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Cook (food) by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame, typically in an oven.
  1. 'She loves us a lot and cooks lovely dinners and bakes nice buns and tarts.'
  2. 'We cook, bake bread, make cheese, sew, make soap and candles, and milk goats.'
  3. 'The advantage lies in the fact that microwave oven bakes the moist ingredients about three times faster.'
  4. 'Line the tart with foil, fill with baking beans and cook for 10 min.'
  5. 'Hop Sing served roast beef, new potatoes in gravy, fresh baked bread, and apples in a glazed cinnamon sauce.'
  6. 'But it wasn't until my mother baked Apple Pye that the king deigned to visit.'
  7. 'Lorna served a thick meat-filled stew, with fresh baked bread and warm apple pie for dessert.'
  8. 'My mother cooked everything and baked our cakes.'
  9. 'The kitchen faces part of the restaurant and I was encouraged to see that they had installed a wood-fired oven for baking pizzas.'
  10. 'The old ovens are wood-fired and bake beautiful bread.'
  11. 'the bread was baking on hot stones'
  12. 'The bread is baked in a wood-fired oven, which takes two weeks to reach temperature.'
  13. 'While apples are baking, place remaining sugar and spices into the sauce pan, ensuring it's well mixed.'
  14. 'It may not look special, but it is special: the sauce is fresh, the cheese is real, the crust is baked in a wood-burning oven.'
  15. 'Soda bread or cakes were baked in the pot oven over the dying embers of the fire and covered with a few sods of burning turf.'
  16. 'This version is particularly easy to make, because the fish is placed raw in a baking dish and covered with the boiling sauce, before being baked in the oven for a few minutes.'
  17. 'While the pie was baking, she removed some vegetables and meat from the icebox to prepare for dinner.'
  18. 'After the bread was baked, ovens could have been utilised for a range of dishes that needed long, slow cooking.'
  19. 'I guess we should just go up to her while our cake is baking and tell her just how we feel.'
  20. 'This can be made ahead, then reheated while the biscuits or corn bread are baking.'
  21. 'Originally, the biscuits were baked in large industrial ovens, but the recipe has been altered so that one can bake them in a domestic oven.'
(of the sun or other agency) subject (something) to dry heat, especially so as to harden it.
  1. 'And the sun will bake the soil and the plants and the rains will not come every day.'
  2. 'At first, as he says his anti-war position ‘arises from a vision that views the world holistically,’ the audience listens listlessly as the heat bakes the yard.'
  3. 'The primer surface is then baked at high heat to get a reasonably secure mechanical grip.'
  4. 'Muscles on his upper arms glistened as the hot sun of the afternoon baked its way across the open pasture.'
  5. 'It may be the only place that offers a safe haven for you during the daylight hours when the angry eye of the sun will bake your flesh.'
  6. 'The dry air baked their lips and forced them to crack.'
  7. 'Instead of finding their way to the sea, they will scuttle along the full length of the man-made trap until the sun rises, baking them alive.'
  8. 'It is warming up, and the sun is baking the buildings across the street from my window, outlining crisp shadows under every single brick.'
  9. 'At dusk tonight, somewhere in Afghanistan's blasted and baked mountains and deserts, a small group of men will face the setting sun and kneel.'
  10. 'The early afternoon sun was now baking my tired body as I cruised the rolling downhills listening to my IPod.'
  11. 'the city was baking in a heatwave'
  12. 'It will be remembered as the summer that Britain baked - but according to a new study, the heatwave of 2003 was no act of God.'
  13. 'And unusual weather takes the fun out of summer, as many people bake in the worst heat wave in years.'
  14. 'Out on the sidewalk patio, Mantra's inviting overstuffed wing chairs baked in the heat.'
  15. 'He recalled that day vividly, the warmth on his cheek, the smell of the fish he had caught, baking in heat, as they lay on the floor of his boat.'
  16. 'He recalled putting his gas mask on 14 times the previous day, which meant spending about six or seven hours baking in 35C heat in a mask.'
  17. 'Why is it that when the first peek of sun appears, people scramble wildly to de-robe themselves and bake their white flesh to a nice shade of ruby?'
  18. 'The earth bakes under the late summer sun, battered by the sudden violence of summer storms.'
  19. 'Summer had faded into fall, but even as September wore on Paris still baked under a strange late heat wave that showed no sign of letting up.'
  20. 'I saw other storks in Cordoba, Spain, baking in the 116 degree heat on the top of a statue.'
  21. 'We sat in bunkers, baking in the heat, hoping the next one didn't carry the bug.'


