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An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
  1. 'The suspension system has been upgraded and the hybrid engine moved back to achieve better front-to-rear weight balance.'
  2. 'They allow him unusual balance, enabling him to overcome gravity and stay upright when he should be prone.'
  3. 'Develop good balance and you'll remain a dynamo well into old age.'
  4. 'This weight balance is easier to achieve with a RWD car.'
  5. 'I fell forward, but found my footing just in time and regained my balance by steadying myself up against a letter box.'
  6. 'As he stepped back outside, Blair was there, laying a hand on the body to steady Jim's balance during the short walk to the shallow grave.'
  7. 'I lost my balance and reached to steady myself on the only available surface - his chest.'
  8. 'If you can achieve a good posture at address then it becomes much easier to remain in balance throughout the swing.'
  9. 'His balance enables him to ride horses with his toes barely in the stirrup.'
  10. 'Judo, I have been told, is all about exploiting subtle changes in balance and weight distribution.'
  11. 'The present invention relates to light dropkeel sailboats in which the transverse balance of the boat is controlled.'
  12. 'Being careful about the boat's balance, she stepped into the white base of the small craft and knelt in the slightly indented hold.'
  13. 'Every boat needs balance and this four has found it, despite the last-minute changes and despite the doubt.'
A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.
  1. in singular 'try to keep a balance between work and relaxation'
  2. 'The question of whether English law strikes the correct balance between concerns of free speech and the protection of reputations may now be considered.'
  3. 'The strategic issue for a country's leadership is to decide what is the correct balance between guns and butter.'
  4. 'Whether the public perceives the benefits of having a greater gender balance remains uncertain.'
  5. 'Once a wound is obtained, healing depends on the ability to maintain bacterial balance.'
  6. 'But those benefits can only be sustained when trade remains in rough balance.'
  7. 'So if he sees staffers putting in lengthy hours at the office, he doesn't hesitate to take steps to make sure their home lives remain in balance.'
  8. 'Reforms to the state, then, are not the product of those who preach reformist methods but of the balance of class forces in society.'
  9. 'Imagine I am in my lab coat, focused on colour, bouquet, flavour and feel, balance and structure, being as empirical as possible.'
  10. 'The unification of Germany was his life's work, in which he was greatly assisted by his opponents' inability to analyse the balance of forces realistically.'
  11. 'As long as the biochemical balance stays close to its normal range, the cell carries on perfectly well.'
  12. 'In other words, omega - 3 fats help to conserve brain energy and help us maintain mental balance.'
  13. 'About that time, I recall having lost my mental balance somewhat.'
  14. 'That can be a difficult thing to do, requiring emotional balance, maturity, and analytic clarity - a huge effort.'
  15. 'Certainly, no person in an unsound state of mind can be left on his own in the hope that the religious environs would help him regain his mental balance.'
  16. 'He spends as much time as he can with them to maintain emotional balance.'
  17. 'I think for my own sanity and emotional balance, that's the best tack I can take with it, really.'
  18. 'Religious certitude, for many fundamentalists, is the portal to cognitive balance and emotional stability.'
  19. 'A man who had lost his mental balance was wandering without clothes.'
  20. 'This is not a point I like to ponder too much, lest it tip the mental balance.'
  21. 'To deprive humans of even one emotion would taint the stability of balance.'
  22. 'the balance of the voices is good'
  23. 'The Nighthawk uses touchpad controls for power, volume and sound balance.'
  24. 'It was taped at the Royal Festival Hall on the 18th of September 1983 in immaculate sound and balance.'
  25. 'The recording offers a natural concert balance rather than a spot-lit vehicle for the soloist, an ideal match for Hough's selfless virtuosity.'
  26. 'Surely this exquisite balance would have appealed to such a discerning composer.'
  27. 'With the best will in the world, no one in the audience seems remotely interested in the sound balance.'
  28. 'Many portions of Tchaikovsky's Fourth benefit from a lighter sound and more balance among sections.'
  29. 'The main thing that strikes me is the perfect balance, or relief as Stokowski called it, between the orchestra and piano.'
  30. 'It's warmer than Boult, not as passionate as Barbirolli, and far more assured in its textural balance than Previn.'
  31. 'Technically, it was an absolute blinder - lighting, sound balance, and music were all spot on.'
  32. 'The performance is a remarkable example of the maestro's eloquent stick technique and ear for instrumental balance.'
  33. 'A fine example of balance and grace, Mercury is classically modernist in its proportions and implications.'
  34. 'Raphael absorbed the classical qualities of harmony, clarity and balance which were always after associated with him.'
An apparatus for weighing, especially one with a central pivot, beam, and two scales.
  1. 'In 1669 he invented the Roberval balance which is now almost universally used for weighing scales of the balance type.'
  2. 'Some children depicted even weighing balances in the stalls and gave the merchants a traditional attire for an added touch of originality.'
  3. 'Lower costs is the main issue that weighs the balance heavily in favour of India.'
  4. 'The weighbridge itself was an Avery platform scales with a graduated sliding bar balance which indicated the weight on the platform.'
  5. 'But the amounts had to be cut to the size of the transaction and weighed out with balance scales.'
  6. 'Coins are split into groups that are weighed against each other on a balance scale.'
  7. 'I weighed in the balances what drinking had gained me versus what it had cost me.'
  8. 'The transpiration was recorded from the weight change of the whole apparatus sitting on a balance.'
  9. 'At the entrance stand the king, his wife, sons and courtiers weighing a young prince in a balance against gems and precious metals.'
  10. 'By application of substitution weighing some systematic errors of the beam balance are omitted.'
