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Awkward; uncooperative.
  1. 'The biggest obstacle that could keep Hernandez from finishing strong is a balky knee.'
  2. 'In case the balky internet connection is insufficiently irritating, the hotel is also providing me USA Today on a complimentary basis.'
  3. 'Phillips performed some on-the-spot maintenance of a balky treadmill today.'
  4. 'Team scouts think a balky right thumb will force Warner to retire.'
  5. 'Because of balky knees, Palmeiro, 36, no longer moves as quickly around the bag.'
  6. 'A student assistant with computing skills can help with restarting a balky workstation or writing a Web page.'
  7. 'Deprived of the Internet by a balky cell phone modem, the habit of daily blogging has proven hard to break.'
  8. 'Even the dean hollered ‘Rana’ when his machine was balky.'
  9. 'It had been left intact as a backup to the balky original warp field.'
  10. 'On the other hand, if your windows have other problems - balky hardware, flimsy construction, or whatever - window replacement may be the right move.'

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1. given to balking; stubborn; obstinate: a balky mule.

More examples(as adjective)

"generators can be balky."

"buyers can be balky."

"panels can be balky."

"mechanisms can be balky."

"masks can be balky."

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