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A long, narrow French loaf.
  1. 'This sounds as if it hails from New Zealand or South Africa, but it's as French as a baguette.'
  2. 'The company prides itself on bringing the taste of fresh breads to stores, satisfying the ever-increasing desire among consumers to try fresh crispy baguettes from France or Ciabatta bread from Italy.'
  3. 'Serve with cornichons or small black olives with drinks, or as a starter with a crusty baguette and a green salad'
  4. 'French-style baguettes, pasta, and other non-traditional Malagasy cuisine can be found in villages near urban centers.'
  5. 'I think I'm proudest really of having mastered making French baguettes or French bread in the home oven because nobody had done that before.'
  6. 'The company's slogan is ‘the whole world in your hands’, and the menu includes French baguettes, Turkish kebabs and American hamburgers.'
  7. 'To bulk it out, serve with walnut bread, a baguette or toasted brioche.'
  8. 'If you are seriously on the hoof, then you can have sandwiches, freshly made as you watch, with ciabatta, focaccia, or baguettes.'
  9. 'But the picture could only get rosier with the addition of another French inspiration, the baguette.'
  10. 'Like authentic baguettes, the tofu at EN is made fresh, five times per evening.'
A gem, especially a diamond, cut in a long rectangular shape.
  1. 'Her ring is a Windsor family heirloom, and she posed with it to show off the square-cut central diamond and three diamond baguettes on either side.'
  2. 'There are four tapered baguette diamonds set in two prong heads.'
  3. 'This classic timepiece is adorned with 32 baguette diamonds on the case and 232 on the bracelet - all Top Wesselton stones and all hand set.'
  4. 'Small stones step cut in an elongate rectangular shape are known as baguettes.'
  5. 'The Channel Street Baguette style are stones set into the band that accentuates a center stone.'
  6. 'However, by shopping around, one is sure to find an adequate selection of baguette style ring settings.'
  7. 'The Ballerina setting consists of center stone that is surrounded by a series of diamonds that are cut in a tapered Baguette style.'
  8. 'The central bauble is a square-cut diamond with three baguettes on either side.'
A small moulding, semicircular in section.
  1. 'TERRART® Baguette are ceramic pipes with square, circular or oblong cross-sections, which can also be made as curved elements or as double baguettes on request.'
A slim, rectangular handbag with a short strap.
  1. 'She raced through the doors straight for the Gucci handbags where a rose suede baguette bag at £335 winked at her.'
  2. 'Pack up your basket purse, your pink leather baguette bag and your straw Eric Javits tote.'
  3. 'Authentic Steve Madden 'Love Knots' baguette features sassy stitching details.'
  4. 'Hence, the famous baguette style handbag was born.'
  5. 'This year the bowling bag replaced the Fendi baguette as the handbag of the season: but my version is from M & S, and cost just £3 in a sale.'
  6. 'Authentic Fendi baguette-style shoulder bag features a light and dark brown body with a purple bead.'
  7. 'Everyone will admire your chic carefree look with this Baguette style button covered purse.'

More definitions

1. Jewelry. a rectangular shape given to a small gem, especially a diamond, by cutting and polishing. a gem having this shape.

2. Architecture. a small convex molding, especially one of semicircular section.

3. a long, narrow loaf of French bread.

More examples(as adjective)

"shops can be baguette."

"rolls can be baguette."

"loaves can be baguette."

"breads can be baguette."


Early 18th century (in baguette (sense 3)): from French, from Italian bacchetto, diminutive of bacchio, from Latin baculum ‘staff’. baguette (sense 1 and baguette sense 2) date from the 20th century.