A dish consisting of a mixture of ingredients cooked in an oven.
  1. 'She then ran into the kitchen to grab the potato bake she had prepared earlier that day (in case she decided to go), grabbed her keys and ran out of her apartment.'
  2. 'Len's wife Maggie serves up a very tasty pasta and chicken bake with jacket potatoes.'
  3. 'I returned to bed for two hours, and then eventually went to Wetherspoons where I had two glasses of Perrier and a Mediterranean vegetable pasta bake and treacle sponge.'
  4. 'Cheese and spinach cannelloni with salad or pasta bake and garlic bread.'
  5. 'But - and here's where my life has moved on since my youth - watching the game was accompanied with a vegetable pasta bake and red wine.'
  6. 'I am serving them with a complement dish of cauliflower and broccoli bake and a nice cold glass of wine or beer.'
  7. 'They started getting tired, so we went inside and ate the tuna pasta bake i made.'
  8. 'The new menu also includes a variety of soups, salads, appetisers, pasta and bakes and of course, all those pizzas.'
  9. 'To date they have made paella, pasta bake, and fishcakes.'
  10. 'I bought canned tuna instead and took it home to do a pasta bake, which sat in the pan until Paul left the office and came around to eat.'
  11. 'lobster bakes'
  12. 'The man and I went to his family's place for a crab bake.'
  13. 'The Creekside Church Young Marrieds Ministry is celebrating the end of summer with a beach crab bake Saturday.'
  14. 'Included in your registration is a harbor cruise and lobster bake.'
  15. 'You might expect your New England Guide to have a lobster bake wedding.'
  16. 'The lobster bake, much more than a dish or even a feast, embodies a day filled with the wonders of water, fire, food, family and friends.'
  17. 'To let that gift keep on giving, we could have a Maryland style crab bake for the prisoners at Gitmo.'
  18. 'Limited tickets are still available for the steak and shrimp bake.'


A person's mouth.
  1. 'Help us raise lots of money for our three hospices or I'll slap the bake off ye!'
  2. 'Sit down an' close your bake.'
  3. 'He stuffs another calorific mouthful into his ever-gawping bucket bake.'
  4. 'He should have sacked her the minute she opened her bake.'
  5. 'If in doubt, just shut your bake and open your ears.'
  6. 'my oul bake is in every major newspaper'
  7. 'He got a dig in the bake from an errant ball at the start of the game.'
  8. 'Nowadays, it's a case of get your bake on the television, make a complete clown of yourself, and then milk your 15 minutes of fame for as much as you can get.'
  9. 'The oul' grumpy bake has plenty of cash to throw about.'
  10. 'I know what you're thinking when you see my oul' bake.'

More definitions

1. to cook by dry heat in an oven or on heated metal or stones.

2. to harden by heat: to bake pottery in a kiln.

3. to dry by, or subject to heat: The sun baked the land. verb (used without object), baked, baking.

4. to bake bread, a casserole, etc.

5. to become baked: The cake will bake in about half an hour.

6. to be subjected to heat: The lizard baked on the hot rocks. noun

7. a social occasion at which the chief food is baked.

8. Scot

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"people can be baking inside people."

"sheets can be baking."

"trays can be baking."

"dishes can be baking."

"powders can be baking."

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(bake)1920s: representing a pronunciation of beak.


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