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Officially or legally prohibit (something)
  1. 'The UN issued a proposal Tuesday to ban single-hulled ships from carrying heavy oil in European Union waters.'
  2. 'In a major policy change, the winter-use plan issued in 2000 proposed to ban snowmobiles from the park.'
  3. 'Grease is the word when it comes to the political debate sparked off by Labor's proposal to ban food and drink advertising on kids' TV.'
  4. 'Yellow lines banning evening parking in nine York city centre streets finally look set to be scrapped.'
  5. 'If they legally ban cloning research in order to prohibit progress on the research, I will fight to change the laws.'
  6. 'The University was eager to point out that alcohol is banned from Oxford's streets.'
  7. 'York tourism boats can continue to ply their trade, but rowers are banned from the river.'
  8. 'Under the gagging order the media was banned from publishing anything he had to say.'
  9. 'The subject is banned from our interview because the case has still to come to court.'
  10. 'One reason the hotel is so magically peaceful is that cars are banned from the mountain.'
  11. 'Any car which fails to finish a stage is banned from competing in the rest of the race.'
  12. 'And he said, you know, I think they're trying to ban me for life.'
  13. 'Actually, with a new CD coming out in eight weeks, she might ride this puppy to the top of the charts, even if they ban her from the Grammies.'
  14. 'The order also bans him from Woodhall Parade, Broomfield Parade and the area surrounding St John Payne School.'
  15. 'The guard saw him leaving and told him not to come back because he was banned for life.'
  16. 'I was turning pro then anyway but I came home and there was talk about the pro game banning me as well.'
  17. 'He was jailed three times for repeatedly flouting a court order banning him from the estate.'
  18. 'The order bans him from the area around Broad Street between 7pm and 2am for the next two years.'
  19. 'Can't we start a petition to ban him from his own movies?'
  20. 'Part of his bail condition bans him from the Hoover Drive area.'


An official or legal prohibition.
  1. 'a three-year driving ban'
  2. 'And its results fall far short of what most Dales residents and visitors want - namely, a complete legal ban on off-roading in the national park.'
  3. 'Despite the official ban on direct trade with China, cross-strait trade soared into record territory, economics officials said yesterday.'
  4. 'Hunt supporters were today preparing a legal challenge to the ban on hunting which they claim will put more than 250 people out of work across Hampshire.'
  5. 'The thaw in relations also removed a three-year ban on bilateral sporting events in October 2003.'
  6. 'The legal challenge to the ban on same-sex marriage starts November 7.'
  7. 'In the absence of these measures a legal ban on strike looks somewhat arbitrary.'
  8. 'For this reason, and because of the potential hazards described in this article, a legal ban on the use of powdered latex gloves may occur.'
  9. 'As well as the three-year driving ban and six-month curfew, the magistrates also ordered her to sit another test before getting her licence back.'
  10. 'Already, a hotel chain and a sports club have mounted separate legal challenges to the ban.'
  11. 'The government of Indian-administered Kashmir is to launch a legal challenge to a ban on the weaving and trading of the world's most expensive shahtoosh shawl.'
  12. 'He said it was a very well known fact that the penalty for dragging the association to the court of law was a life ban from all football activities organised under the auspices of FAZ.'
  13. 'But investor groups want an out-right ban on analysts participating in all investment banking activities.'
A curse.
  1. 'Once enacted, the ban cannot be undone, even if the person has a change of heart, Severns said…'


A monetary unit of Romania, equal to one hundredth of a leu.
  1. 'It costs 50 bani, which is about 8 cents Australian.'
  2. 'Bus, tram and trolleybus tickets cost 70 bani and can be purchased at any RATB kiosk.'

More definitions

1. to prohibit, forbid, or bar; interdict: to ban nuclear weapons; The dictator banned all newspapers and books that criticized his regime.

2. Archaic. to pronounce an ecclesiastical curse upon. to curse; execrate. noun

3. the act of prohibiting by law; interdiction.

4. informal denunciation or prohibition, as by public opinion: society's ban on racial discrimination.

5. Law. a proclamation. a public condemnation.

6. Ecclesiastical. a f

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"eatings can be ban."

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