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A solid or hollow spherical or egg-shaped object that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game.
  1. 'Coaches end up teaching the teens how to kick a soccer ball, leap hurdles or swing a bat.'
  2. 'Shoot hoops or kick a soccer ball around in the yard with your children as often as you can.'
  3. 'He tried to dribble the ball, soccer style, around the goalie.'
  4. 'We're playing street soccer, and the ball is kicked way over the fence onto the road behind the court.'
  5. 'It was a little dangerous as we were worried that our oldest son might kick the soccer ball over the wire and set off the alarms.'
  6. 'I could throw a cricket ball a mile, so that's how I got into it at school.'
  7. 'Not every child gets a cricket bat, rugby ball, pair of football boots or spikes as a Christmas or birthday present.'
  8. 'I had enough of pebbles being kicked up at my car, of balls purposely thrown at my windshield, of gargantuan sized twelve year olds banging on my trunk.'
  9. 'Can you imagine… it must be about twenty five years that I haven't held a cricket ball.'
  10. 'On Sunday it rang to the sounds of snooker balls being shot across the snooker tables, playing host to a snooker competition.'
  11. 'a ball of wool'
  12. 'Turn the ball of dough onto a floured surface and knead gently until smooth.'
  13. 'Susan watched in horror through her kitchen window as a ball of flame came screaming out of the night sky and scored a direct hit on the garden shed.'
  14. 'These fizzing bath oil balls are solid drops that can be added to bath water.'
  15. 'Suddenly there was a ball of flame and the flash lit up the kitchen area.'
  16. 'It's a kind of chocolate bomb, a ball of crisp chocolate that crackles and splits to reveal delicious chocolate ice cream inside.'
  17. 'It exploded in an orange ball of flame sending sand and metal fragments flying.'
  18. 'Armed with a long ash sapling, a ball of cord, a baited hook, a box of worms and a cork I arrived on schedule.'
  19. 'In that moment, my cousin's image began to unravel all at once, like an unclenched ball of yarn.'
  20. 'The car looked like a crumpled ball of metal.'
  21. 'A ball of plutonium is surrounded with explosives, all of which detonate at precisely the same moment and with exactly the same power.'
  22. 'Eight of the lead musket balls have been flattened from impact, while others show mold lines, indicating that they had never been used.'
  23. 'But history books fail to impart the human toll, whereas this series forces the reader to see the bodies run through with bayonets or lead balls.'
  24. 'As the barrage of musket balls continued to cascade down, the sailors hurried to tie the ropes, and scramble up after the two containers.'
  25. 'kids have been playing ball in that lot for almost a hundred years'
  26. 'So if your priority is to teach your players the game, then club ball may be for you.'
  27. 'In fact, disputes among tribes in the region were sometimes settled by a game of ball.'
  28. 'All the guys who played high school ball wore ankle weights, so I started wearing them, too.'
  29. 'They told him to forsake his usual practice of pitching in winter ball and rest.'
  30. 'The cramps possibly were a side effect of a pulled muscle suffered in winter ball last year.'
  31. 'If they keep playing this entertaining ball, the network will be back.'
  32. 'Speaking of college ball though, did you see how many games ended on last second shots yesterday?'
  33. 'To the surprise of even his own countrymen, he preferred to play winter ball.'
  34. 'Most of the kids went on to play varsity high school ball and a couple played in college.'
  35. 'I really thought my days of pro ball would end and I'd be on the first train back East the next morning.'
(in cricket) a delivery of the ball by the bowler to the batsman.
  1. 'Whelan sent a long ball to Goddard'
The rounded protuberant part of the foot at the base of the big toe.
  1. 'Alternatively, if you're put off by the needle or the expense, £5.99 will get you a pair of small, gel-filled cushions to pop into your shoes right under the ball of the foot.'
  2. 'The kicking surface can be the ball of the foot, the flat underside of the foot, or as demonstrated here, using the toes.'
  3. 'Jay ensures that each rep is done using a full range of motion, from deep extension to absolute contraction high up on the ball of the foot.'
  4. 'Demi-pointe, or half point, means balancing on the ball of the foot.'
  5. 'In cycling, it's known as ‘hot foot’ - a burning pain in the ball of the foot, perhaps radiating toward the toes.'
  6. 'Both heel pain and heel spurs are frequently associated with inflammation of the band of tissue running along the bottom of the foot, from the heel to the ball of the foot.'
  7. 'On the ball of the foot, a lump or callus may form because of too much pressure.'
  8. 'The skin over the ball of the foot was callused and thickened, and in the middle was a pale area that was 5 mm in diameter.'
  9. 'High-heeled shoes force women to continually walk around on tiptoe, placing all the body weight on the ball of the foot and pushing the foot toward the toe of the shoe.'
  10. 'After cleansing, massage feet in small circular motions concentrating on the ball of the foot and joints of each toe.'
  11. 'Another method for testing sharpness involves moving the ball of the thumb lightly over the blade edge, while the amateur usually tests the knife by shaving the hair of the forearm.'
  12. 'Some archers wear a thumb ring to protect the ball of the thumb from the string when it is released.'
  13. 'As a quick check the texture should be similar to that of the ball of the thumb of a closed fist.'
  14. 'When the trigger releases the ball of the thumb presses forward and in that instant the gun is pushed to the right.'
  15. 'Therefore, the ball of the thumb is often severely strained, especially when snowboarding.'
  16. 'Playing with the hand involves a rocking motion between the thumb or ball of the thumb and the fingers or outside edge of the palm.'


