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Very lightweight timber used chiefly for making models and rafts.
  1. 'Luckily, though, they don't ski like balsa wood.'
  2. 'Aero modellers use balsa wood to fashion their models.'
  3. 'Iconic monster Godzilla has smashed up his last balsa wood model of Tokyo after the Japanese studio behind the films decided to end the long-running franchise.'
  4. 'Hunt constructed these lightweight volumes from thin ribs of spruce or balsa wood before sheathing them in layers of silk paper and metal leaf.'
  5. 'For example, balsa wood is one of the lightest, least dense woods there is, and it's considered a hardwood.'
  6. 'In the past he has replicated rolls of floral-printed toilet paper in silk, modeled Tupperware cups of beeswax and created sponges of balsa wood.'
  7. 'Unlike his California contemporaries, Snyder primarily used balsa wood removed from scrapped Navy life rafts.'
  8. 'Though a good portion of board material and design during the 50's was based on the use of balsa wood, the 50's were also extremely influential to surfboard technology.'
  9. 'One of these was to build models of an earthquake-proof house out of balsa wood.'
  10. 'Being much less dense than balsa wood, these expanded polystyrene floats are much smaller, offering less resistance to the strike which, in practical terms, should mean more fish are hooked.'
The fast-growing tropical American tree from which this timber is obtained.
  1. 'We hiked up Vermont Valley with a guide, Ellroy, to look for indigenous wild St. Vincent parrots, through thick rain forest of figs, palms, balsa and incongruous pine trees.'
  2. 'The only trees that are in danger are the hardwoods, such as balsa and African Blackwood, as these take far longer to grow than trees used for paper production.'

More definitions

1. a tropical American tree, Ochroma pyramidale (lagopus), of the bombax family, yielding an exceedingly light wood used for life preservers, rafts, toy airplanes, etc.

2. a raft made of balsa wood.

3. any life raft.

More examples(as adjective)

"woods can be balsa."

"rafts can be balsa."

"models can be balsa."

"knowns can be balsa."


Early 17th century (denoting a kind of South American raft or fishing boat): from Spanish, ‘raft’.