up a white carrier bag with money.'
  8. 'Wear something, such as same color shirts, similar bandanas, or baseball hats, to identify group members.'
  9. 'She was wearing a paisley bell-sleeve shirt and a bandana held back her long hair.'
  10. 'Their cotton bandannas were tied loosely around their necks, Buck's red and Pete's blue.'

More definitions

1. a large, printed handkerchief, typically one with white spots or figures on a red or blue background.

2. any large scarf for the neck or head.

More examples(as adjective)

"rifles can be bandanas."

"readings can be bandanas."


(bandanna)Mid 18th century: probably via Portuguese from Hindi.