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Having a youthful or innocent face.
  1. 'At Shaw's Bar and Grill, a baby-faced fireman pronounced himself impressed with Taylor.'
  2. 'The Argentine's baby-faced looks are misleading.'
  3. 'I was impressed by how ferocious these baby-faced little guys could get once the bell rang.'
  4. 'I'm running along thinking about baby-faced, flak-jacketed American soldiers in their armored convoys when I glance at the ground and stop dead in my tracks.'
  5. 'It kind of fits given how baby-faced and innocent the young guy seemed.'
  6. 'But 30 minutes in the company of this disarming and baby-faced individual reveals a tough operator.'
  7. 'In her first major film, in 1997 as Keanu Reeves' wife in Devil's Advocate, she negotiated the transformation from vibrant baby-faced blonde to wasted madwoman.'
  8. 'He was captured in Afghanistan and arrived at Guantanamo Bay in January 2002 as a slight, baby-faced 26-year-old.'
  9. 'Cora's evolution, from a cheeky, baby-faced first year student in Ballinrobe Community School, has been remarkable.'
  10. 'Strippers, dead poets and baby-faced gangsters helped make 2002 a memorable year for theatre in Toronto.'



1. a face having a bland babyish or childish appearance, especially a plump, small-featured face unmarked by characteristic lines.

2. a person having such a face.

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"killers can be baby-faced."

"products can be baby-faced."

"looks can be baby-faced."

"guitarists can be baby-faced."

"crews can be baby-faced."

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