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Of poor quality or a low standard.
  1. 'bad eyesight'
  2. 'In many ways there are so many bad films, and the blame actually goes to the audience because that's what they want.'
  3. 'More big fish are lost through bad knots or poor quality crimping than for any other reason.'
  4. 'Poor decision making, bad handling and lack of enterprise ensured their efforts came to nothing.'
  5. 'International standards identify bad loans as those without servicing for three months.'
  6. 'Poor or bad management covers a multitude of sins that could include all of the above and more.'
  7. 'The film's incredibly bad storyline was only surpassed by the poor acting.'
  8. 'He will also witness bad pass after poor tackle and some woeful marking.'
  9. 'The poor living conditions, bad diet, lack of exercise and now being alone have all taken their toll.'
  10. 'There were a lot of bad websites at one point where the loading was bad, quality of images were poor and the interface was clumsy.'
  11. 'This leads me to the question who is responsible for such bad quality design and materials and who pays for it?'
  12. 'a bad listener'
  13. 'Well, being very bad at accepting any kind of compliment, I will just shuffle my feet a bit here.'
  14. 'Why are women so good at working collaboratively and men so bad at it?'
  15. 'My criticism is that most publishers are very bad at making a profit.'
  16. 'How does being good or bad at sport when you're a child affect you as an adult?'
  17. 'I wondered when I'd become so bad at articulating any kind of helpful advice.'
  18. 'Fathers are seen as particularly bad at communicating with their children and getting involved with their lives.'
  19. 'It all seems so cruel that I should be so bad at parenting yet have such an easy time conceiving.'
  20. 'I'm also really very bad at choosing music to play for other people.'
  21. 'I'm actually really bad at condensing peoples names to just one or two characters.'
  22. 'So, being bad at golf actually burns up more calories than being good at it.'
  23. 'Consumers mistakenly believe it's a bad time to get good mortgage.'
  24. 'Is now a bad time to ask how much you are spending on prenatal and pregnancy-related health care?'
Not such as to be hoped for or desired; unpleasant or unwelcome.
  1. 'it was the worst day of his life'
  2. 'Pacifism is absolutely not about shutting your eyes and hoping all the bad things will go away.'
  3. 'But the news from Ireland was bad: trustworthy tenants were thin on the ground.'
  4. 'Even the TV had the grace to allow a bad weather news day to take precedence.'
  5. 'Over the last two years, the news has been uniformly bad, with every club in the SPL forced to downturn its finances.'
  6. 'Sitting in his Hong Kong office, he reports that there is good news and bad.'
  7. 'I was hoping it was a bad dream or at best a hallucination from a midnight toilet break.'
  8. 'He tells her that he almost hopes something bad would happen to her so that he could save her at any cost.'
  9. 'Local fishermen are counting the cost of bad weather but, hopefully, can return to work early this week.'
  10. 'I still wake up and look over the bed and hope it's a bad dream and he'll be lying there next to me.'
  11. 'Quake victims grab what they can in aid, while bad weather slows down the relief.'
  12. 'bad headaches'
  13. 'a bad mistake'
  14. 'Migraines can cause very bad pain that can get in the way of your normal routine.'
  15. 'The water was a bit soapy and although she never got pregnant, she had some really bad aches and pains for weeks after that.'
  16. 'The first seemed more likely, and all the muscles in my body tensed for a bad blow.'
  17. 'My vision is affected and the pain is so bad that I can't do anything until it goes away.'
  18. 'You know I think there are really bad problems with pollution in Johannesburg.'
  19. 'As for pollution, when you sit in traffic in Lancaster with all the heavy goods vehicles the pollution is very bad.'
  20. 'Light pollution is so bad that many people in this country can no longer see the stars, research showed yesterday.'
  21. 'I still have a bad cough as my body rids itself of sickness, but my head feels good.'
  22. 'It wasn't a bad wound, just painful, and he would need to rest for several more days.'
  23. 'The wagon overturned and Clyde took a bad spill, injuring one of his legs.'
