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A flexible container with an opening at the top, used for carrying things.
  1. 'The women going about their shopping all carried baskets or shopping bags, not a plastic carrier in sight.'
  2. 'He quickly noticed the bags filled with orchids, which had been plucked from his park by the lanky guy now standing near a flatbed truck.'
  3. 'You don't have to lug a bag of useful stuff around everywhere you go.'
  4. 'Pupils lined up outsides schools clutching brand new bags eager to return to class.'
  5. 'Together they carry their shopping bags to the wide, red front door and slip inside their house without exchanging a word, or even a glance.'
  6. 'I was carrying a shopping bag from a high street clothes shop.'
  7. 'I walk lazily to the kitchen and start emptying the bags.'
  8. 'A neighbour said he had reported one of the detained men after seeing him carrying a bag containing letters.'
  9. 'He was carrying two bags containing a total of £40,000.'
  10. 'Eve smiled and sat down at the foot of the bed watching her daughter open the brown bag.'
  11. 'a bag of sugar'
  12. 'And then Santa arrived with his bag of Christmas gifts for everyone, courtesy of the Abbeyleix Goose Club draw.'
  13. 'The routes are remote and just arduous enough to appreciate the stops when Pedro the muleteer will pull down a freezer bag of home-made lemonade and a bottle of fino.'
  14. 'They just wanted me to donate, monthly, the equivalent amount to half a bag of tea-bags.'
  15. 'In my day, we had to be content with a bag of Tayto Crisps and a bottle of Cidona…'
  16. 'I am readmitted to the hospital and intravenously plugged into a bag of Dilaudid - hospital heroin.'
  17. 'The armed robbers, one of them wearing a balaclava, demanded the publican hand over a large bag of cash as he was about to step into his silver Mercedes.'
  18. 'I get there and I buy a bag of chips and a pop with the little amount of money that I have left.'
  19. 'His winces and stammers come from the one bag of acting tricks, marked ‘flopsweat.’'
  20. 'The blonde was hovering over a bag of feed and a green five gallon bucket.'
  21. 'Still, there was a large bag of unknown contents hoisted in by a footman.'
  22. 'Richard was identified by a woman as the black who snatched her bag late one evening.'
  23. 'Mrs Danswan, of Croft Road, Old Town, specialises in making elegant evening bags.'
  24. 'The clips are being brought in to stop people having their bags or handbags snatched on a night out in Greenwich's bars and pubs.'
  25. 'She tells him that it is in her evening bag, which was thrown into the bushes.'
  26. 'A woman sitting on a bench at Horseshoe Corner at 10.45 on Sunday evening had her bag snatched by a man who ran off towards the city centre.'
  27. 'In her new spring collection, which ranged from large tote bags to delicately embroidered evening bags, there was something for every occasion.'
  28. 'You can have your own photograph of your dog printed onto a handbag, so your bag, like your dog, will be truly one of a kind.'
  29. 'Rummaging in her evening bag, she withdrew a crumpled pack of cigarettes and a wilted book of matches.'
  30. 'But it's not only the contents of a woman's handbag which tells us about her - the actual bag can speak volumes too.'
  31. 'From tiny rucksacks through sequinned glamour bags to big mummy handbags, it's very rare to see a woman without one.'
  32. 'she began to unpack her bags'
  33. 'When I pull my luggage (a bag and a laptop) on to the taxi, the driver asked where I were going.'
  34. 'She turned around, picked up her bag, the only piece of luggage she had.'
  35. 'Early last season he was lifting a luggage bag from a hotel lift when he twinged something.'
  36. 'I came to find Kwang-Su Oppa, and by chance I met him at the airport this afternoon when I was getting my bags from the luggage claim.'
  37. 'I got changed and started re-packing my stuff from my bag into a suitcase.'
  38. 'He put his bag in a luggage rack and as more passengers got on the train he was pushed further away from it.'
  39. 'You can spend hundreds of pounds on luggage or bungee an overnight bag to the luggage rack.'
  40. 'Steve put the suit back into a luggage bag, put the combination lock onto it, then put it back under his desk.'
  41. 'The terminal was evacuated while a suspect bag at left luggage was investigated.'
  42. 'The bag was discovered among luggage from the commuter trains lost after the attacks.'
  43. 'The daily bag limit can include no more than 2 white-tipped (white-fronted doves).'
  44. 'Looking at photos of other teal hunters' bags, most seem to hold a high percentage of adult male bluewings.'
  45. 'A zero bag limit will now apply to wobbegong sharks.'
  46. 'It was very vexatious; but still three lions were not a bad bag for one gun before dinner.'
  47. 'I was pleased with 24-7 because that’s not a bad bag.'