A counteracting weight or force.
  1. 'At the level of popular feeling, and not just in the Muslim world, a countervailing balance is taking shape.'
  2. 'If the coaches are stubborn enough to force a balance, the offense again will be one of the NFL's best.'
  3. 'The three-way balance between centrifugal force, Coriolos force, and the pressure-gradient force is called the gradient flow.'
  4. 'It is essential that the balance between the weight of your sinker and the line you are using is such that you can constantly feel your sinker tapping the bottom.'
  5. 'We also obtain detailed measurements of the balance of forces involved in detaching an adhering bead with a flow.'
  6. 'Disparate methods for defining force and torque balances and for calculating the mass balance of receptors therefore result.'
  7. 'Secondly, a moving magnet moves in relation to the earth's magnetic field, so the behaviour of the balance might be affected.'
  8. 'The MicroSet Watch Timer Pro allows you to measure the amplitude of vibration of a watch balance wheel to a high degree of accuracy.'
  9. 'Your clock has a floating balance mechanism.'
  10. 'The balance and spring are known as a "rotary oscillating system."'
  11. 'The complete watch balance consists of the balance wheel, the balance spring and the balance staff.'
  12. 'As early as 1665 Robert Moray had announced that Robert Hooke had lectured for the Royal Society about providing the balance of a clock with a spring.'
  13. 'On a spindle of a pendulum or balance clock, a spring is fixed, connected with the positive battery wire.'
  14. 'Around 1675, Huygens developed the balance wheel and spring assembly.'
A predominating amount; a preponderance.
  1. 'The balance of recent history, as well as the flow of this match, suggests that the Americans, with their greater strength in depth, hold a definite advantage.'
  2. 'The balance of shares is held by approximately 170 shareholders.'
  3. 'The balance of the 308 Commons seats is held by returning MPs.'
  4. 'The balance of the places are allocated on a random basis.'
  5. 'The balance of the tax must be paid on or before the return filing date.'
  6. 'The balance of economists are expecting a hike next month rather than this, but any rise could start to hit consumer spending and any slowdown in the mortgage market will hurt banks.'
  7. 'The balance of the first half saw the Suns camped firmly in their defensive half with the Lions unlucky not to break the deadlock by half time.'
  8. 'The balance of gloating now seems to have moved to the supposed determination of the Americans to grab all the reconstruction contracts.'
  9. 'The balance of poignant to funny material is now a bit out of kilter and I have to get into the premise of the whole thing a lot more quickly.'
  10. 'The balance of the contaminated ingredient and all of the compound feed containing it on the manufacturers premises were impounded.'
A figure representing the difference between credits and debits in an account; the amount of money held in an account.
  1. 'He added that the grant does nothing to deal with the £12m hole in schools' balances, triggered by a shortfall in last year's grant.'
  2. 'But if you don't maintain the minimum balance, watch out - you'll get soaked on fees.'
  3. 'In order to claim a loss on IRA investments, you must withdraw the entire balance from all your IRAs of the same type.'
  4. 'This service will provide an automated process of bookings of the client's local balances into one central location.'
  5. 'No banking charges for normal transactions if balance remains above minimum deposit level.'
  6. 'Grant observed that the fund balance for the Association remains steady.'
  7. 'But in the short term the premiums did allow him to clear the debit balance on the 88888 account at month-ends and other reporting dates.'
  8. 'It is unclear, however, if the listed entity has any resources to foot the bill as its last two filings to the American securities regulator showed cash balances of zero.'
  9. 'It therefore set off without notice the credit balance in the current account against the sum due under the loan account.'
  10. 'Last transaction details including date, type of transport, fare deducted for that journey and remaining balance are displayed.'
  11. 'the holiday balance must be paid by 8 weeks before departure'
  12. 'Of course, it's not clear if sports fans fear terrorism - or just an explosion of their credit-card balances.'
  13. 'When the corporate plan was terminated after four years, Plotkin paid tax on the unpaid loan balance with his income tax return.'
  14. 'Other times when enough money is involved, they file suit to collect the unpaid balances.'
  15. 'And they've already paid off several credit card balances.'
  16. 'The balance sheet of a retired couple with their rising bank deposit balances must be getting better while their son and daughter-in-law move deeper and deeper into debt.'
  17. 'If 3 percent interest were given on the unpaid balance, then sixty-four years would be necessary.'
  18. 'That would explain the higher bankruptcy rate and larger credit-card balances observed in 1997.'
  19. 'When your clients are running late on their payments, it is unlikely that they will be able to retire the entire balance in one payment.'
  20. 'However, nothing can lead to poor credit quicker than the misuse of credit cards - several cards in one's name, huge unpaid balances, and late payments.'
  21. 'Even if that entire amount were applied to the bill, paying off the balance would take 20 years.'
  22. 'Sitting at the end of the longest of three piers, our feet dangling off the edge, we spent the balance of the hour watching it arrive.'
  23. 'To get days off, he continually dips his hands into his quickly dwindling leave balance.'

More definitions

1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

2. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.

3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

4. a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.

5. an instrument for determining weight, typically by the equilibrium of a bar with a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a scale or pan, one holding an object o

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"programmes can be balance in terms."

"patterns can be balance over stages."

"groupings can be balance over stages."

"governments can be balance before turns."

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