  24. 'Even bad reviews and previews usually have a nice sentence or two about the game.'
  25. 'He was sick, the production had all sorts of problems and the result was his first really bad reviews.'
  26. 'The worst thing is when your mother calls you on the phone to read you your bad reviews out loud.'
  27. 'It has been a sorry period for Swindon's schools, and the reasons behind the town's bad marks are difficult to boil down.'
  28. 'He had the disgruntled air of a writer whinging over a bad review.'
  29. 'I've come across a lot of bad reviews and people who didn't like it though, and I'm kind of lost as to why.'
  30. 'Seen from that point of view, it is evident that even a bad review is better than none at all.'
  31. 'I used to think this was a form of compensation, a kind of insurance policy for a bad grade or a poor paper.'
  32. 'I've only seen one bad review and that was from some mug that clearly hadn't even played it.'
  33. 'It's not simply a bad review from the point of view of its subject - it's a bad review from every angle.'
  34. 'soap was bad for his face'
  35. 'I doubt anything much can be done to stop the recession and this will be bad for IT spending.'
  36. 'Is spending too much time online really bad for you because you miss out on personal interaction?'
  37. 'It was bad for Sri Lanka, but not catastrophic if they can win at least one more game.'
  38. 'It is essentially a conceptual war, confusing for pundits and bad for television.'
  39. 'Marriage as it stands is good for children, good for husbands and bad for wives.'
  40. 'We are all told that to eat a healthy diet we need to cut down on sweets and sweet foods, however not all sweets are bad for you.'
  41. 'But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and like a thing which is bad for you.'
  42. 'If I did not know better, I would have to say that running is bad for you, with both of us seriously ill.'
  43. 'But the fact that being a man is bad for you may also have much to do with men's attitude to health.'
  44. 'Christmas shopping could be bad for your health, a top physiotherapist has warned.'
Failing to conform to standards of moral virtue or acceptable conduct.
  1. 'bad behaviour'
  2. 'She wins her over with headstrong antics, while she goes about being a bad little rich girl.'
  3. 'Ben informs us that his good grades are like a licence for bad behaviour.'
  4. 'What enrages you now is not last night's bad behaviour but a lifetime of bad behaviour and the marriage is over.'
  5. 'What happens when one's bad behaviour is considered as usual and is no longer condemned or even commented on?'
  6. 'Young footballers who copy the bad behaviour of their professional heroes are receiving adult-size bans.'
  7. 'Now they are calling for a public meeting with police to try and tackle the issues of bad behaviour before the project gets into full swing.'
  8. 'The general level of ignorance on what is good or bad behaviour is compounded by the idealisation of childhood.'
  9. 'Rather than letting prisoners out early for good behaviour, it might be more sensible to keep them in longer for bad behaviour.'
  10. 'It shouldn't be just up to the police to deal with bad behaviour.'
  11. 'But bad behaviour is on the increase since the town council replaced the benches last month, they said.'
  12. 'She has even invented a mechanical parrot that speaks bad French.'
  13. 'They were swearing at me as I laid on the floor, with very bad words.'
  14. 'Some youngsters even ask adults for cigarettes on the streets and spit out bad words at them if rejected.'
  15. 'People these days are so caught up in work that leisure is a bad word in their vocabulary.'
  16. 'I believed that if I got a cold sore or bit my tongue, it was a punishment for lying or saying a bad word.'
  17. 'Well there were bad words said, of that there is no doubt but I think the happy couple is back on speaking terms.'
(of a part of the body) injured, diseased, or painful.
  1. 'She grabbed my bad arm and my shoulder then popped in back into its socket.'
  2. 'Being a very active person who resented my bad back and all the restrictions, I was not pleased to be encouraged to lie flat each afternoon.'
  3. 'Carefully I slip out from under the covers and I gingerly try putting weight on my bad leg.'
  4. 'After all, our national inheritance also includes heart disease, damp and bad teeth.'
