Adjective "baldheaded" definition and examples

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Having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair; bald.
  1. 'The bald-headed birds, a little bigger than doves, emerged to hop around in the sunlight.'
  2. 'The bald-headed stranger strains a small cough and rubs his eyes.'
  3. 'At the subway the baldheaded man stopped and took a pack of government transit tickets from his pocket.'
  4. 'The bald-headed coach admitted that his decision to rejoin Bucks was influenced by the fact that he left the team amicably in 1998.'
  5. 'The bald-headed battler is a player that most teams would like because you know he will always give his all for the team.'
  6. 'The shop was owned by a bald-headed pessimist who had once been a gold prospector in Canada.'
  7. 'There's a silly, bald-headed, grey-edged old man in a red sports convertible coming down the road towards me.'
  8. 'Two police officers took a bald-headed chap out of the house in handcuffs and put him in the van.'
  9. 'As I hesitated, a short, fat, bald-headed man looked up from the next desk.'
  10. 'Police said the main suspect was a white bald-headed man.'

More definitions

1. having a bald head.

2. Nautical. (of a schooner rig) having no topmasts.

More examples(as adjective)

"stars can be baldheaded."