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(of clothing) loose and hanging in folds.
  1. 'I was simply a girl in a baggy shirt that reached mid-thigh and very loose pants.'
  2. 'Both men and women also wear a kurta, a long tunic-like shirt, and pyjamas, loose baggy trousers.'
  3. 'Her baggy shirts and pants hid her fine figure, and no one paid that much attention to her.'
  4. 'Their Kalashnikovs lean against the wall of their hut and the warm evening breeze catches in their traditional baggy trousers and loose, belted shirts.'
  5. 'She was the undisputed queen of chic when it came to hip Capri pants with a baggy jumper and a ponytail, managing to look simultaneously casual yet impeccably turned out.'
  6. 'She was wearing baggy black pants and a baggy shirt that had Marilyn Manson on it with mesh arm socks.'
  7. 'So it's sweat pants, baggy shirt, sweater, thick socks, slippers and pony tail today.'
  8. 'He also said similar problems are commonplace at schools and many of his friends do not feel safe wearing baggy clothing or t-shirts bearing band logos.'
  9. 'Then over that I would wear jeans and a loose baggy jumper.'
  10. 'His accomplices were white and wearing baggy clothing.'
  11. 'his eyes were baggy with the fatigue of overwork'
  12. 'His eyes were baggy - he had aged even within the last few months.'
  13. 'She's youngish, about thirty, but rumpled hair and baggy eyes make her look older and a bit grumpy.'
  14. 'For some people, puffy or baggy eyes are a hereditary trait, and must be accepted as such.'
  15. 'To date, cosmetic surgery is the only way to eliminate baggy eyes syndrome.'
  16. 'Not that he himself ever had baggy eyes.'
  17. 'Is there a way to eliminate the baggy skin on top of the eyes without surgery?'
  18. 'Do you want to banish baggy eyes and dark circles around them?'
  19. 'He thanked them each more than once, tears filling his baggy old eyes as he watched the crowd diminish and walk away.'
  20. 'And finally, when you've woken up after your fantastic sleep, take no notice of my bloodshot, baggy eyes and put on your radio.'
  21. 'Try these simple ways to banish baggy eyes and dark circles.'


Loose, wide-legged trousers or shorts.
  1. 'I've been to quite a few cross country races and I can typically count the number of racers wearing baggies on one hand.'
  2. 'Are you in less danger wearing baggies because the drivers give you more room on the road when you wear them instead of lycra?'
  3. 'However, older kids will be happier wearing baggies - or at least summer shorts over the top.'
  4. 'I don't mind being seen on the bike with lycra, but if I pop into the shop or a pub I prefer to be wearing baggies!'
  5. 'Wearing baggies and doing big drops (as an example) doesn't limit your riding.'
  6. 'I never went as far as doing make up or anything like that, I just wore baggies and hoodies (still do actually, but without degrading myself with make up).'
  7. 'And these baggies are more baggy than the baggies that I posted in that other thread.'

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1. baglike; hanging loosely.

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"tweeds can be baggy as people."

"people can be baggy under eyes."

"edges can be baggy around cables."

"trouserses can be baggy."

"pants can be baggy."

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