Squeeze or form (something) into a rounded shape.
  1. '‘Let's get rid of this,’ Marcy said, and balled up the bloody rags and hurled them as far as she could.'
  2. 'She sighed heavily, while balling up the blue rubber glue stuff that stuck her poster to the wall.'
  3. 'Jackson shrugged, balling up the leftover scraps of his sandwich and stuffing them into his bag.'
  4. 'I snatched it between thumb and forefinger, balled it into a tight dot, threw it to the. floor.'
  5. 'Annabelle nodded, her hands balling her napkin in her lap.'
  6. 'TJ balled up the card and tossed it into the waste basket.'
  7. '‘Ash Stevens, I should have known,’ she muttered before balling up the paper and tossing it to the side.'
  8. 'Daisy fisted the front of my shirt for a moment, balling it in anger.'
  9. 'Moisten the bread bit by bit, shredding and balling it until consistency is mushy yet firm.'
  10. 'Watts balled up the ticket, stuffed it between the officer's badge and chin and told him to ‘take care of it.’'
  11. 'He grinned, balling the cloth napkin on the table and throwing it my way.'
  12. 'Her hands were sweating, but she balled them to contain her shivering.'
  13. 'She balled her fist and gently tapped his forehead.'
  14. 'The girl balled her tiny, fragile hands into fists, growling ferociously.'
  15. 'She quietly turned to look at the fountain, balling her fists at her sides.'
  16. 'As they entered the dining room, everyone looked up to see who it was, and Claire looked at the floor, balling her hands into fists.'
  17. 'She threw her arms up in frustration, balling her hands into fists.'
  18. 'He balled his hands into fists, gritting his teeth tightly.'
  19. 'He yawned and stretched his arms out, balling his hands into fists.'
  20. 'Even though his arms were crossed I saw that his hands were balled into fists.'
  21. 'Steve balled his hands into fists and crossed his arms over his chest.'
  22. 'the fishing nets eventually ball up and sink'
  23. 'I shut my eyes and balled up, but felt nothing at all.'
  24. 'He ducked his head, balling up as the bike spun at a crazy angle and exploded by the forest; he impacted the men, crushing their necks and spines.'
  25. 'The flex between the plates allows for a better fit and helps prevent snow from balling up underneath (which will cork the points and cause you to slip).'
  26. 'Some people buy live trees that are balled in burlap instead of a cut tree.'
  27. 'Nursery-bought trees will be either in containers or balled and burlapped.'
  28. 'Spring is best for planting, but you can put balled and burlapped or container grown hollies in the ground in early spring or fall.'
Have sexual intercourse with.
    (of a flower) fail to open properly, decaying in the half-open bud.


      A formal social gathering for dancing.
      1. as modifier 'a ball gown'
      2. 'I also liked dancing at the palace balls and playing the flute.'
      3. 'Which was the reason why I still went to balls and the social functions of the season.'
      4. 'After all, you don't miss your debutante ball, especially when your family is hosting it.'
      5. 'Banquets, balls, dinner dances, bazaars and fetes, exhibitions and civic receptions were held there in its proud heyday.'
      6. 'An invitation to a formal dance or ball is the perfect excuse to indulge in your fairytale fantasies.'
      7. 'However, most did boast a formal music room, where recitals and smaller dances and balls could be held.'
      8. 'That evening at the ball she watched the formal introductions patiently waiting so that she could go and greet Natalie.'
      9. 'I had many offers to balls and social gatherings but I had never accepted.'
      10. 'He watched as his mother emerged from her room, dressed in her ball gown and sparkling in rubies.'
      11. 'Built in the 1870s it was the first hall in Auckland for musical activities, balls, social events and even ladies' roller skating.'

      More definitions

      1. a spherical or approximately spherical body or shape; sphere: He rolled the piece of paper into a ball.

      2. a round or roundish body, of various sizes and materials, either hollow or solid, for use in games, as baseball, football, tennis, or golf.

      3. a game played with a ball, especially baseball: The boys are out playing ball.

      4. Baseball. a pitched ball, not swung at by the batter, that does not pass over home plate between the batter's shoulders and knees.

      5. Military. a sol

      More examples(as adjective)

      "people can be balled."


      (ball)Early 17th century: from French bal ‘a dance’, from late Latin ballare ‘to dance’; related to Greek ballizein ‘to dance’ (also ballein ‘to throw’).


      have a ball