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The sport or pastime of flying in a balloon.
  1. as modifier 'a ballooning accident'
  2. 'There are opportunities for all manner of outdoor activities: riding, canoeing, ballooning, and even diving.'
  3. 'Winds are key to ballooning - the skilled pilot uses different wind speeds at different altitudes to move in the desired direction.'
  4. 'Apparently some basic rule of physics about hot air rising has the consequence that the best time to go ballooning is a winter morning, when it's really cold.'
  5. 'But if the idea of white water rafting, paint balling, or hot air ballooning appeals to you, then perhaps you should take a look.'
  6. 'I don't know what I would do after going up Everest, I certainly wouldn't want to take up ballooning.'
  7. 'The only departure from this order occurs in an appendix on military ballooning during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.'
  8. 'However, many developers and publishers are already getting headaches from the thoughts of ballooning development teams and costs.'
  9. 'North Carolina was a launching ground for real and imaginary ballooning adventures as early as 1789.'
  10. 'Mr Noble, who attended Burnley Grammar School, took up ballooning in 1974.'
  11. 'Asked what the ideal weather conditions for ballooning are, Gerry replied: ‘We need relatively calm weather and no rain.’'

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1. a bag made of thin rubber or other light material, usually brightly colored, inflated with air or with some lighter-than-air gas and used as a children's plaything or as a decoration.

2. a bag made of a light material, as silk or plastic, filled with heated air or a gas lighter than air, designed to rise and float in the atmosphere and often having a car or gondola attached below for carrying passengers or scientific instruments.

3. (in drawings, cartoons, etc.) a balloon-shaped outli

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"deficits can be ballooning."

"gaps can be ballooning."

"costs can be ballooning."

"debts can be ballooning."

"trades can be ballooning."

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