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An imaginary line about which a body rotates.
  1. 'A gyroscope is a wheel or disc mounted in such a way that it is free to rotate around an axis as well as to move linearly along the other two axes.'
  2. 'The sphere rotates around its axis once each 24 hours.'
  3. 'Sedna is rotating much more rapidly than originally believed, spinning once on its axis every 10 hours.'
  4. 'All turn on their axes once in a day from west to east, and all go round the Sun within the same time. Saturn is the most distant from the Sun.'
  5. 'The earth has an atmosphere, and rotates on its axis as it revolves around the sun.'
  6. 'A number of sources quote his belief that the earth is at the centre of the universe but that it rotates on its axis once a day.'
  7. 'It rotates once on its axis in the same time it goes once around Earth.'
  8. 'In this situation the vertical axis of the body is rotated against the inclination of the substrate as if to compensate for the effect of substrate inclination.'
  9. 'The earth rotates once on its axis each day, or 360 degrees every 24 hours, or 15 degrees every hour.'
  10. 'To say that the Earth rotates on its axis once per day and completes one orbit of the Sun each year is to encapsulate but also to simplify the situation.'
  11. 'He examined the three dimensional figures obtained by rotating a regular polygon about an axis of symmetry.'
  12. 'Many eighteenth-century manuals on gauging treated barrels as solids generated by rotating conic sections about their axes.'
  13. 'And if you want even more space you can move the middle seat rearward and adjust the two seats on a diagonal axis to the centre of the car, making a more comfortable four-seater.'
  14. 'The eastern corner where the main entrance is set is even symmetrical about its diagonal axis, the entrance doors being placed to either side of a completely square stair tower.'
  15. 'Occasionally, the number of tubules in a blade or the number of blades was different along the longitudinal axis of a basal body.'
  16. 'The posterior margin of the carapace is ornamented with a distinct single line of rounded tubercles that are broadly symmetrical about the midline axis of the carapace.'
  17. 'In order to facilitate comparison among layers, all angles were measured as acute angles relative to the horizontal axis of the body.'
  18. 'Koch analyses that in Shah Jahan era, painting third dimension reality is flattened and arranged around a central axis that divides the picture into two equal parts.'
  19. 'The dorsal and anal fins, which push the fish along, are way off the central axis of its body, yet the animal swims a straight path without rocking up and down.'
  20. 'The skeleton of the tadpole was defined as the centerline axis of the body.'
  21. 'Militaristically, the correct etiquette for the bow, what one does and doesn't do, is based on a correct center line axis of the body, as in skiing.'
A fixed reference line for the measurement of coordinates.
  1. 'They orient along the x, y, and z axes of a Cartesian coordinate system.'
  2. 'The abscissa and ordinate axes show the number of protein interactions for the first and second protein member of each pair.'
  3. 'The vertical axis of the graph encodes the ratio between the measured distances and L (Î).'
A straight central part in a structure to which other parts are connected.
  1. 'The new masterplan attempts to alleviate this by organising a series of public spaces about an axis connecting Lancer Barracks and St John's Church.'
  2. 'A bridge crane runs along the building's central axis, resembling the steel structure that supports it.'
  3. 'For example, just as this map shows, most Starbucks stores are along the Chang An Street (the central axis of the city), and there are more stores north of the street.'
  4. 'The gallery is basically square, typically classical, on the central axis of the building, with an extremely high, domed ceiling.'
  5. 'The first four and last four galleries formed two parallel axes with a small connecting gallery in between.'
  6. 'A shaft parallel to the transmission-engine axis connects the transfer casing to the angle drive powering the front wheels.'
  7. 'The different types of flowers are initiated acropetally along the axis of the inflorescence.'
  8. 'In addition, the stems (including the axis of the inflorescence) serve as temporary storage sites.'
  9. 'Each module of a sympodium consists of an axis bearing two bracts and terminating in a flower.'
  10. 'The body axis of vertebrates is an integrated cylinder of bones, connective tissue, and muscle.'
  11. 'This is the architecture that supports and is supported by the vertebrate axis, namely the notochord or vertebral column.'
  12. 'Thus shear loading mechanisms may play a central role in integrative models of the vertebrate body axis.'
The second cervical vertebra, below the atlas at the top of the backbone.
  1. 'The axis may be fused with either the atlas or with the third vertebra.'
An agreement or alliance between two or more countries that forms a centre for an eventual larger grouping of nations.
  1. 'Strong advocates of an Anglo-American axis, the Tories believe the US is at best lukewarm about what is an essentially European initiative in Macedonia.'
  2. 'The Franco-German axis is the driving force behind the new constitution.'
  3. 'Until now, Europe has been seen as more left wing than the US-UK axis.'
  4. 'All of these bastions of US influence are being used to undermine what has been the engine of European integration thus far, the Franco-German axis.'
  5. 'After the break-up of the USSR, he inexorably gravitated toward the US-Israeli axis.'
  6. 'The change broke apart the Franco-German axis because Helmut Schmidt had less in common with the Socialist president than he had with the conservative Giscard.'
  7. 'On the one hand, Putin sought to re-evaluate the international status of the Kremlin through a strengthening of the Berlin-Moscow axis.'
  8. 'Israel has long denounced the axis between Syria and Hizbollah as a strategic threat.'
  9. 'Deals and manoeuvres are still being made, and there has been no final determination of international axes and power blocs.'
  10. 'He acted as a pro-American power broker and an alternative voice to the German-French axis within the European Union.'
  11. as modifier 'the Axis Powers'
  12. 'As a nation, we can hold our heads high for the role we played in defeating the Nazis and the tyranny of the Axis powers.'
  13. 'Its name originated as a cover term for the countries which fought against the Axis in the Second World War.'
  14. 'In North Africa, it represented the whole Free World against the Axis powers - Germany and Italy.'
  15. 'The defeat of the Afrika Korps was a brutal blow to the Axis powers.'
  16. 'Unlike the Grand Alliance, the Axis coalition formed by the pact had no agreed strategy for fighting the war.'
  17. 'Walshe was an admirer of Mussolini and when the war began he favoured an Axis victory.'
  18. 'The Allies are led by Britain, the Axis by Germany and the Comintern by the Soviet Union.'
  19. 'Neither XXX nor XIII Corps were able to break through to exploit the more open country to the rear of the Axis position.'
  20. 'The Axis of German forces were dug in along two lines, called by the Allies the Oxalic Line and the Pierson Line.'
  21. 'Of course, these weapons were useless if they could not be brought to bear against the Axis powers.'


  1. 'With both the .50 and the 45, I have taken bison, elk, antelope, white-tailed deer, axis deer, fallow deer and turkey.'
  2. 'The axis is also called chital deer or spotted Indian deer.'
  3. 'Bhagoo said his executive had also secured 23 axis deer and three impalas from the Zambia Wildlife Authority.'

More definitions

1. the line about which a rotating body, such as the earth, turns.

2. Mathematics. a central line that bisects a two-dimensional body or figure. a line about which a three-dimensional body or figure is symmetrical.

3. Anatomy. a central or principal structure, about which something turns or is arranged: the skeletal axis. the second cervical vertebra.

4. Botany. the longitudinal support on which organs or parts are arranged; the stem and roo

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"powers can be axis."

"deserters can be axis."

"battles can be axis."


(axis)Early 17th century: from Latin, the name of an Indian animal mentioned by Pliny.