  48. 'In all of the zones where the hunting of this species is authorized, the bag limit is one moose per two hunters per year.'
  49. 'Not a great bag, but more than enough to win this tournament tonight.'
  50. 'I love duck hunting but it's hard for me to get on the water at 5 in the morning and then have my hunt over in 10 minutes because I have taken my bag limit.'
  51. 'She was aware of her pasty skin, of the bags under her eyes, and of the drawn look on her face without his comments.'
  52. 'Sloppy jeans, baggy top, red and sore nose, black bags under my eyes and scabby skin all courtesy of the cold virus.'
  53. 'But let's not forget that for all those wrinkles and those bags under her eyes, Maine Road is still a fabulous stadium.'
  54. 'Or use Photoshop to take out the wrinkles and bags under your eyes.'
  55. 'His hair was starting to gray around the edges, and his eyes were sunken, hidden away behind bags and wrinkles that were now forming.'
  56. 'His face was wrinkled, large black bags under his eyes.'
  57. 'He looked tired and worn out, with pale skin and purple bags under his eyes.'
  58. 'My eyes looked bloodshot, there were dark, heavy bags under them, and my naturally sun-kissed skin looked incredibly pale.'
  59. 'I can only remember a glimpse of him: dark bags under his eyes, loose pant and bluish shirt.'
  60. 'Mercia was watching her parent's faces; sallow skin, dark bags under their lifeless eyes.'
  61. 'a pair of flannel bags'
  62. 'I wear a pair of bags, a dirty sweater, and go without hat or shoes and stockings.'
  63. 'Only a single score down and bags of attrition time still left to play.'
  64. 'This is a delicious game bird, with bags of flavour and little or no fat.'
  65. 'I imagined that at the end I'd have bags of information, anecdotes and observations.'
  66. 'They had a decent first half and a very good second half while Hearts, despite bags of effort, had an off day.'
  67. 'Rossendale came up against a team not only top of the league but also a side playing with bags of confidence.'
  68. 'Use a good, cheap cut like shoulder which becomes really tender the longer it cooks and has bags of flavour.'
  69. 'Perhaps someone who has just retired and has bags of energy could come on board.'
  70. 'A clever premise, lots of clever ideas interwoven into the plot and just bags and bags of fun.'
  71. 'The world is a pretty place, you have bags of energy, and you even look forward to a train ride in to work.'
  72. 'When I was 21, it was easier to put up with things when you thought you had bags of time to get where you wanted to be.'
A woman, especially an older one, perceived as unpleasant or unattractive.
  1. 'Tommie had to contain his laughter at how angry the old bag was getting.'
  2. 'Old bag, he thought to himself as he walked into the indicated room and settled into a chair.'
  3. 'But I sure can dream about seeing a bullet lodged it that old bag's skull.'
  4. 'He loathed the old bag more than Liz ever did, despite sharing the same political views.'
  5. 'The old bag that gets terribly angry if neighbours leave their junkmail sitting on and around the letterboxes?'
  6. 'It was the most boring two hours I'd ever spent in a theater, nothing but these wrinkled old bags in Indian hats hugging each other and crying.'
  7. 'On the news this morning, the old bag was saying that the visitor figures for the fountain had far exceeded their predictions.'
  8. 'I would probably refuse to go out with the man simply because of the snoopy old bag.'
  9. 'Once I heard little more than static coming from my earpiece, I decided to humor the old bag.'
  10. 'I started with a right hook, and before I knew it I was nearly punching the stuffing out of that old bag.'
One's particular interest or taste.
  1. 'But keeping an office running smoothly is not her bag.'
  2. 'The resort lifestyle is most certainly not our bag.'
  3. 'Ostensibly, a Chinwag meeting about PR Online is simply not my bag, but an interface appears to be forming (think Star Trek) between PR and Blogging.'
  4. 'Cheap and cheerful is certainly not our bag at all.'
  5. 'And Jay needs to just stop watching them if it's not his bag.'
  6. 'It’s a bit on the simpering side and just was not my bag, but it sure was quick to read.'
  7. 'In other words, she didn't catch the acting bug until after realizing the nine to five work-a-day world was not her bag.'
  8. 'We could bang on about adding value, or whatever marketing thing is a hot topic at the moment, but that's not our bag.'
A base.
  1. 'Orta was called safe on a grounder even though the throw beat him to the bag.'
  2. 'At a game last week, a hitter popped the ball up in foul territory, right by the first base bag.'
(in southern Africa) a unit of measurement, used especially of grain, equal to 70 kg (formerly 200 lb).
  1. 'The standard 50-kg bag of fertilizer costs US$20 or more.'


