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A system of voting secretly and in writing on a particular issue.
  1. mass noun 'the commissioners were elected by ballot'
  2. 'Every district secretary, every regional secretary was elected by ballot.'
  3. 'And residents will have to choose from a huge 15 nominations for councillor positions when they vote by ballot.'
  4. 'Mixed feelings swell up inside me when I consider the issue of postal ballots in the local elections this year.'
  5. 'Mental health workers in Manchester have voted for a strike ballot over cuts they claim will kill patients.'
  6. 'Teachers in four other schools are to hold consultative strike ballots over the same issue.'
  7. 'While out of office, he campaigned for further reforms, including vote by ballot, household suffrage, and triennial parliaments, embarrassing the Whig ministers.'
  8. 'The questions to be answered are selected by groups of practicing family physicians who vote through an online ballot.'
  9. 'Britain's firefighters voted to hold a ballot for strike action today.'
  10. 'A person's membership may be revoked for cause, other than nonpayment of dues, by a two-thirds vote by ballot of the Board of Directors.'
  11. 'Voting by ballot in Division elections shall be conducted by mail and shall include the option of electronic means as provided for by the Board of Directors.'
  12. 'Of the 16,000 workers who participated in the ballot, 84.4 percent voted in favor of strike action.'
  13. 'As of Tuesday morning, the party was still among the top six in the ballot counting, gaining 7.09% of the votes.'
  14. 'The demand to reopen the ballot box was sparked by a statement made by three councillors who witnessed the ballot counting.'
  15. 'Instead, his vote dropped by over a million votes and in the first round of voting he gained just 34.9 percent of the ballot.'
  16. 'There was a low turnout in the ballot with just 30 percent of teachers voting.'
  17. 'In our phone poll more than 80 per cent favoured postponing the ballot.'
  18. 'Morales garnered 21 percent of the ballot to place a surprise second in the presidential race.'
  19. 'In the ballot for industrial action a majority of 82 percent voted in favour of strike action.'
  20. 'Voter complaints about being given incorrect ballots and mismatches between ballot totals and the number of people who signed up to vote also surfaced in San Diego.'
  21. 'Ray predicted that violations would be rampant during both legislative and presidential elections and during the ballot counting.'
  22. 'there were fifty-three abstentions and twenty-eight spoilt ballots'
  23. 'And with more than 11,000 electoral jurisdictions designing their own ballots and voting systems, all of our votes are in danger.'
  24. 'That's not all - the party plans to use paper ballots rather than voting machines in order to keep down costs.'
  25. 'He defeated the National Awakening Party candidate by just one ballot.'
  26. 'Of course, Mr Leslie may also wish to adopt the proven ‘inked finger’ security system to ensure the ballot's greater integrity.'
  27. 'Which is worse: e-voting without a paper record or paper ballots?'
  28. 'Democrats also had difficulty locating New York regiments in order to distribute ballots and collect the votes.'
  29. 'To be counted, the ballot must be received at headquarters by Friday, September 6.'
  30. 'Those who find that they cannot vote electronically should proceed to the Feds office, where paper ballots will be made available.'
  31. 'Punch cards, the other paper-based system, loses at least 50 percent more votes than optically-scanned paper ballots.'
  32. 'Well look, you know, it is too late to fix these machines, but really we should be voting on paper ballots.'
  33. 'Maureen was one of 1,000 lucky people to have won tickets for the event in a competition ballot, and among an estimated 200 to have seen both events.'
  34. 'Unfortunately being a member does not give you priority on home England matches anymore and you have to enter a ballot to get tickets for away matches.'
  35. 'Since we also assume that demand will far outweigh the available allocation of tickets, we will perform a ballot on 31 January 2006 of all orders received.'
  36. 'There are 70,000 tickets being allocated by ballot (in pairs).'


(of an organization) ask (members) to vote secretly on an issue.
  1. '‘It could be we will ballot our IT members on possible industrial action,’ he told the paper.'
  2. 'The union will ballot its nearly 500 members at First Bus on the offer.'
  3. 'Although there are less than 1,000 clerical workers, all 8,000 of the union's members are being balloted.'
  4. 'They would then ballot their 11,000 members on such an offer.'
  5. 'The PPTA is currently balloting its 14,400 members on government moves to take a 16-month dispute over pay and workloads into arbitration.'
  6. 'Union members are now being balloted on industrial action.'
  7. 'The drivers' union ASLEF is preparing to ballot its members for a 48-hour strike.'
  8. 'Issues have been clarified and various unions expect to have balloted their members by the end of this week.'
  9. 'The GMB union had threatened to ballot its 2,000 members at Warrington, Cheshire and Aylesford in Kent in a row over contracts of employment.'
  10. 'The National Union of Journalists is preparing to ballot its members over a cull of staff at Express Newspapers that could see up to 13 jobs lost in Scotland.'
  11. with infinitive 'ambulance crews balloted unanimously to reject the deal'
  12. '‘In the absence of those assurances, we will have no choice but to ballot for industrial action,’ he said.'
  13. 'It would be equal to a political public beheading if your office denies access to ballot for SEP on the basis of any bureaucratic assault.'
  14. 'About 300 school caretakers and cleaners employed by Jarvis in Huddersfield and Dewsbury, west Yorkshire, are set to ballot for strikes over pay and conditions.'
  15. 'It was regrettable that the workers felt that they had been put into a corner where they had to ballot for industrial action.'
  16. 'On Friday of this week, Unison was set to announce whether it would ballot for a one day strike - possibly for 23 March.'
  17. 'Ambulance workers in the West Midlands and Shropshire are set to ballot for strikes over the implementation of a new pay deal.'
  18. 'Cabin crew will ballot for industrial action this week.'
  19. 'A mass meeting of over 500 Unison members held at the end of November voted unanimously to ballot for further action in support of the social workers.'
  20. 'They voted unanimously to ballot to strike in defence of educational provision in the borough.'
  21. 'The cabin crews have balloted for industrial action and a massive ‘yes’ vote is expected.'
  22. 'If you're interested in 2 Arsenal tickets let me know - my husband and I balloted for tickets before we knew the fixture list.'
  23. 'I balloted for tickets, did whatever I was asked to do to "increase my chances of getting tickets" but still - no tickets.'

More definitions

1. a slip or sheet of paper, cardboard, or the like, on which a voter marks his or her vote.

2. the method of secret voting by means of printed or written ballots or by means of voting machines.

3. voting in general, or a round of voting: Our candidate was defeated on the third ballot.

4. the list of candidates to be voted on: They succeeded in getting her name placed on the ballot.

5. the right to vote: to gain the ballot after years of struggle.

6. the whole number of votes

More examples(as adjective)

"campaigns can be ballot."


Mid 16th century (originally denoting a small coloured ball placed in a container to register a vote): from Italian ballotta, diminutive of balla (see ball).