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plural noun

The science of projectiles and firearms.
  1. 'By the mid-nineteenth century, advances in physics, chemistry, metallurgy, and ballistics were influencing the manufacture of weapons.'
  2. 'If you could forgive the ends, the means was actually a neat project in puerile ballistics.'
  3. 'No one intended to besmirch your handguns, but just to keep things straight, we checked with Winchester on our ballistics.'
  4. 'In 1940 Wilkinson began war work which involved mathematical and numerical work on ballistics.'
  5. 'He had a real understanding of fortification, ballistics and shipping, and could discuss mathematics and astronomy on equal terms with experts.'
  6. 'The ballistics model is First World War ballistics mathematics.'
  7. '‘Is a forensic firearm specialist the same as a ballistics expert? ‘asked the judge.'
  8. 'Bliss worked on ballistics during World War I and designed new firing tables for artillery.'
  9. 'A knowledge of ballistics involved a grasp of mathematics, and that too became a factor in changing military education.'
  10. 'In addition, there were other equally profound developments in areas such as firearms and ballistics, mechanics, shipbuilding, mining, distillation, and anatomy, to name but a few.'
  11. 'The premise of the .45 Glock Automatic Pistol is to provide the ballistics of the.45 Automatic Colt Pistol in a smaller platform.'
  12. 'Overall, it's a very readable interpretation of the intensive research being done on shotgun ballistics and performance in the late 1940s and early 1950s.'
  13. 'As a result, there are myriad British Nitro Express cartridges exhibiting similar ballistics and knockdown power in the .450 to .475 range.'
  14. 'It's just as accurate, it provides somewhat better ballistics, and the choice of ammunition and rifles is excellent.'
  15. 'At that instant, the total effects of interior ballistics in terms of developed muzzle velocity and spin have been imparted to the projectile.'
  16. 'He said the confiscated rifles have been sent to Australia to check ballistics to see if a link can be established with Wednesday's attack.'
  17. 'Then, as now, many handgun carriers were perfectly happy with mousegun ballistics.'
  18. 'The ballistics of a bullet lodged in the sidewalk indicated that the man missed, from five paces away.'
  19. 'They will run it with the ballistics of bullets used in other crimes, in case you used the gun earlier.'
  20. 'Swann said: ‘I based my views on police photographs of the death scenes and on my own ballistics tests using similar weapons.’'

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1. the science or study of the motion of projectiles, as bullets, shells, or bombs.

2. the art or science of designing projectiles for maximum flight performance.

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