Put (something) in a bag.
  1. 'These items were bagged, and carried by the plaintiff.'
  2. 'Under protocols to protect against asbestos contamination, fire personnel and equipment had to be hosed down, while their kit was bagged up and sent for specialist cleaning.'
  3. 'Between them they had done the same with Carl's gear which had been bagged up in black plastic refuse sacks.'
  4. 'Oh, and that digital frock of hers has been bagged up and sent to Oxfam.'
  5. 'When they went to her wardrobes, her clothes were neatly bagged up with instructions of which charity they should go to.'
  6. 'I remember going to my job afterwards bagging groceries and I wondered if the customers had any idea what I had been doing earlier.'
  7. 'The commercial side of shipping continues to be busy, with ships arriving from Latvia carrying bagged fertiliser.'
  8. '‘We want to let people know that we do need help, whether it's in planning the event, bagging the straw nearer the day or the range of activities such as setting off the runners,’ she said.'
  9. 'Leaves can be bagged up (it would help if the council supplied special bags for this) and collected later.'
  10. 'It was generally bagged up with everything else and sent for land-fill.'
Succeed in killing or catching (an animal)
  1. 'But on that one day, Graham bagged something much more significant than a wolf or a quail…'
  2. 'Kerry claims to have come-this-close to bagging a 16-point buck out on the cape.'
  3. 'Last year's statistics reveal that 1183 foreign hunters bagged over 8900 animals in the province at a cost of over R44,5 million.'
  4. 'We also follow Roy, from Texas, as he goes on safari to bag himself a special animal for the show.'
  5. 'Oooh, that's gotta hurt - you go hunting and the only member of the party who bags anything is your dog.'
  6. 'Other than dove hunters, nobody bagged much out of this session.'
  7. 'It is our Ivory anniversary, so I'm off out to bag me an elephant.'
  8. 'Tom bagged a good sized deer and said how it would be a good idea for us to go back to his place for a meal.'
  9. 'Fishing close to the margins with meat, Dallton was bagging the odd nice carp until the intervention of a beast of 15-10 catapulted him to the top of the prize list.'
  10. 'we've bagged three awards for excellence'
  11. 'They were primarily studying the igneous rocks in the region but still managed to bag a few good fossils.'
  12. 'Innocent and Gopika bagged the best character actor and actress awards for their roles in Vesham.'
  13. 'Two years ago, Ganjam bagged the runners-up award at the International Gold Virtuosi 2000.'
  14. 'Tiger Woods may win more tournaments and bag the most prize money.'
  15. 'From RAMP shows and TV compering to bagging the best actress award in the small screen category for 2001, Jyothirmayee has come a long way.'
  16. 'Havildar Murugesan and Havildar Chinnusamy bagged the first and second places in the automatic gun shooting.'
  17. 'There was little to choose between the sides in the early stages of the second-half, but Humphreys bagged a snap drop-goal to edge the visitors back in front.'
  18. 'Westaro started the brighter with Selsby finding his shooting form early, bagging the opening basket followed by a three pointer.'
  19. 'Veteran artiste, Sheela, has bagged the special jury award for excellence in acting.'
  20. 'Any gentleman who would bag himself a Snake lady would be ill-advised to seem too available.'
(of clothes, especially trousers) form loose bulges due to wear.