  5. 'I took a wobbly step on my bad ankle, and instantly, unbearable pain shot up my leg, causing me to fall to my knees.'
  6. 'I was a little tipsy from the beers I had been drinking and the two vicodin I had eaten for my bad back.'
  7. 'He hit me in my bad shoulder, the one that got shot, so I hit the ground, and pretended it hurt horribly.'
  8. 'I used my good leg to pull myself up and my bad leg to steady myself on.'
  9. 'It was hot still, perhaps even hotter, and some daft woman crashed into my bad leg with her trolley, so my even temper was becoming strained.'
  10. 'I waited only an hour in the emergency room, and by now, I was feeling pretty bad.'
  11. 'Would allergic kids let us know if they felt bad or accidentally contacted something?'
  12. 'Even if you don't feel that bad, meningitis is a quick moving disease so it's better to be safe than sorry.'
  13. 'Tell her how bad your acne makes you feel and ask if she'll set up a dermatologist's visit for you.'
(of food) decayed; putrid.
  1. 'The stray dogs may be hungrier, but I don't think they ever ate that bad rice.'
  2. 'Second, if fruit went bad during shipment, the wrappers offered some way of containing the spoilage.'
  3. 'The next morning, things got worse as half of our food went bad.'
  4. 'Does the arachnid feel a difference in the air between a bad ozone day and a good one?'
  5. 'There must be a magic line down the middle of the street that divides the good air from the bad air.'
  6. 'This time I went quickly through surfacing into a spacious airbell, alert for signs of bad air.'
  7. 'The air was still pretty bad, but the tunnel was larger and much less foreboding.'
  8. 'Now, the fire is still going on and the air is still bad, so I had a serious breathing problem.'
  9. 'Soon a fan the size of a card table is pulling the bad air out the street door.'
Regretful, guilty, or ashamed about something.
  1. 'I feel bad that our business is benefiting from something so horrible'
  2. 'I feel slightly bad, but hope you guessed correctly which option I would go for.'
  3. 'Of the rest of us, only one was wearing a suit, though, so I didn't feel too bad.'
  4. 'Luckily I hated the thing so I don't feel too bad about getting a new one.'
  5. 'Rannie came by to check on me, but I was feeling so bad I hardly said anything to him.'
  6. 'I feel so bad for those who have missing family members because I was in their shoes just a sort time ago.'
  7. 'I don't feel bad about it for myself, but I feel bad for the effect it had on Rafael.'
Worthless; not valid.
  1. 'One of my earlier cases was investigating a bad cheque that had been passed at a local merchant.'
  2. 'He had already suffered the loss when he received the bad cheque from her.'
  3. 'The geeks will not inherit the earth: They spend too much time watching movies and checking for bad physics.'
  4. 'He financed his activities by cashing millions of dollars in bad checks.'
  5. 'He suffered money problems and was arrested for passing a bad cheque and other financial charges.'
  6. 'The bank has been dogged by bad real estate loans since it was formed by the merger of two Munich-based banks in 1998.'
Good; excellent.
  1. 'She knew she was badder than these wannabe hoodlums.'
  2. 'He was amusing, and he made me feel as if I was the baddest one in the place.'


  1. 'I have a problem using your templates, and I want them real bad.'
  2. 'I must have hurt her real bad without realising it.'
  3. 'It would be disrespectful of me to talk bad of her on a forum that everybody can read.'
  4. 'No matter how bad I threw the ball, it was still going to knock down at least one pin.'

More definitions

1. Slang. superl. of bad1 (def 36).

2. Nonstandard. a superl. of bad1 . bad1 [bad] /bæd/ Spell Syllables adjective, worse, worst; (Slang) badder, baddest for 3


1. not good in any manner or degree.

2. having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible: There is no such thing as a bad boy.

3. of poor or inferior quality; defective; deficient: a bad diamond; a bad spark plug.

4. inadequate or below standard; not satisfactory for use: bad he

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be baddest."


Middle English: perhaps from Old English bǣddel ‘hermaphrodite, womanish man’.


from bad to worse
in a bad way
my bad
be no bad thing
not (or not so) bad
to the bad
too bad