  1. 'If I am wearing pantyhose, I double check to ensure there is no laughable bagging at the ankles.'
  2. 'He looked small and young with my clothes bagging off his thin frame, but his face had matured.'
  3. 'Her jeans, partially soaked from splashing onto the street, now seemed almost like they were made for her, because as she moved they moved too, not bagging at the knees.'
  4. 'He smiled innocently, pulling his shirt up and letting his checkered pants bag low under his hips.'
  5. 'The cloak he wore bagged over his body, making his frail stature appear sturdier.'
  6. 'I'm tired of being the 5'7 115lb runt in a group of much larger kids, and i'm tired of clothes bagging off of my scrawny body.'
  7. 'The real results are the most promising: dropped two sizes, clothes bagging off, muscle definition and, best of all, people saying, “What are you doing?"'
  8. 'Instantly, he felt himself become smaller, his clothes bagging like a boy dressing up in his father's things.'
Abandon or give up on.
  1. 'Once you lift it and start driving with the larger tires you'll wish you bagged it and saved on gas.'
  2. 'We spent about an hour there, snapping Zoe action photos and playing, but it was a little too windy and nippy for us, so we bagged it and headed home.'
  1. 'it's a pretty suspect outfit, deserving of the consistent bagging it gets from customers'
  2. 'The Poms don't need any help bagging themselves.'
  3. 'McCaughey was a little in awe of Greenberg, and once at his New York apartment, he was appalled to hear an Australian artist showing off and bagging one icon after another in front of his host.'
  4. 'They are not interested in watching a movie that has already been bagged by movie critics on radio stations and television.'
  5. 'So they sneak around, bagging the Greens behind their backs, and saying something quite different.'
  6. 'He plays league footy, while you sit behind your computer, eating popcorn, bagging out more athletic people than yourself and playing world of warcraft all day.'
  7. 'You and some of your correspondents are fond of colourfully bagging Andrew and that is your right.'
  8. 'It's interesting to note that with one lone exception, the group hasn't had the expected posse of teenagers hurling abuse at us for bagging out this show.'
  9. 'There's always people bagging teachers or lawyers or someone else.'
  10. 'I don't appreciate the bagging of other's opinions for no apparent reason.'
  11. 'This won't be anything about attacking individuals or bagging out colleagues or attacking other people for having different views, it'll be about ideas.'
Fit (a patient) with an oxygen mask or other respiratory aid.
  1. 'They also maintained airway management and continued to bag him.'
  2. 'In the ambulance, the EMTs took the decedent's vital signs, continued to bag him with high-flow oxygen, monitored his heart, and gave him CPR.'

More definitions

1. a container or receptacle of leather, plastic, cloth, paper, etc., capable of being closed at the mouth; pouch.

2. something resembling or suggesting such a receptacle.

3. a suitcase or other portable container for carrying articles, as in traveling.

4. a purse or moneybag.

5. the amount or quantity a bag can hold.

6. any of various measures of capacity.

7. a sac, as in an animal body.

8. an udder. 9. Slang. a small glassine or cellophane envelope containing a narcotic drug or a

More examples(as adjective)

"people/places/organizations can be bag."

"combines can be bag."